Producer Frank Marshall Says Indy 5 Is Being Worked On

As most of you will remember, the other day we mentioned that Shia LaBeouf claimed that a 5th movie for the Indiana Jones franchise was indeed in the works. Some thing it’s a great idea, some think it’s a horrible idea, some (like me) fall somewhere in between.

Well, it looks like Shia wasn’t just talking out of his ass. Empire Magazine did an interview with producer Frank Marshall who now confirms that they are working on an Indiana Jones 5:

Frank Marshall, who didn’t go so far as to green-light it, but revealed that they’ll start hashing out ideas before too long.

“It’s really about the script,” said Marshall. “Once we see that, we’ll see. We’re not going to wait another 20 years. We’d all love to make another one. I’m anxious to hear the idea!” But he quickly added that he really didn’t know what Spielberg was cooking. “Until there’s a script, nothing’s definite. I haven’t heard the idea.” (He should ask LaBeouf. I bet he knows.) Marshall also confirmed that Lucas, Spielberg, and Ford were equally eager to return for a fifth outing. “Yeah. We had a great time making the last one and, as Harrison said, we need to make this one soon. We’re not getting any younger.”

Damn right you’re not getting any younger. I still maintain that the story of an aging Indiana Jones would be a fantastic idea and I think Ford can full that off. But dear heavens please just make it better than the last one.

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20 thoughts on “Producer Frank Marshall Says Indy 5 Is Being Worked On

  1. O.k look, I loved Indiana Jones 1,2,3, and 4, and I’m only 14 years old. Yea I agree that the 4th was a little off, but I think it had a lot of good graphics and character. I’m a big Indiana Jones fan and I say make the fifth one. I bought all four movies and when this one comes out on DVD I will buy it too. You rock Harrison Ford!!!!!! your dang hott!!!! I love you!! Big fan!!!

  2. I’m on the fence.

    There were small bits of Indy 4 that had some life and sparkle to them – most of them in the first half, before generic CGi aliens, the lifeless plot and villains, and a frazzled, old Karen Allen combined to grind things to a halt. Even so, the best parts couldn’t hold a candle to the worst bits in the old films.

    The saving grace was Ford as Indy, who made the most of the script’s neutered, watered-down version of the character who nevertheless passively wanderss through the film’s climax. If that trend continues in this one, to turn him into a pointless retread of Sean Connery’s character in Crusade, count me out. If instead they find a worthy plot and return the character to his more violent, thirsty adventurer roots, I’m all for it.

  3. Goddamnit!

    There’s absolutely no way you can put a positive spin on Indy 5, it sucked.

    I just hope Spielberg steps up and really takes the reins on this one. The less input from Lucas, the better off it will be.

  4. Anyone who thinks Lucas won’t be involved in this is living in a fantasy world. The franchise belongs to Lucas and Spielberg and that’s how it will remain, like it or not. I understand why people don’t want Lucas involved, but to even think he would stay away from another film is silly. Face it, the last film made huge money, a lot of people may not have liked it, but a lot of other people did. I hope the next one has less CGI or at least more convincing CGI. For the budget that movie had the effects should have been way better.

  5. Hopefully Indy 5 has Josh Hartnett rolling up on a motor cycle asking Indy to save his Mom, who happens to be Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw, Spielbergs wife from temple of doom) Then Josh Hartnett and LeBeouf can team up as little Jones to resurrect Dr. Henry Jones/Sean Connery from the dead/retirement.

  6. I can’t wait for Indy 5! I liked KOTCS a lot.

    However, I really don’t want to see either Shia in it (didn’t like him in the movie at all), or Karen Allen (loved her in ROTLA, Hated her in KOTCS).

  7. Just as they “cleaned themselves up” after Temple of Doom with Last Crusade I feel they’ll return to our good graces–if Speilberg is left alone to direct! Prayin’ an’ hopin’

  8. Before my instincts take over and i want to scream what the fuck are they going to do after ET fucks indy in what was the last movie,ill say that i find myself curious. While indy 4 was not spielberg’s best efforts (not even fucking close) im more willing to watch that over hancock or the happening. My biggest problem with the last one and my biggest request for this one is to get george lucas as far away from the creative process as possible. the whole diner scene, which was cool, felt straight like something from american graffitti (shia’s whole character for that matter)and the whole contrived alien bullshit at the end had lucas’s hands all over it. Last time i checked fat ass, spelbierg was the multi academy award winning director and you were the one that raped the memories of many star wars fans with those kid friendly and robot-scripted first two episodes (third one still was poorly written but the tone and mood were much better). So back the fuck up. now im not letting steven off the hook. he was still the director and hes still the most powerful jew… i mean director in hollywood and he can do waaaaaaaay better. If they get a good script and spelbierg goes back to the more humble beginnings that the indy movies started with im all for another installment. but if there ONLY reason to make another indy is to cash in on more box office gold…FUCK ‘EM. The last movie felt like a giant fucking sound stage and green screens were around every corner. i don’t mind a heavy effects driven movie (matrix, lotr, star wars, etc) but dont let it get away from the story(for a how to in this matter go see chris nolan). The first indy’s, no matter how fantastical the situation, felt real and gritty. So get your shit together steve and make a better fuckin’ movie.

  9. Tough call but I think I actually want another Indy film just so I can see something better than the last. And for the love of god lets stay away from aliens…

  10. I’d love to see another glorious Indiana Jones movie, but I’m afraid that time has come and passed. The 4th is proof of that. They waited too long. Even if they keep making indiana jones movies they won’t ever get back to the feel and fun of the first three, it’s impossible. Why? Becuase Harrison, Spielberg, and Lucas are just too old, and I’m just too old.
    I’m too old to fall for the ridiculous stunts like the nuke-proof fridge and other CGI let-downs.

    The franchise is too classic to reboot and to old to keep on a respirator. Sadly, they need to let it go.

  11. I think as a stand alone movie, if you were to pretend Indy 4 was the first Indy, it was good. Compared to the original Indy’s, it was bad. So this one had BETTER be good

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