Viggo Mortensen’s “The Road” Gets Release Date

Last year a lot of us were buzzing about the newest Viggo Mortensen flick “The Road“. There was even a bunch of early Oscar talk about the project. But then something funny happened… the film got bumped from 2008 to a “later date” that was never determined.

The film is based on the book of the same name that won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Fiction in 2006. The story is a grim tale of survival and search for hope. Wikipedia describes the story as: “The Road follows a man and a boy, father and son, journeying together for many months across a desolate, post-apocalyptic landscape, some years – the period of time almost the same as the age of the boy – after a great, unexplained cataclysm. Civilization has been destroyed, and most species have become extinct. The sun is obscured by deep, dark clouds, and the climate has been altered radically. Plants do not grow. Humanity consists largely of bands of cannibals, their food-source captives, and refugee-travelers who scavenge for food. Remnants of corpses are seldom seen.”

Well the good news is the project has finally been given a release date. October 16th 2009.

I’ve been dying to see this movie and I was worried it was going to just disappear. This is good news. (Source: /film)

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29 thoughts on “Viggo Mortensen’s “The Road” Gets Release Date

  1. Saw it last night! I loved it!! It was the best film I’ve seen this year next to The Hurt Locker. So impressive and I was seriously fighting back tears by the end of the film. Viggo was outstanding and Nick Cave’s music was beautiful.

  2. Saw the movie yesterday. Well acted and the director did a good job. Visually the movie is great. However, I had huge problem with the story. I did not read the book but from what I hear the book is great. The story may work as a novel, but I do not see how the story works as a movie. A post-apocalyptic movie, in my opinion, should entertain and generally look cool, just like a zombie movie, mad max movies, or pretty much any futuristic sci-fi film. I don’t see the point of making a movie about the future and demonstrating how everyone is screwed and there is no hope for survival of the human race. If a movie is about humanity and other aspects of human nature, why not end it with something positive? I don’t consider the boy meeting a new family a positive ending, they are doomed no matter what. The movie put me a very bad mood after seeing cannibals and did not at all make me think about the way we live our lives and that we should think twice about the future of the planet or of any cataclysmic event blah blah blah blah. I hate these dark tales that lead nowhere and supposed to make you rethink something or other. Movies should show great stories that resonate with the audience and this was crap.

  3. The book is amazing and I was looking forward to this more than anything else last year. With news of a release date, I’m sure this means a trailer will be up very soon. Part of it being pushed back was because nick cave wasn’t finished with the music. My brother saw him live in new york and that was a few days after the supposed nov release of the film. Rumor had it, he turned in the music just before his US tour. The pushing back of the film was probably just because they wanted to finish it right. Check hillcoat’s the proposition, that will answer your questions as to whether this film will be good or not. Hillcoat is a great up and coming director.

  4. ehh, the book was okay, i am interested in seeing how they translate it, but this is a movie I would love them to take some liberties with…

  5. I was in New York City last week. About to enter an AMC multiplex. This guy with a clipboard called out to me and my friend, asked us if we wanted to see a test screening of a movie the next night.

    “What’s the flick?” I asked.

    He held out the clipboard so I could see: ‘The Road’.

    “Yes, please.”

    “Good. I just have to make sure you can answer three questions correctly. Between the ages of 29 and 54?”




    “Sorry; you don’t fit the demographic.”

    Damn. Otherwise, I’d be telling you all about it. Oh, well. (Next time I answer ‘plumber’.)

    1. That’s awful!

      They wouldn’t let you watch it because you are a writer?


      I wonder what the 3rd question was?

      “What are your feelings on canibalism?”

    2. By saying “Writer” he might have speculated that he would write a review about the movie and reveal stuff they don’t want out. This wasn’t an advanced screening, it was a test screening.

      And the third question might have been “Do you agree to sign this non-disclosure contract?”

    3. i said student one time, they asked what my major was, i said english, they said to use something else, like history. the movie in question was bad boys 2. wow. go figure.

  6. LOL, this sounds like an awesome movie and almost too good to be true. I can’t wait. Plus this gives Viggo Mortensen another chance for him to pull off another great role, like his portrayal of Aragorn in Lord of the Rings. I can’t say much for his movies after the LotR trilogy, but I’m hoping this is finally another big one for him.

    1. Since LOTR, Viggo Mortensen has made two terrific movies..History of Violence and Eastern Promises. I am thrilled to hear that “The Road” is finally
      going to be released. If Viggo is in it you can
      be sure the film will be good. Since he matured into a great actor every movie he’s in is good.
      BTW, does anyone know why “Alatriste” and “Good” have not been released and if they’re going to be,
      then WHEN? I’ve been trying to see the above 3
      movies for months.

  7. I’m glad this is coming out. I heard about it a year ago and then just thought it fizzled out or came out and I never saw it. I never read the book but it sounds like a good movie. I’m a sucker for post-apocalypse movies.

  8. This IS good news. I loved this book and if the movie is done right, which from concept art and images looks to be true, I can’t imagine how it doesn’t get Oscar buzz.

  9. JUST DON’T POST SPOILERS. I don’t care how much you capitalize and asterisk it, if you’re skimming you read it before it’s too late. I’m tired of lamers ruining my movies trying to sound cool. “Look at me, I can prove I read it”. F*** you!

    Kristina, with all due respect, I’m also still steaming about that ROTF “rumor” you posted the other day. If that turns out to be true, I will seriously pissed I read it here.

    1. I agree, quit spoiling it for those that haven’t read it. And you can’t just say “don’t read it” because it just doesn’t work that way. No one cares of your knowledge about the book.

  10. I always thought they pushed it back because it’s depressing as hell. No one wanted to see a movie about a two people starving to death when the economy had just hit the shiter and everyone was losing their jobs.

  11. I really enjoyed this book and cant wait to see the movie


    i heard that Guy Pierce will be the guy at they meet at the end of the book. i wonder if they will expand this character or else he will be on screen for about 5 minutes

  12. How often does a movie that is pushed back turn out to be good?

    As i wrote that, I thought about Harry Potter and Wanted. Movies pushed back so they would become summer blockbusters. So yea sometimes it is just for better timing and not cause the movie is crap.

    With Oct 16th i don’t know what to think. If it was early in the year or late summer i would automatically assume it was crap. Is there any news or rumors why it was pushed back?

    1. Clicked the link. I hope it is really because of visual effects. You wouldn’t put more money into a movie you thought was bad.

      Unless I am reading that wrong and the issues with visual effects were that they would cost too much.

  13. I hope this movie will be a good adaptation of the novel. One scene I hope they acknowledged “SPOILERS” when the father and son open the basement to see the chained people with their limbs slowly being harvested.

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