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As suggested in some comments, movies that John and I see together I want to try and offer my review even though his may follow. Despite popular Live UnCut rumours, John and I are not the same person and we may share different insights into a film. So tonight we ran off to the very frustratingly long wait in line to see the midnight showing of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


Remember that guy who dominated the X-Men movies? Of course you do. Logan was always the most popular X-Man, so its no surprise that after three films with him front and center, that their first solo spinoff film would be all about Wolverine. I wouldn’t call this X-Men 4, because this has very few X-Men in it. The story picks up with Logan as an 8(ish) year old who sees his power manifest for the first time in a fit of rage, the rest fills in a lot of blanks that lead up to Wolverine’s first appearance in X-Men – most importantly his relationship with Victor Creed (Sabertooth) and the elite military squad that inevitably leads him to Weapon X.


Oh, so much of this was good. Despite liking how the X-Men film was littered with cameos of SO MANY mutants, there really wasn’t much of that here – and I didn’t mind. Normally I am all excited to see that glimpse of a character but the lack of it didn’t take away from the film. Cyclops’ early appearance in the film suits the plot, and ties into the story well without tripping over continuity. We are even introduced to other mutants who we do not see in future episodes (but may see in other Origins films).

The only continuity “error” is how we can expect to believe that the Sabertooth we saw in X-Men evolved from THIS guy. Creed was incredible and everything I wanted out of Sabertooth. However vital to the plot we see how Creed is giving in more and more to his animialistic side and we can speculate that in the span of time between this and the first X-Men film that the animal takes over completely and he becomes a lumbering grunting animal.

Logan was Logan. They nailed it again. The subtle sarcasm, the warmth and vulnerability struggling against his animal inside. Everything. Jackman captured everything that made Wolverine a great character in the comics.

And Gambit was SO well done. The effects of his card flipping was a bit over the top, but the “charging” was pretty damn cool and the action with him involved was awesome. I loved The Blob too. But of the supporting elite squad members I have to say my hands down favourite was Wade Wilson. Every word that comes out of Reynold’s mouth in this movie is gold, laced with more gold. He never fails. Never. The only thing sharper than his wit was his swords. Best action scene in the movie.

However, Deadpool was also my least favourite part. Which leads me to…


Deadpool was such a waste. What turns out to be the most entertaining part of the movie is just discarded so casually… I have no words.

The action at times was a little rapid fire cuts that it nearly felt like an epileptic shaky cam.

Suspension of disbelief reached a new high in areas. Logan’s memory loss is a staple of the franchise, so we were waiting to see how that came about. It was mentioned casually and you were thinking “there it is” and then it doesn’t happen… Then later in the movie it happens and it is so ridiculously laid out and shoved in your face that it hurt. Such a lame plot device that they had plenty of opportunity to implement and then ignored it in place of the worst possible way to introduce it.


X-Men Origins:Wolverine takes us back to the beginning of Wolverine’s story and delivers a mixed bag of great Wolverine storytelling with a side order of “Why did they do that”. I really enjoyed the film, but I can sympathize with people who want to hang it out to dry for some of its glaring weaknesses. Take out Deadpool2, Adamantium Bullets, and anything Stryker says, and I would have given the movie an 8. But there were some head shaking moments that just ruined the experience for me.

I didn’t dislike the movie by a long shot. They could have still stuck with the storyline they went with and tweaked it gently and the movie would have been mind-blowing great, but it was those moments that just kick you in the shins in the middle of a marathon of hope. Every step after that might be wonderful, but it still stings from what just happened!

What it did good it did so very good, but when it was bad, it was exceedingly bad. All in all, it barely tips me off the fence to say I liked it, but just.

Overall I give X-Men Origins: Wolverine a 5.5 out of 10

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155 thoughts on “Rodney’s X-Men Origins:Wolverine Review

  1. Second time’s the charm, because I liked it better a lot better. So just saying if you thought it as meh the first time (like me) see it a second time

  2. CGI was awful in this movie, they should have used ILM. The Xavier helicopter scene reminded me of Forrest Gump in the end when they were walking on the plantation and not moving. That was 15 years ago and it looks like they used the same type of CGI.

  3. are they gonna make another x-man movie after x-man origins :? i wanna know , cuz i liked this one very much and i’m anxious to know if wolverine finally finds out who is he

  4. Deadpool makes a bit more sense now. Being that he was dumped in the bottom of 3 mile island, a nuclear reactor, that could explain his cancer story thats in the comics.
    Did anyone else see the Quicksilver cameo and who I took as Banshee? There was a red headed kid that was in the first cage with a muzzle over his mouth, Banshee anyone?

  5. “Otherwise I suggest you subscribe to a suspension of disbelief before you make yourself crazy. And just don’t think about lightsabers at all. Ever.”

    LOL…no kidding.

  6. So why am I blocked from posting comments? Are we really that petty now?

    I cannot understand why you’re even arguing with me about this Rodney. Above, in your own review; “The only continuity “error” is how we can expect to believe that the Sabertooth we saw in X-Men evolved from THIS guy.”

    So what are you trying to prove by arguing with me now? On one hand you’re stating it’s a continuity error, but when I have given my thoughts on how it could have been handled better in the film, you’ve then said it’s a flaw that only I myself have perceived. I just don’t get it, what’s your point?

    If First Class goes through with Beast in it, then they have to remember that Dr Hank McCoy was a human in X2. If they choose to tell the back story of Beast, however close it follows the comic is irrelevant. What is most important is that it should fit within the established continuity of X2 and X3.

  7. I still cannot understand why you’re arguing with me about this Rodney. Above, in your own review; “The only continuity “error” is how we can expect to believe that the Sabertooth we saw in X-Men evolved from THIS guy.”

    So what are you trying to prove by arguing with me now? On one hand you’re stating it’s a continuity error, but when I have given my thoughts on how it could have been handled better in the film, you’ve then said it’s a flaw that only I myself have perceived. I just don’t get it, what’s your point now?

    If First Class goes through with Beast in it, then they have to remember that Dr Hank McCoy was a human in X2. If they choose to tell the back story of Beast, however close it follows the comic is irrelevant. What is most important is that it should fit within the established continuity of X2 and X3.

    1. The comment I made was that was the only continuity error, which is saying that there is nothing out of continuity unless you are going to nitpick it to death and try to make improving Sabertooth into a point of contention.

      Glad you noticed that I singled out people who argue for the sake of argument.

    2. You gave your thoughts on it before, and people offered possible outcomes. But you just say “that’s not possible” and repeat the issue again.

      And here you are doing it again.

