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One of the biggest TV Movie Miniseries events of the 80s was V. For those of you even old enough to remember it, it featured an alien invasion that started out looking like friendly visitors from another world who needed help from Earth, and in exchange they would share their technology with us. Then a subtle plot is revealed that these humanoid looking Visitors (where they get the V) are hiding their reptilian forms and their true intentions to dominate and destroy mankind.

Now ABC is remaking the 1983 movie event into a TV series and the first Trailer is online.

Aside from taking a more modern look at this awesome miniseries, this is also reuniting us with Firefly stars Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin as well as Scott Wolf (Party of Five, Everwood) and Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell (who I can’t get enough of)


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38 thoughts on “V Trailer Online

  1. i will probably watch the new updated series but i will always prefer the original as you cant beat the actors and actresses who played,HAM TYLER,MIKE DONOVAN,WILLIE,DIANA,JULIE,

  2. This is definetly on my must watch come Fall TV season. I loved the show as a kid and this looks like a nice little update.

  3. a remake of this is cool to me, because I was too young to see the original when it came out, and seeing the reptilians under torn skin scared the living shit out of me

  4. is there a Marc Singer cameo?
    Morena Baccarin looks amazing with short hair and i guess the H-Bomb works, Faraday was right, Juliet is back in town! lol

  5. I loved the original as a teen, and am now looking forward to this! Can’t wait… The only exception I see so far is Scott Wolfe. Not really digging him as a serious, suit wearing reporter/journalist. I hope he makes me change my mind.

  6. Why’s everyone so excited? That trailer looked like a typical made for TV blah sci fi movie. It looks like it belongs on the SciFi Channel, and not ABC.

    And what’s with all the religious crap? Was that in the original? Faith..devotion…priests?

    I think I’ll skip this one. The acting looks made for TV too.

    1. I agree that didn’t look very good…shelve this bring it back in three or four years and put someone talented on it a la JJ Abrams.

      Waaaayyy too much CGI and crappy CGI at that.

    2. Watched it (trailer).


      It looks very mundane.

      I liked the Visitor’s uniforms and voices. The designs for the shuttle and fighters. They had a function (very modular). *sigh*

      All of this has been ditched in the remake. The mothership looks like something from BSG.

      When I heard that Morena Baccarin was going to play a Diana-like character I thought it was excellent casting. Then I saw her, short hair? I could so see her playing the ruthless, power hungry lizard. Nope. As I wrote, it’s all so mundane.

      I hate the new uniform. It like something you’d expect a guy/gal would be wearing at a factory. The point was you could tell a Visitor right off the bat from their uniform.

      I’m just disappointed. C’mon, it’s not that hard of a concept to get wrong. I can understand they they want their own take on the story. Sure. That’s fine, but don’t make it into something so unrecognizable that fans; the fans you want; turn away in disgust and chagrin.

      Lets be honest. If “V” was done right with today’s speical effects and good writers – it would ROCK. My heart just sinks instead.

      It feels like they got a single page synopsis of the story and wrote their teleplay off that.

      And why is not-Diana wearing human clothes???

  7. this is not an exact remake… there was no priest in the original and the invaders were an analogy of nazism (I remember there was an old guy who had been in a concentration camp, and he was the first to detect that this aliens weren’t so nice)… where the hell is the cameraman (mark singer)? I’ve heard that V creater (Kenneth Anderson or something like that) is developing a movie with the original cast…

  8. Guess this means Juliet Really IS dead, then.

    I’m psyched about this – loved the original, and it needs an update. Should spark some interesting conversation about politics, too, methinks.

    1. That someone would star in one show doesn’t preclude them from being involved in another one.

      If schedules allow she could easily do both.

  9. Cool, i remember the original as a kid…

    But I’d still rather they found some exciting contemporary science fiction writers and put together something new and unique (not just remakes and action/horror movies in space).

    1. They do. For every sequel and remake they put out there are dozens of other original scrpts being made too.

      The whole “all they do is remakes” is just inaccurate. There are FAR MORE films made on original premises than sequels and remakes combined every year.

    2. I know, I’m more lamenting the lack of original science fiction scripts which aren’t just action movies or horror movies set in space.

      I’m looking forward to ‘Moon’ by the way.

  10. What I remember most about the old series was Micheal Ironside. I don’t think they should bring him back or do a cameo, but he’ll for sure be tough to replace.

    1. Michael Ironside was THE BEST character in the original V….
      No question about it !

      And V stands for VICTORY not Visitors !

      It was explained by the old man who takes the spray can from the kid and plants a V on the Alien propaganda poster.

      V is for VICTORY !!!!!!!

    2. V the title is Visitors. The V graffiti became about victory in the show.

      Which is why the show isn’t called VISITORS, as it has more than one meaning.

  11. Ehh…not sure. I was big into the original V as a kid. I’m going to stay skeptical until I start seeing some real action. Nothing here changes my opinion either way. This could be the greatest show ever, or it could be terrible.

  12. This series was huge when I was a teenager. Looking forward to this, although its a shame they cant think of a new idea. The original series was very good with Marc Singer, I guess the next thing they will redo is Buck Rogers since it seems headed in that direction with all the remakes.

    Who could replace Erin Grey as Wilma Deering!

  13. Looks good. Hard to tell how it actually looks…hope it has a more cinematic look to it when it appears on TV. Right now it looks a little to much like video…though Morena Baccarin is still as hot as ever. She is a beauty! A stunning one at that.

  14. Does this have a story that can be streched out for 4-5 seasons? i really doubt it, but i said the same about LOST and here we are 5 years later and it has become the best show ever

  15. Loved the original miniseries, though the series that followed kinda sucked. I read this one is going to be a 13 episode remake of the miniseries and only 13 episodes. It’s not meant to be a serialized series that will be watching season eleventeen twenty years down the line. It’s looking good and can’t wait to see more Juliet!

    1. No, it IS meant to be a series, but as of right now, only 13 episodes have been ordered and if those do good, then more episodes will be ordered.

    2. Ugg, I hate reading conflicting info from the same site. I found what I read originally, then I found another post that states it is planned out for 4 to 5 seasons with 13~22 episodes a season. I’d much prefer they went with one season of 13 episodes. Four to five seasons just sounds like they are hoping to have a new BSG on there hands. Granted, I will take all the Juliet that I can.

  16. So far it looks good. I guess it would be kind of tough to find a way to continue the original so I’m ok with a reboot. I will miss the original spaceships but the new ones look more appropriate for an evil alien race. And I thought the giant monitor was cool.

  17. well i dont know if u like the devotion part….involving sci fi with ranaticalness i never liked, i could be wrong but thats not how the original one was if im right….like i said could be wrong….another thing is that im sure we wont see the creatures till last 2 episodes which i fucking hate.


    This is awesome, the trailer looks good pretty, I just hope they don’t skim on the effects. At first, because they wait til the very end of this trailer to show you if they did or not, that they weren’t going to keep it so that they really are this freaky reptilian alien race, but I am SO glad they did.

    So when does it premier?

    I so enjoyed the original V mini series back in the 80’s and have been waiting a long time for an updated version. I just hope this new series retains that same true feeling of fear of the human race being enslaved and used as food for the aliens. As well as the true creepy nature of how the aliens look, act, and feed. Also looking forward to some cool alien technology.

    By the way Rodney, the title V also came to stand for for Victory in story line, as in a symbol for the want for human victory over the aliens.

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