New Poster for Shane Acker’s 9 Online

Shane Acker’s 9 was a whismically wonderful short that kidnaps you away into a post apocalyptic earth where burlap sock dolls become a living thing and are instantly an endangered species.

Now we get our first look at the poster for 9.

The film looks to be capturing everything about the short in a feature length film. It just looks amazing.


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7 thoughts on “New Poster for Shane Acker’s 9 Online

  1. Every time I see the trailer or posters I keep thinking this is a poster for a new Oddworld Game.

    Not that it’s a bad thing just the visual styles are similar.

    I’m excited for this film as well, it looks like fun.

  2. Where? Where else, Youtube.

    Looks really fun. Really liked the short film as well. The style kinda reminds me a little of “More” for some reason. 9 is much better animated and with great action but not quite as good though. Maybe one day a More movies will come out for the 2 people left who haven’t seen it.

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