  8. Saw it at the weekend, and it’s enjoyable… not great but enjoyable. As usual Hugh captured Logan perfectly. Liev as character actor as he is, does this awesome fearsome animal in Creed/Sabretooth, also… I wanna see more Wade.But there are also many eyebrows raiser in the storyline unfortunately, as the timeline pretty much mixup and puddled. Like, what time that weapon x program in the story actually happen? And that bring me to several movie mistake that I have noticed so far during the movie.
    – First, even at the opening there is a mistake, during the Vietnam War scene, Logan is seen equipped with supposedly XM177 Carbine/Colt Commando, unfortunately it’s not that weapon but actually M4 which is issued in late 90’s and popular among soldiers today. Weapon experts will noticed the different.
    – I still wonder what did the time Weapon X program happen? Or that is acutally matter? Cuz all the computer equipment and interface are so 21st century. (another time misplaced equipment in my opinion)
    – Sound effect mistake during helicopter chase. It shows the gunner shooting Logan with gatling minigun. But the sounds is different, it’s like came out from another machine gun with less bullet rpm power.
    That’s so far that I would like to address. But I’m just being nitpicky.

  9. There were only two things I liked about the Deadpool scene< Decapitated lazar head and "So they finally found a way to shut you up"

  10. yeah they pretty much masacred deadpool. ryan reynolds did PERFECT as wade wilson and i really hope that he gets his own wade wilson/deadpool movie because he cracked me up and deadpool is the coolest character ever. if they do the movie they MUST have him break the 4th wall at least a few times.

    (I heard that one of the secret endings things (which is total bullsh*t by the way, is of wade wilson discovering deadpools head therefore making the audience believe the deadpool/weapon 11/whatever the hell that disaster was, was just a clone and wade wilson is still alive and well. I cant find the vid on youtube though.)

  11. And Rodney you just keep on saying I’m wrong. No matter what I’ve said, you just keep saying I’m wrong.

    Does Logan taking a leak relate to anything? No. Does Sabertooth changing in appearance and behavior, and no longer acknowledging his brother perhaps warrant a slight explanation? He’s the second most important character of this prequel, but did not get a conclusion that leads into the film this chronologically preceded.

    What sort of explanation has been given? I should use my imagination? Stop expecting movies to explain things, I should use my imagination?!

    If you think that X-Men was written to imply that Sabertooth and Wolverine are brothers, and Sabertooth knows who Logan is, then you are wrong. It was not written that way at all. No such scenes exist in that movie. That’s not my opinion, that’s how it was written.

    Nowhere at the end of Wolverine does Creed’s story show any sort of evolution towards how the character acts and looks in X-Men. No justification of why he would not care enough to respond to seeing his brother like he did in this film. Again, not just a flaw I “perceive”, there simply was not anything in there to connect his character at that point to his character in X-Men.

    I’ve acknowledged that I can imagine that there is more going on in X-Men than there really is, and I can imagine a whole story between the films to explain it all. But I should not have to if a film was made properly. I can imagine that none of the flaws in the movie are really there, and it was the greatest film ever made. But that doesn’t change what actually exists on the screen.

  12. We’ve all forgotten something MAJOR:

    They go out of their way to explain how Logan gets his leather jacket that he is seen wearing in the X films, right? Yet, he does not have the jacket by film’s end. The jacket was left in the plane flown by Gambit. Gambit presumably flies away in said plane, while Logan finds his own way. Now that the magic bullet has done its thing, how does he get the jacket back during the period between this movie’s conclusion and X1? Wil we see this in the sequel?!

    X-Men Origins: JACKET!

  13. The scene were Deadpool was teleporting to fight Vic and Wolvie was so amazing.

    They made Deadpool perfect. This is the weapon x deadpool, the one that was controlled by stryker, after the credits deadpool gets his conscience back and now the real deadpool begins

    God this movie was amazing, I love the part were deadpool teleports on top of the nuclear plant behind wolvie

    And im pretty sure i came when deadpool grew the black and white scars on his face when he shot cyclop beams at wolverine


  14. Oh, another stupid scene…

    How about how Logan gets thrown at a big rig truck and the truck just keeps on going like it was nothing.

    Or, when Agent Zero shoots the cigar off of Logan’s mouth at a work site with dozens of people and no one reacts at all.

    Or how about when “you know who” is calling Cyclops who is blind and he’s all, “Follow me.” and the other mutants are like, “Well, he’s blind but he sure seems to know the way anyways, so okay!”

    Yeah, totally stupid movie. I could probably go on like this for a while.

    1. That’s very likely.

      The kids all wondering which way to go are being lead by a girl and a blind guy. He says “this way” and each and every one of them says in their head “I can walkthrough walls/turn to goo/cause earthquakes/talk to animals so maybe he has direction sense?”

      Or they knew it was flipping a coin so lets just go with it.

      Very believable.

  15. there was no redeeming value to this effort, if you accept the x-men universe in the context of the movie’s this movie is a bridge that was good for a one time shot ,but not a secondary franchise of it’s own, killing everyone off was one problem, but think of the characters that was in the holding cell at the end will kill any other directors chance to do it right in the future. wanted to be a fan but 3 out of 10

  16. Now I have seen the film. The friggin whirlwind is about to commence; the film analyst is here. Better duck.

    Let’s clarify some things here and there: Wolverine/Logan did get his steel self at Akali Lake not Three Mile Island. It was at Three Mile where Stryker had varied kidnaped mutants held and created “Deadpool”. I start with this, because of some of the comments above was regarding the slight confusion of this to some. I wasn’t confused (indeed, why would Logan need “to find” Stryker and Victor’s “base of operations” if he himself escaped?) So there were TWO facilities, not one.

    The question regarding Victor Creed into Sabretooth? I have an answer! You wanna hear it?

    “It wouldn’t work on you”

    How does the character know that about Victor unless he was already conducting experiments on him, due to a “deal”. So I’m leaning towards: extra mutant DNA= more Tooth. Okay, okay, okay it’s just speculation. But Stryker did have a nice section of kidnapped mutants. Victor wanted to be more powerful. That was my understanding.

    Whatcha all think of that?

    Anyway, I liked the film’s harder edge to a point (not calling it dark, just harder) as I, too, felt that Deadpool/Wade was nearly a throwaay character. I could understand it if there was a secret script out there being filmed this second called X Men Origins Deadpool and “Deadpool” uses up the Cyclops power to burn off the “Shatterstar” like swords, and builds a holographic face of his former self…but in this film, it’s only a glorified cameo.

    I’m…okay with this, I guess.

    Again, it was established that Stryker has perfected some sort of mind control…and since Scott “knows his way around” he was listening to a voice in his head. You know who. That character can only be in the mind of one mutant at one time. That character cannot control an unconscious Logan, nor is that character near Cerebro (which he used to find the mutants, of course)

    Who goes with that character sets up First Class and there are two characters that got my attention. One was Toad. Another appeared to be Quicksilver. If that was Quicksilver, that pleases me more than anything. If Magneto is running the school with Xavier, there may be some father-son conflict down the pipeline sometime before X1.

