Terminator: Salvation Holds Only 25% On Rotten Tomatoes

Color me rather shocked. As of the moment of this writing, Terminator: Salvation is only holding a 25% on Rotten Tomatoes! YIKES!!!! And it’s not just all the critics either… I’ve had several friends who have seen advanced screenings basically say the same thing… it’s a let down.

This surprises me a lot because it LOOKED like one of those smarter summer flicks that critics tend to smile upon… but so far the word is mud.

It’s still early, and I have to believe that number will go up… it has too… right?

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37 thoughts on “Terminator: Salvation Holds Only 25% On Rotten Tomatoes

  1. Just saw this movie. It can best be described as a cheap & lazy ripoff. T3 is a 4 star oscar worthy masterpiece in comparison. At least in T3 they drove a giant crane truck through downtown LA destroying buildings and cars in the process. The only real action in this flick takes place inside a computer which is appropriate because the script is worse than those written for video games. There is no background action (cheap). Anyone with a bit of common sense knows that the lazy producers are lying through their teeth about the supposed 200 mil budget. Pathetic. Get ready for this years Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Yes it is that bad.

  2. I am sorry but i actually SAW the movie unlike every one of you. Heres a hint to make your movie watching experience better: DECIDE FOR YOURSELF. Who gives a crap what 10 ppl on some random site think. I’m sure you could find plenty of people who hate any movie you choose. I saw the movie tonight and it was amazing. The camera work was innovative, the movie is plot-driven not character driven. If you can even understand what that means. You people only want to tear down. McG could make the best movie ever and there would be people who will talk shit b/c they didn’y like some other movie he made. I know that for me, STORY is all that matters. As long as the idea causes me to expand my horizons and makes me think, it is a good movie. Maybe not a great movie, great movies are rare. You all would have them either condemn a movie to hell or hold it up on a pedestal. Terminator did have a few science-related gaps for me, but the idea is very intriguing and the acting is just fine. If all you care about is the acting, watch improv.

  3. I thought it was a very balanced piece, drawing events together in a style reminiscent of the other Terminators. The camera-work was very well done, and the actors at least knew what they were doing. Then, I stopped watching the trailer.


    If you agree with me, you are very smart!

  4. I just wonder when Hollywood is going to see the connection. Tint the movie blue and die at the boxoffice. It’s really simple. If I’m paying $10 to sit and watch your movie give me Technicolor like Star Trek or send your piece of garbage straight to DVD. I had to laugh at the way they tried to add color to the trailers just to pull the audience in. Shelve it right up next to “Minority Report” and “Get Carter” where hopefully the blue digital content will yellow over time, lol.

  5. preconceived notion that the movie is going to bad based on bad reviews. I know it has happened to me before.

    (don’t know how I posted before finishing my post, but had to finish my thought)

  6. As much as I like to read reviews, the only opinion that really counts is my own. I don’t let reviews stop me from seeing a movie, all entertainment is subjective and what one person thinks may not be what another will think. I respect the opinions of guys on sites like this one and a few others, but I do not let other’s opinions sway my decision to see a movie.

    I guess I just feel like sometimes people read reviews, specifically bad ones, then go to a movie with a precon

  7. Welp that’s what I get for having an ounce of hope we’d get something better than “meh.” I was going to try and fit this into my busy weekend schedule, but maybe I’ll wait for the $1 theater and save my money for Up and Drag Me to Hell.

  8. Just as I had feared. This movie is going to totally suck. Everything I had worried about, is exactly what I was hoping would not be in this movie. Now I am definitely going to see this movie.

  9. This film has never looked smart. This was a disaster as soon as I heard McG was directing. This movie has looked ass-awful ever since the debut of the first trailer. It looks like a video game.

  10. My hopes….are dashed. This is a franchise I care deeply about, and I had high hopes for this despite McG’s involvement. Damn trailers and marketing. I just pray that I’ll still find it better than T3. And if they do T5(which they probably fucking will), it had better be good.

  11. Call it women’s intuition or plain ol’ hatred of McG, but I just had this feeling that despite how nice the trailer looked, this thing just couldn’t be all that good. Bummer.

  12. No suprise here, McG is a hack, and hacks tend to make bad films. All this proves is that trailer making dudes can make bad movies look decent. Like I said, no big shock.

  13. Lets see. Tons of talent, Incredible edge of your seat action scenes and poor story execution. Sounds like typical McG.

    I know people love him but he’s better suited to making trailers than movies.

  14. James Berardinelli, seems to like it and that’s good I think. It’s still early though, and Wovlerine debuted with some good reviews until a lot of negative ones emerged.

  15. This is disappointing…
    How freaking hard can it be to make a good post-apocalyptic movie about a resistance war against killing machines? Even the idea sounds entertaining.

    i should have known when i realised that its written by the writers who brought us catwoman, and it stars a rapper. those would be two red flags right there.

  16. Crap, he said it was “meh” YIKES is correct my friend. btw I just went on RT and all the reviews are saying Bale was dry and bland, atleast some of em said it

  17. I think I’ll go see Star Trek again. I’ll see after the release how much the percentage will go up. I will eventually see it, but I know longer wish to fight the crowds.

  18. Holy crap John! The moment I read that title my mouth dropped, only 25 percent? Oh crap. John I too believe that the word will get better. I am so shocked right now, only 25 freaking percent!?!? I’m going on RT right now just to see why. Oh crap….oh crap oh crap oh crap…no no no!!!

    1. I would say it is on par with T3. There just was no reason for this movie (or T3) and if it was not for the action the movie wouldn’t have much left.

      The problem is that Terminator, and the long awaited Terminator 2 make for such a GREAT set of movies that saying anything more about them is just empty.

      My review is up.

    1. Even if this turns out to be a bust, he still directed We Are Marshall, that counts for something. Also, while I may have thought it was a piece of turd, Charlie’s Angels was also a hit.

      I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt here, let’s also point out that the RT rating could go up, and that some folks may actually like it.

      If people love Night Of The Museum II more THEN the int’l friends should smell blood.

    2. Actually, Night at the Museum 2 should make money, it’s something I can take my kids to see and I myself would enjoy it.

      I will see Terminator myself and make the call. But many of these reviews are coming from people whose opinions I somewhat respect so that’s a little disconcerting

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