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Every once in a while a movie comes down the pipe that looks just amazing, but for one reason or another doesn’t get a lot of people talking about it. Even when early reviews are glowing… it just can’t seem to generate any popular buzz. The Hurt Locker is one of those movies. I’ve been dying to see it… but I’ve been booked for every screening I’ve been invited to.

Anyway, from our friends over at In Contention comes this new Hurt Locker poster. I dig it.


If you’re not sure about what The Hurt Locker is, check out the trailer:

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14 thoughts on “Hurt Locker Poster

  1. I like Kathryn Bigelow, I think she’s a real good director. One of my favorite movies is a vampire movie she did in the 80’s called “Near Dark”. It basically got ignored since it was released at the exact same time as The Lost Boys; which I didn’t enjoy nearly as much as I did Near Dark. I saw a trailer for this months ago and I’ve been so excited on it.

  2. Seen this movie a while ago, excellent! Along the same lines of HBO’s ‘Generation Kill’ which is probably one of the best depictations of the Iraq war!

  3. I think half of the problem is the name, its vague and slightly misrepresentative, sounding more like a college football movie of the week.

    But i’m off to see it, nice to see Bigelow looking back on form.

  4. Looks awesome! The directing style is reminiscent of Ridley Scott (on a good day) and I very much dig films that put you into the action and build the whole thing up with suspense. I love slow motion explosions when you can see the damage happening and the shrapnel flying. We need a movie like this right now after the horrible, fast, shaky, zoomed in action that we seem to get force fed these days.

  5. Its a good film, including the fact that guy pearce is just a cameo in the film for the first five minutes, but theres lots of great suspense!

  6. It looks better then the Kingdom. I find it funny the main guy is the crappy bad SWAT member from the movie SWAT lol John, you just got me interested in this movie.

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