    ——END SPOILERS—–you want any more you gotta read the comments above or visit Wikipedia who knows no shame!.

    Anyway, the film was good in action and moved right along…but there was something that bugged me. It wasn’t Deadpool or lack thereof. It was…



    If that was Quicksilver, shouldn’t “another character” be with that special guest appearance? Here you have a story that concerns eugenics, and a direct attack on mutants by creating weapons from mutants. Maybe this explains Magneto’s additional motives in X2 or pushes that character further away from Xavier. But why isn’t he there? Maybe it’ll be addressed in X0: Magneto…maybe not


    Anyway, the point I’m making here is that, like the previous X-Films, it introduces an idea that could be topical or promote some of the themes the comics have dealt with over many years. Everyone hates Fantastic Four but let me throw down the gauntlet. That film w/ The Thing drove home a point of unwarranted fear and discrimination in five to ten minutes what the X Men films have practically attempted to do in a hour and a half to two hours in each film.

    But there’s no time for philosophy here.
    Three characters “left” the team shortly after Logan did. Why was that? Did they get tired of working for Team X as well? Decide Logan was right?

    The biggest draw of the film was Gambit. I expect to see more of the character in the next Wolverine film (I don’t think it will be called Wolverine II) or be it X Men Origins: Deadpool. Or simply X-Men 4.

    Anyway, I think Rodney’s rating was a bit..low. I’d go 7 out of ten.

    Oh, Stryker/Deadpool tag here.

    1. I don’t think Creed was experimented on because the “it wouldn’t work you line” was referring to the adamantium. Creed wanted an “upgrade” but Stryker tells him he wouldn’t survive which pretty puts the kibosh on that.(which is really an iffy subject. Creed has a healing factor too, correct? so survival is possible). There isn’t any more evidence of experimentation. Creed exhibits the same powers and abilities throughout the film (and in X1, though devolved), he’s just a little jealous because now little bro has an edge over him.

    2. I think what you’ve really pointed out here Darren, is how many wasted opportunities there are in this film. It’s a good film, and I won’t deny that I enjoyed watching it, and have already seen it twice. BUT, with a little more time and effort it could easily have been a GREAT film, that answered more questions than it did.

      In fact it doesn’t even have to answer questions, a lot could still be left unseen, but simply alluded to. For example, the whole scene with Logan going through the Adamantium bonding process was done so much better in X-Men 1 and 2, when it was shown in split second snippets. It was left to the viewer to imagine how long, painful and horrific it was. Instead we now see the whole thing lasted about 1 minute, and looked like getting a tattoo in a spa bath.

      As I’ve already discussed above it was a wasted opportunity to not conclude the story with Creed in a way that would bring more closure to THIS film, while also tying in better with the fact he also doesn’t recognize Logan in X1. WIPE HIS MEMORY!

      Also the whole dissolving of Team X was glossed over and never explained. Why did everyone else leave the team? After a century of being in wars, would killing a few people really have been all it took to upset Logan that much by that point?

      It was a good film, but there was still a lot of opportunity to have done things BETTER or just elaborate on them more. I REALLY hope that at some point there’s a directors cut that actually fixes a lot of these things that were glossed over too quickly. I feel a bit more time could really help make this film much, much better.

      1. Again you keep repeating the same failed argument.

        If he didn’t recognize Logan in X1, then why did he take his dog tags??

        Seriously Shane, we have been through this already. You are kicking a dead dog.

        1. I’m still convinced Creed took the dog tags as a trophy or simply because he liked them, not because he remembers Logan. It’s flimsy evidence of acknowledgement.

          1. The dog tag scene doesn’t disprove our theory Rodney. X-Men 1 was not written as if those 2 had any history. That’s not a matter of interpretation, the film simply did not write the characters as if they knew each other. If you watched that film, not knowing the characters at all, you would not draw the conclusion that Sabertooth knows Logan at all. Unlike how you would instantly know that Xavier and Magneto had a long history.

            Since that is how X-Men 1 was written, this film needed to accommodate that. Hell, if you didn’t know the comics and watched both films you certainly wouldn’t pick Creed and Sabertooth as even being the same character, since the ending of this film didn’t even give one single link to his character in X-Men.

          2. Sorry Shane, I forgot all you like to do here is keep bringing up the same repeated problems you have made for yourself, then refusing to listen to anyone else’s take on the situation at all.

            You have been through THIS theory of yours as well, and others. People reply with VALID explainations but you keep denying that those could be possible because the director wasn’t sitting next to you in the theater explaining every scene.

            Are you just going to keep bringing up the same argument that you have no intention of discussing?

          3. How is this a problem I have made for myself Rodney? It’s a flaw with THIS film, that it completely fails to tie this characters story together in any way at all. I’ve listened to every theory given, but I’ve yet to see proof that these films have linked the story of Creed very well at all. I’m not obliged to change my opinion just as soon as someone offers a different perspective. The outcome of a discussion doesn’t have to be both sides agreeing.

            Face it, there is no VALID explanation. The best you’ve come up with is to give imagined relevance to scenes in X1 (which was written with no intention of implying any sort of history between the two) or to tell me that I should just fill in the gaps myself and imagine what has happened. In both cases it comes down to making up reasons myself. Yeah, I accept I can do that. In order for things to make sense now, I have to do that. I’m saying that as a viewer I expect these things (continuity, character development etc) to be dealt with by the film makers IN THE FILM.

            But for whatever reason, you refuse to see this as a weakness of the film at all. You seem hellbent on arguing with me over this.

            This film has not tied Creed’s story together with X-Men. As a fan of this film franchise and all it’s characters, I find that to be really annoying. I would hope that perhaps this will be addressed at some point in another film. Maybe a flashback in a future film when Sabertooth can return again. Hopefully not another prequel film. Better yet, I’m hoping for an extended directors cut DVD of this film, that might make a lot more sense overall, and perhaps explain this.

          4. Its a flaw YOU perceive. When people offer explanation, you just repeat the same thing over again and say they are wrong.

            You don’t want to consider that any suggested result could POSSIBLY be evident because it doesn’t directly spell out.

            You know, they never show them go to the bathroom. Ever. I guess that means that Wolverine and Creed never have to pee.

            You are not discussing. You are repeating.

            And you just did it again.

          5. I really don’t get Shane’s repeating either. Take the character of Beast, for example. If First Class comes through,(and it very well could) is it possible we will get to see the big feet Beast first? But if Beast doesn’t go blue (let alone grey), does that mean we need an explanation?

