Vatican Paper calls Angels and Demons Harmless Entertainment

The official newspaper of the Vatican has come forward with a statement about Angels and Demons, giving their review of the film as harmless entertainment and not a danger to the church.

ComCast reports:

Reviewers at the Vatican’s newspaper have passed judgment on “Angels & Demons,” finding the religious thriller commercial and inaccurate, but concluding it is “harmless” entertainment and not a danger to the church.

The rest of the comments make it sound like they are trying to justify Christianity against the film challenging viewers to play a game of “spot the historical inaccuracies” which I think is wise. It doesn’t seem to address much more about the film other than the assumed affect it would have on the public image of Catholicism.

Religious groups are all up in arms over this work of fiction. But the Vatican isn’t. They are taking it easy and not at all offended by the film. They want people to recognize the difference between fact and fiction and making it known that some Hollywood film is not going to topple their religion.

So now the faithful can relax. The Vatican says so.

Dan Brown is not the antichrist, he is just another fiction writer doing what fiction writers do. They write fiction.