Blade Runner and Spike and Angel’s House For Sale

I get a real kick out of getting my hands on actual props and items used in movies. I remember the first time I visited Skywalker Ranch, I walked into this cottage style building and the very first thing I saw in the foyer was a glass case with the little Idol that Indiana Jones was taking at the very beginning of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, Indy’s original whip and Luke’s lightsaber. I nearly pissed myself and very seriously started to consider a life of crime with visions of busting that glass case open. Calmer heads prevailed that day and I avoided jail time.

Anyway, I found this pretty interesting. This huge ass house (the real name if the place is Ennis House) that’s been used in movies like Blade Runner, Rush Hour 3, The House On Haunted Hill as well as on TV serving as the place where Spike and Angel lived on Buffy is going up for sale for a cool $15million if you wanna buy it. Sadly it’s not under some small glass case that I can bust open and walk away with tucked under my shirt. Anyone wanna go in on it and split it with me?


(source: JoBlo)

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11 thoughts on “Blade Runner and Spike and Angel’s House For Sale

  1. I had no idea this was a Frank Lloyd Wright house. Definitely looks a little creepy, I am going to look up some photos of the interior.

    When I think of really creepy houses I usually think of Psycho or Amityville Horror.

  2. This house was protected but its also in California and doesn’t have the amount of money needed to fix it up. It was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright (the same guy who did Falling Water if anyone recognizes the name). They decided to see if they could find a private owner who could pony up the 15 million plus the other 9 million needed to restore it. It’s a very awesome house done in the Aztec or Mayan style I believe.

  3. I think this was also used in a Weird Al special where he “met” Michael Jackson and asked him permission to parody a song.

    John, I’ll go in with you. :D

    The first time I saw this house was in House on Haunted Hill when I was a kid and it freaked me out. Can anyone else think of any cool freaky houses used in movies (real or not)?

    Casper had one…Addams Family…Clue…Murder by Death…

  4. i cant believe that its up for sale.
    im surprised the national historical society isnt protecting it.
    moma should buy it.

    1. I believe the house used in the original movie was Wright’s Hollyhock house which is also in CA. They only used the outside shots of the house.

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