            I’m willing to accept Creed simply mutates into being more feral. Maybe it effects his memory, maybe not. Maybe there wasn’t a lot of time to discuss the matter with his half brother; who knows. I think there’s 100 possible explanations.

          6. That’s a plausible theory! lol

            My working hypothesis was Creed taking the tags as a trophy of sorts.

        2. Rodney, you’re imagining things that aren’t there and giving meaning to things that were never intended with the X-Men 1. When X-Men 1 was written, they chose to ignore the comic book’s past between Wolverine and Sabertooth for the sake of focusing instead on the central storyline. Taking the dog tags was just a way to have the two characters have a mini-feud within the story, because Logan then takes them back at the end. That’s not a “failed argument”, that’s just how the film was written. Compare it to Xavier and Magneto, who in X-Men 1 clearly had a long past with each other. It wasn’t SHOWN in X1, but the dialogue expressed a connection and history between the two. So if it had been the intention to show a history between Logan and Creed, the writers could clearly have done so.

          Since there was no acknowledgment of a Logan/Creed connection in X1, by going back and writing a story where they have such a long history, then in order to fit in with X1, they should have explained why in X1 they acted as if they didn’t know each other. Logan had his memory wiped. So what about Creed? Doesn’t the second most important character in the film deserve closure to his story too?

          1. Well that’s the whole problem right there. Creed can’t have closure and neither can Stryker or Logan because it’s a prequel. The only purpose these characters have in the last ten minutes of the film is to make sure the story and their characters can segue into X-Men 1.

            I wish I’d been on the edge of my seat wondering if Wolverine and Sabertooth were going to have their fight to the death and whether Stryker was going to blow his brains out and whether Logan and Kayla would get the chance to walk away together and live happily but, for some reason, I figured none of that was going to happen ;)

            I was totally game for a Wolverine stand alone film that takes place after X3 because the sky’s the limit then. You can do whatever you want. What we got here was an exercise in pointlessness.

          2. amen.

            Taking the dog tags could mean several things and obviously people have different interpretations. Maybe if there was other scenes or dialog in X1 that implied a shared history between the two then I would switch over to Rodney’s side of the debate but there isn’t. The lone dog tag scene is ambiguous and very thin evidence to claim acknowledgment.

          3. Shane, you are too busy kicking dead arguments around that you have NO intention of ever discussing. You just keep restating them and if anyone offers a suggestion you just restate it again and claim you are right.

            You don’t know that Creed may have had his memory wiped, or damaged in his animal digression. Something clearly happens. But it wasnt spelled out with a deliberately obvious scene so you want to make an issue out of it.

            I wont address your repeated nonsense anymore because you refuse to listen to anything that might be off what you have already decided.

    3. @Shane Hero
      “After a century of being in wars, would killing a few people really have been all it took to upset Logan that much by that point?”

      Well there’s a difference here. Those were wars where soldiers were killing soldiers, not unarmed villagers protecting a sacred stone. Logan fought and killed in those wars because he was a patriot. Once aboard Team X the line between right and wrong blurred and killing innocent villagers wasn’t what he signed up for. At least that’s the conclusion I came to. ;-)

  17. According to this movie if you fall from a high place, you are in danger of dying but if you JUMP off it…

    It was all, Victor catching Logan, “You aren’t dying on me…now, let’s jump down.”

    Face it, it’s a dumb movie that has some entertaining spots.

    Also, did anyone else think Wolverine was just being a dick to The Blob?

    1. How about when Logan doesn’t question how his love dies? There’s tons of blood but no open wounds. In fact no discernible cause of death. Then what does he do with the body? Leave it for the vultures? You’d think he’d bury it, or return later to bury it.

  18. I dont get it. Im a diehard x-men fan, and wolverine is one of my favorites but even so, i hated this movie, it was so bad i wish it was never made. i wanted to see wolverine originis, him on the battle field at WW1 and WW2 when he didn’t knew he was a mutant. this is not wolverine origins, this is just a horrible prequel to the first x-men movie. the photography bad, mainly due to the horrible special effects, make up was bad (look at sabretooths nails), THE EFFECTS WHERE BAD, this is the least you can expect from this movie, good effects, but i only saw good effects when gambit appeared, yea those whole 20 seconds, acting was bad but I blame the director because i know hugh and liev are great.
    after seeing this movie i hope fox stops making x-men movies. its just insulting

    1. i doubt they will stop, i mean they make money even x3 made more money than the first two, and from the looks of things FOX is gonna make more spinoffs for other characters like magneto.

    2. Yes Dan, despite how insulting these movies are to you, you will still go see each and everyone of them that they make because you can’t help yourself.

      And looking at the money its going to drag in? Yeah, they should just stop insulting you and quit making these movies that employ hundreds of people and keep them swimming in money.

      Because you will watch it.

  19. I expected it to be lame and for the first hour or so, that’s exactly what it was; lame, unoriginal, confused and dull. I was expecting to walk out of the theatre saying that Wolverine was crap but Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four 2 were worse……

    …I think the movie might have heard me and taken my thoughts as a bet because it then proceeded to become as utterly stupid and retarded as those two films but topped off with the most attrocious special effects I’ve seen in a $100 million dollar movie (that does look awfully cheap by the way) in a long time. At least Ghost Rider and the Silver Surfer looked good. Wolverine couldn’t even manage decent animation on his claws in a bathroom scene where he’s just looking at them (something that was done quite successfully in three previous films – I was astonished).

    I don’t know very much about Deadpool but I think it’s safe to say that when he’s revealed at the end in his new form, we are supposed to be chilled and scared about it. Instead I was just left scratching my head, yet I did have that intended reaction about five minutes later when Patrick Stewart shows up as a soulless, dead eyed, expressionless CGI corpse.

    Most damaging of all, the film simply doesn’t know what it wants to be about. It seems to be the story of two brothers being torn apart but quickly looses that angle after ten minutes. You’d be forgiven if you’d forgotten that Wolverine and Sabertooth are brothers by the end (and while on that subject, can anyone tell me where Sabertooth went at the end cause I literally blinked my eyes and he was gone). It then tries to be a revenge story for a little bit. It then seems to be a ‘Casino Royale-a-like’ story of betrayal by love but there’s too little of the love story for it to be potent.

    At some point, it gives up entirely and becomes the cinematic equivalent of a beat ’em up video game where Logan goes to several colourful locations to meet wacky new characters simply for the purpose of beating them up for five minutes. By the time Gambit gets pinned down, I was tempted to yell ‘YOU WIN’ at the screen but I’m not an ass so I didn’t.

    I’m not angry about any of this, i’m just tired. We deserve better. It’s a 3/10 for me. I’ll never see it again.

    1. I wanted it to be good just for you honey. You deserve a good Hugh Jackman film where he’s semi naked half the time. I wish I could day it was.

      And here’s irony for ya; the videogame itself is actually huge fun.

    2. MY GOD the VG is awesome! (though repetitive, yet always entertaining). Dismemberment, impaling, and brutal ass-whoppings doled out by our Canadian berserker! If only the movie was took those risks. lol

  20. Am i wrong or did Deadpool NEVER have Cyclops’ laser eyes? WTF was that all about? And the swords coming from his arms? Don’t remember that either. Is the Deadpool character from the movie an amalgam of some others?

    1. SPOILS

      *Wade Wilson


      *Shatterstar (the placement of blades and the star eyes suggest this, may have been one of the trapped mutants)

      *Quicksilver (unknown at this time if he has his “father” in him)

      * John Wraith

      *Marrow (?)

    2. @hazmat

      which begs the question: how come Storm doesn’t recognize Logan in X1?

      I read that a young Storm scene was shot then removed from the final cut, but I could’ve sworn I saw her penned up with the rest.

    1. That they would do this whole 6 random endings. Its good for a DVD extra, but not for a movie in the theatre. Also, that you don’t know if your going to see if the clip is the same one you have already seen or a different one, until you’ve sat through the entire movie and credits.

  21. as someone who only saw all of x3 and bits an ieces of x1 i didnt know what to expect. i never read the comics eiather. but i went with friends who loved the comics and knew all about it. i love the gambit character but sad he wasnt used enoguh. i know the focus was on wolverine but man would have liked more gambit.

    i liked deadpool but my friend was almost in tears from the waste he was at the end. SPOLIER at least he isnt dead. if you saw the ending i did. but part of me wishes he was.

    ryan reynolds seemed to play the part good. but i have no experience qith deadpool and he seemed fucking annoying in the first scene. all i heard was “SWORDS ARE COOL, IM DIFFERENT I USE SWORDS, SEE THIS ITS A SWORD. SWORDS!!!!”

    but then he started kicking ass and i was good.

    all in all i liked it.

  22. Hmm, while I was already planning to see this movie no matter what, seems even more so with this review, cuz you said the main story is still worth it.

    I knew from the beginning they were going to screw up Deadpool as soon as I heard Ryan Reynolds was playing him and seeing the Deadpool action figures. I like the guy in comedies, but he CAN NOT pull off the action star image for shit, ala’ Blade 3. But they went the extra mile and just really screwed the character, no matter who played him it seems. Sucks, cuz he’s a great character in the comics and it’s great when he and Wolverine do face off.

    Oh well, you said the main story is good, the Wolverine story, and that’s what I was wanting all along. Just sucks that watching everything else in the movie may be more painful then watching all of X-Men 3, as a die hard X-Men comic’s fan.

    1. When you see Wade Wilson, and see Reynolds in action.. you will see that Reynolds is perfect for this role. What he becomes after took far too many liberties.

      This is why I make the distinction to say that I loved Wade Wilson but disliked Deadpool.

    1. Here’s what I don’t get and I REALLY do want an answer from anyone: He’s got adamantium on his bones, which is indestructible. INDESTRUCTIBLE. Meaning, even an adamantium bullet fired right into his head would have no impact because his skull is coated with this shit. It’s INDESTRUCTIBLE, isn’t it? How does this magic bullet have any impact?

    2. @Kristina
      I think it is supposed to be like the whole “a diamond can only be scratched by another diamond” deal. Since the bullet is made of the same material, it should (according to the movie) be able to penetrate his adamantium skull.

    3. Yorick, I would buy your explanation (a good explanation, BTW, and thank you for it), but why is it that when he scratches his claws together, as he does in the bathroom scene at Ma and Pa Kent’s farm, they do not damage each other? You may say, “Oh, that was a gentle brush, not enough to cause damage”. Okay. So what about in X2 when he fought Deathstrike? They both have adamantium claws, both are scratching and clanking up against each other, but do no damage to the adamantium, if my memory of the fight scene is correct.

      I’m not trying to nitpick away at this movie, I’m just trying to figure out what the fuck is going on here:)

    4. Kristina, if it makes your brain hurt less, consider that the flat virtually indestructable metal coating Wolverine’s skull is met by a propelled sharp pointed spiraling projectile that is engineered for penetration.

      Hope that helps.

      Otherwise I suggest you subscribe to a suspension of disbelief before you make yourself crazy. And just don’t think about lightsabers at all. Ever.

  23. This movie is set in the 70s-80s, but Stryker’s office has a flatscreen TV. The military Hummers look modern. Cyclops is shown as a teenager, which would make him about 40 in the first X-Men movie, when he’s clearly late 20s-early 30s in the first X-Men. Stryker has a Southern accent in X2, but no such accent in this one. The location of Alkali Lake is different here than in X2. I mean, what the heck? That is just lazy. At least make SOME attempt at continuity.

    1. It’s shortly after Vietnam, isn’t it? And if Cyclops is a teen in it and a grown man in the first X-Men, then it certainly isn’t set recently, is it? I don’t know, I was confused about the time, truthfully.

    2. It takes place in EXACTLY 1985

      Xavier tells Wolverine in X1 :

      “Youve been running around for 15 years havent you? Not knowing who you are”

      15 years plus the 14 years on that Cyclops kid equals to a reasonable age for Scott

      The vehicles/aircraft they had wasnt that impresive, in area 51 the U.S. Airforce has been testing 10 years ahead of our time aircraft and vehicles…and god knows what else. We have some pretty amazing technoilogy but selling it and making it into a product would cost millions so theres only limited amounts of it

      Besides, in the Marvel universe they had people like Forge and Beast who could create anything with technology so, im sure that explains the Hummers in the 80s

      That WAS the lake, they never tell you were the location is, only that its “in plain sight” the lake later gets a damn built around it and a huge building built on top of it to protect the equipment from getting ruined. and then winter comes once a year and it snows.

  24. Ah the long movie lines at the midnight showings, good times. I haven’t seen the movie or plan on to, but I can sympathize with the shaky cam movements when they film action scenes, I know they want a real feeling like they want to put you in the fight, but I’m sure they can come up with a better way. I understand with budget reasons they might have chosen to shoot diffenently.

  25. I think the problem with this movie is that Wolverine doesnt really do anything. Especially early on. When he is a part of the team, all of the other characters do something that stands out. I kept waiting to see why Wolverine was suppose to be the best out of the lot, but nothing ever happens with him. He just holds Victor back, it was like that was his only power. On a side note, I did really like the opening sequence but I wish we could have seen all of that play out in the movie! Oh and Gambit had no business in this movie, and the fight with him is pointless…its just a “look its Gambit fight.”

    1. the thing I don’t get with gambit is the fight he breaks up between logan and victor. He goes from being (incorrectly) mad at Logan for kidnapping him to all the sudden understanding he needs to go after victor??? Maybe I missed something

    2. @tzaylor

      I thought it was funny how Logan completely ignored Remy (save for an elbow to the face) once he locked onto Creed, yet Remy is totally oblivious of the stare down and still harpin’ about his prior kidnapping.

  26. Rodney, with all due respect, I’m not familiar with the comics. Yes she was a hostage but IMO they could’ve used her a tad bit more towards the end

    1. Used her for what? She was introduced simply as the leverage so Wolverine’s girlfriend would betray him.

      She didn’t need to do anything at all, but they still had her show off her powers.

      She was fine in this. I just hope we eventually see her in the X-Men films.

  27. As I said before, yeah i only liked it

    Btw, sorry but…..(SPOILERS AHEAD)

    The freakin secret Island thing did NOT sit well with me. Emma (Not familiar with the comics) was a waste to me, a complete waste. Great ending, but yes it takes way too long to get going, and Deadpool I feel was used well, except a little wasted. Action was sloppily put together. Jackman does good, good effects, good action. Those three things are about all I liked

  28. The whole reason Sabertooth was so different in this movie than in X-Men was because they realized they screwed up the charecter in the first movie. For the same reason there is no relationship between Logan and Sabertooth in the first movie.

    1. He does, thats why he wants the dogtag wolverine uses

      But hes so consumed with his beast side that his IQ dropped double digits. Theres a dumb and a smart sabertooth in the comics and they used both in the movies…thats cool

    2. Sabertooth and Wolverine are brothers, who fought alongside each other in wars for over a century according to this film. During that time Sabertooth’s appearance did not change one bit, not even his hair style.

      What is the point in doing an “origin” movie that doesn’t EXPLAIN the way things are in the first film. Why should I have to come up with my own explanation as to why Sabertooth has a completely different appearance and personality, and doesn’t once refer to Logan as his brother. There is no acknowledgment of the fact they’ve been so close for so long. You’re seeing things that simply are not there if you believe there’s any sort of recognition between the two in X1.

      I don’t buy the argument Victor was slowly giving in to his animalistic side. I’d hardly say this film portrayed a great deal of change in Victor from when he began fighting in Wars with Logan.

    3. Clearly something happens between this film and X1. Accept it.

      I know its annoying that someone didn’t spell it out for you, but maybe there is another sequel to Origins that will have Sabretooth in it and it will… maybe not.

      But if you see a friend who has brown hair and she suddenly shows up blonde do you harp on her and rant about it until she looks you square in the eye and tells you directly that she dyed her hair since you last saw her? Do you ask her why?

      No, you take note of it and move on. Seriously not worth harping on repeatedly as you have been since the first images of Creed in this film came out.

    4. Well clearly SOMETHING happens to him, and I could come up with a thousand reasons as to how it happens. But if I was going to just sit here and imagine stories in my head, I wouldn’t need to go watch movies would I?

      Your example misses the mark Rodney. It would be more like if you had a sister who suddenly showed up acting like a caveman one day; would you just “accept it” because clearly something happened since you saw them last. Perhaps you wouldn’t even think to make mention to them or anyone else of the fact you’re even related, since sniffing the air when they approached is apparently suitable enough acknowledgment of your family ties and history, to cover the rest of your lives from that point on.

      It’s not just the color of his hair, it’s his overall appearance, his intelligence and his personality. All of this apparently stayed the same for about 100 years, and then changed so dramatically in a few years. And the fact he didn’t, for whatever reason, give any sort of acknowledgment that he had crossed paths again in X1 with his own brother. If it’s because now all he does is “grunt”, well this film should EXPLAIN WHY he only grunts in X1. In this film he was a very articulate and intelligent man. It’s worth explaining.

      You’re actually going to defend such poor story telling, by saying I should just imagine an explanation that occurs between the two films? Really? Is that the level of quality you actually find acceptable? This was meant to be an origin film that went back to give us the full story, and history of the characters prior to X1. If the end result is that the audience should just make up their own reasons to then justify all the gaps in logic, why even bother with this film?

    5. @Shane Hero

      Also I read people claiming Creed and Logan recognize each other in X1…well, I don’t see it. So Creed is fascinated with Logan’s dog tags, that doesn’t mean recognition. You easily say that Creed kept them as a trophy, or maybe he liked them because they’re shiny! There is really nothing to prove that either man remembers the other. Sure, they can smell each other but it’s no different than two dogs who pick each other’s scent.

      I remember a scene in Xavier Mansion where the Professor explains to Logan who Sabertooth and Magneto are. Logan doesn’t even take the conversation seriously.

    6. I am not defending it… I am illustrating why its not that big a deal to harp over again and again.

      You did this in another thread and now you are just repeating yourself because it didnt get resolved the way you wanted to.

      Burn it in effigy on your front lawn, stand on a corner with your “end of the world is nigh” sign, but you wont listen to ANY alternative that isn’t your sacrificing feature to cuss out this film.

      It had a LOT more flaws than its attempt to do a better Sabertooth.

      They didn’t hold your hand and spell it out for you.. Oh well.

      Look… the world is still spinning.

    7. How is it not a big deal? The purpose of this film is to go back before X-Men 1 and flesh out the characters histories. They even manage to tell us where Wolverine got his damn leather jacket from (and weren’t we all wondering?) yet it can’t explain why BOTH of them don’t recognize each other in X1. I can’t understand why you’re so defensive about this, and why you refuse to accept that it’s poor story-telling and that this is something completely ignored by this film.

      Major continuity errors really ruin a filmgoing experience for a lot of people. It pulls you out of the film, and destroys the whole story.

      It’s not just about his appearance. It’s not about something that we can logically fill in the gaps for on our own. This isn’t about holding my hand and explaining it to me, it’s about the fact that this is a story worth telling, something worth explaining, and it would have made for a better conclusion to this film that would have then fit in better with X1.

      A prequel is NOT an adaptation, a director cannot just pick and choose the parts they want to explain, and change characters completely because it would suit this story better. A prequel can be very restrictive in that regard, but that’s a part of taking on the job.

      You even said yourself that the memory loss was handled in such a poor way. I agree. There could have been a far more dramatic and well placed explanation, and if it had included Victor losing his memory as well, it could have killed 2 birds with one stone. As it is, the way the film concludes with Victor makes no sense with what happens in X1.

  29. I give the movie about the same score.

    This film is filled with plot holes that stick out like a swore thumb.

    I hated how Origins ignored certain parts from X-Men 1 & 2 such as the Weapon X experiment. The experiment plays out in a much different way then it did in X2. In X2, Wolverine is seeing running down a tunnel covered in blood screaming. This does not happen in Origins, instead we get a nude Wolverine, running across a field nude and into a barn in a comical scene. We also get no explanation as to why Victor does not recognize his own brother in the first X-Men film. It’s things like this that pissed me off. How hard can it be to add elements in from the first two films?

    The action was lackluster followed by iffy wirework and messy CGI. The Victor and Logan fights were decent along with a few other scenes, but nothing WOWED me compared to the other X-films. This was mainly due to the lack of berserker Wolverine.

    1. Having him bloody in one and naked in another is hardly “plot holes”. We don’t see much from him slashing at a medic in the adamantium room and him cutting the door open. Both could have happened.

      I actually thought it fit very well with the following movies and aside from having to make some assumptions about something happening to Sabertooth (becoming more animialistic) I didn’t see any plot holes at all.

      There is a big difference between leaving something unexplained than blatant contradictions.

    2. “We also get no explanation as to why Victor does not recognize his own brother in the first X-Men film.”

      Who says he doesn’t? While he doesn’t act like he knows him, he doesn’t act like he doesn’t know him either. And he seems nothing short of obsessed with hanging onto Logan’s dogtags. Maybe he just didn’t want Magneto to know, so he didn’t say anything.

      How about instead of ripping on the movie, you should try to come up with ways for things like that to work and make sense.

    3. I didn’t mean for my post to come off as saying the flashback was a plot hole. I didn’t discuss the plot holes because I didn’t want to spoil anything for anyone. Me saying there were plot holes was meant to be separate to me talking about the flashback. I just hated how the flashback was different and how we went for a great scene of Wolverine nude, covered in blood, screaming as the claws were out in X2, to him non-bloody and running naked into a barn in a comical scene.

    4. I missed Wolvie’s famous berserker rage. The action for the most part was lackluster. Too much wire work and CG, at times I thought I was watching “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” Wolverine’s temper tantrum throughout Xavier’s Mansion in X2 was much more entertaining than anything in this film. Aside from the climatic three way brawl at the end, which I thought was great, the fights weren’t memorable.

      The opening of the movie was fantastic and the rest wasn’t too bad either. I’d give it a 6/10…would’ve made 7/10 but that who deal with the adamantium bullet was lame.

    5. I have not seen the film yet – at least until Saturday , but I’ll say this:

      Logan’s memories are scattered in X-Men 1 and 2. I fail to see the problem. I’ll put it another way.

      When you enter or leave a room, you use the door. People can see you come and go. You did not see them use the same door when they entered, but you know they used it to enter the room.

      When we see a movie (any genre) and we see characters in a room, we may not have seen them enter that room, but there they are. We never ask how the entered that place, it is a given that they gained access by some method.

      We alreadyknow, then, Wolverine escaped through the (small) tunnel, as seen through fragments of his memories. Wolverine gets loose, film cuts to a forest. How did he get out? You already know. Why do we need to see it again?

      It should also be said some of those memories were dreams and could thus have a slight bit of exaggeration.

  30. Wow, I thought this movie was terrible and I was sure that your review would pick it apart. Just about everything you put into “The Good” section of your review I absolutely dissagree with. Most of the CG was hideous, I thought overall “The Last Stand” was a bad movie (until I saw how low this movie stooped), the story was a jumbled mess, the dialogue, the little that there was, was inexcusible. This reminds me of “Kingdom of the Crystal Scull” alot actually it’s a good franchise that’s most recent addition should never have been made (and whoever made it seemed to care very little). Wolverine is every bit as bad, if not worse than the latest Indiana Jones film, I think your love for the X-men is clouding your judgement, Rodney. This is a very bad film. I cannot see John’s review being very positive at all, but then again, I was very suprised when I saw that yours was. We’ll see.

  31. Yeah i gave it a 6/10. Action was good but it took too long to get going, I think it’ll really disappoint, a lot of people. It’s in between good and alright

  32. Kind of like a Silence of the Lambs order of movies. I haven’t heard a lot of good things about this one, but I’m still very curious. I hope this story connects well to the X-Men trilogy.

    Thanks for the great review!

    1. aweosome review…IMO …EVERYTHING was exactly how i calleed it…just a meh movie…and soccer it does tie in the xmen movies so thats cool i guess…but really when all said n done it was just meh…and ryan reynolds is not fooling anyone…he is not scaru at all…deadpool was a joke.

  33. As a x-men fan i have to say the movie was just decent. Opens strong than just kinda sputters along. “Oh lets fight sabertooth”( 1hr later its still the same fight….). If i was a movie critic and was rating this film i would give it 1 star because its horribly shot, and scenes look like my niece got a hold of a comic and cut and pasted what she wanted together. Pretty sure deadpool wouldn’t die that easily also by people with only a small part of his powers, he ends up fighting like a downy and is all in all pretty lame. Also try not to knock critics as they review films differently than fanboys(they look at shots as an art not stupid lore that nerds care about). By judging movies this way and not the way fanboys do than yes they are right and the movie deserves a bad rating because honestly the sci-fi channel can shoot a better movie than gavin LOLS hood. For people readin reviews also try to avoid the chicks who say OMG THE MOVIE ROCKED CUZ THE GUY WAS HOT. thats a dumb bitch goin off on the mouth who dosnt know anything about cinematography, and the same person who liked happyfeat and march of the penguins. NUFF SAID.

  34. I thought it ruled.

    They did Deadpool fine. He doesnt get the mask until later.

    And remember, in the comic books he gets his arm choped off and his torso split and his head chopped off, but he always ends up picking his head, torso or limbs back up and placing them back on… that wasnt a waste, if that scene seemed like a waste to anyone then it did what ti was supposed to do….make you think he died. someoen that knows Deadpool should know it takes more then shiny claws to kill Wade Wilson

    Great review though…the “Good” part is like an essay and the “Bad” part is like 3 sentences…still a 5.5 though…its getting horrible reviews on RTs too

    I loved it.

    1 question, if you stayed after the credits that is:

    Was there an after the credits scene?

    1. “They did Deadpool fine. He doesnt get the mask until later. ”

      Dude, this has far more to do than some stupid mask. There is little of Deadpool at all in that character. Wade Wilson was perfect, Deadpool was not.

      Yes, there was a Stinger after the credits that involved Deadpool. His body finds his head, and his eyes spring open and the stitches are torn on his mouth and he whispers “Shhhh”

    2. Oh Rodney I wasnt saying that YOU were complaining about the mask, you didnt say a word about the mask in your post, I was aiming that at the other 5000 people that ive heard complaining about that. Sorry if that seemed like I was saying that to you

      Well in my meaningless opinion he was done pretty good =]
      And they can always make Deadpool as Deadpoolish as they want in his own movie later lol

      YES!!!! OMG!! YESYESYES!!!!

    3. i drink to remember.
      who are you supposed to be?

      were there any more? looked just like the work print, didn’t change my opinion of the movie. was entertaining, but could have been , should have been way better. just like x3, didn’t really like it, but I really didn’t hate it either, this falls into the category of so much wasted potential.

  35. “Take out Deadpool2, Adamantium Bullets, and anything Stryker says, and I would have given the movie an 8”

    All things seen in the workprint. My list of disappointments is longer than that. I don’t see why it was so bad to form an opinion after the workprint.

    The post below says how John thinks GI Joe will suck and the most he saw was a Trailer and a TV spot, which he liked.

    1. The workprint is incomplete. Effects, music, and tone change a LOT. I talked to a friend who had seen it who was also there last night.

      The workprint doesnt relay the same feeling this movie does.

  36. I’ve seen the movie twice now. It’s much, much better than I was expecting. I had a lot of reservations about the film, but thankfully most of it was for nothing. Overall, the film fits reasonably well with the previous X-Men films, and as such I can enjoy it as a part of the X-Men movie universe. I never expected the film to be completely faithful to the comics, because from the very first X-Men film it had been necessary that a lot was changed anyway. This was no worse than any previous X-Men films in that regard.

    I agree Rodney about the wasted opportunity to have had a MUCH more interesting way of introducing the memory loss. And the lack of an explanation as to why Sabertooth became what he was in X-Men 1 really annoyed me, as I knew it would if not explained properly. Because this shows Victor barely aged a day or changed his appearance in about 100 years. Now in the space of a few years his personality changes completely, along with his appearance. Could they not have devoted even 30 seconds to some justification? What’s the point of even doing a prequel, if you don’t actually explain the origin of the characters?

    After all the brothers had been through, and their bitter-sweet reunion, it would have been a great way to end the film with BOTH losing their memory completely. That could justify why Creed would become more animal like, without his human upbringing to ground him, and it would have been such a tragic ending to the film. It would have made it so sad then, when they cross paths in the future, neither one recognizes the other after all they’d been through. As it is, we’re expected to believe that Victor wouldn’t have thought to even say “hello”, after telling Logan in this film he’ll look out for him? I actually really got the feeling that a dual memory loss was where they were headed, because it seemed like such a perfect conclusion… I was really disappointed that didn’t happen.

    Action wise, the film had a lot of great scenes and action. But there was a LOT of bad CGI in there as well.

    Gambit was absolutely fantastic. Deadpool was brilliant when played by Reynolds, but less so when he was Weapon XI. Reynolds WAS Deadpool; Weapon XI didn’t feel like Deadpool at all. The cameos of all the other mutants were great. The inclusion of Cyclops even was explained really well, by the fact he was blind when he was near Logan. The final cameo was also great, since it did cover off another part of the “X-Men origin” (That damn near everything was though of except Sabertooth makes it all the more frustrating that it alone was ignored!)

    Overall, I enjoyed the film. I just wish that there was more attention to detail in the overall plot, because in a film like this, it really is the little things that can make it just that much better.

    1. The fact that sabretooth looks very different in Xmen 1 doesn’t really bug me. Who cares.

      What does bug me now is how sabretooth dies in Xmen 1. I had no idea the history of Logan and Victor and now that I do…to have him go out in the pansy way that he does in the first Xmen sucks! He deserves a much better exit than that!

  37. With the exception of bone claws and Gambit i liked this movie alot. I can understand that Deadpool was a disappointment, but i have no real attachment to the character so it didn’t really matter to me. I absolutley loved the title-sequense. A certain cameo at the end was great, although he looked a little CGI

    1. Bone claws are canon with Wolverine… I don’t see how that would upset you?

      Gambit was very close to what the comics portray him as, and I am glad they did him this well. They didn’t go over the top with the Cajun accent, and the charging of the cards was wild.

  38. I don’t know what movie ya’ll watched but that was awesome, its wasn’t made to be indepth cover of all the xmen secrets, that would make the movie longer than anyone would ever want to sit thru. They have to leave somethings open to examine later.

    Jackman as always was fantastic, the only actor who could ever play Wolverine. I was shocked at how much I really got into Liev playing Sabertooth, he is truly an amazing actor. Ryan rocked… sexy and funny, so its a small part the character was only in 2 comics so its appropriate. Now 3 cheers for the super hot new xMAN Remy Lebeau… Gambit. Can’t wait for this character to show up again in yet another supreme movie, Xmen is the only possible series that can continue on for even my greatgrandchildren to enjoy!! SO KUDOS HUGH JACKMAN, thanks for making a Great movie!!

    1. Wade Wilson was only in two comics? Deadpool and Wolverine cross dozens of times in the comics, and Deadpool has his own title.

      I expect to see a Deadpool spinoff that has him more like the Wade Wilson part of this movie.

  39. I must say that Deadpool’s dialogue bored me 2 seconds after he opened his mouth, why is there the need for a disobedient brat (i.e.e wolverine in x-men 1 & “) in everyone of these movies.

    Also I thought the use of CGI was a bit over played. I found it hard to find a single shot that wasn’t touched up somehow. For instance when wolverine was been chased by the helicopter in the forest, the bullets hitting the ground were CGI, this would of been alot easier (and probably cheaper) to do with real life special effects.


    1. Everyone loves a rebel Michael.

      And clearly you know little about special effects if you think they would be cheaper than CGI bullets. If they had used ground bursts during the motorcycle scene they would have to shoot it over and over to get that right. As it is, they never shot a motorcycle driving at those speeds through a forest, but you didn’t notice that part. Just the CGI bullets. That motorcycle in the woods is ALSO CGI.

    2. I’m not being a rebel rodney. I just think CGI should be the last resort, it should only be used when something is impossible. Transformers was a great use of CGI, it blended well into the movie and at time seemed unnoticable. In wolverine, it just detracts from everything else. So many of the backgrounds were CGI that didn’t need to be. SPOILER – when xavier was taking the kids away in the helicopter, the helicopter was cgi, surely they could of rented one and it would of looked ten times better than something that looked like it belonged on the sci-fi channel.

      Ground bursts could of been done efficently using proper editing and a special effects crew that knew what they were doing. All it requires is good timing and properly set detonations.

      I just found the CGI distracting, even you must admit that scene where logan is in front of the mirror to be one of the worst uses of CGI in recent blockbuster history

    3. I wasn’t calling you a rebel Michael. You asked why every movie has to have some disobedient brat in these movies.

      Everyone loves the rebel.

      And CGI does what physical effects do, and if done right it does it better. And its cheaper.

      People only complain about CGI when it looks out of place. Considering just how much of this was CGI that you DIDN’T notice just proves my point.

      Yes, there were weak spots. I got over it.

    4. Don’t be so sure what I did and didn’t notice seeing that I didn’t list them out.

      Special effects are just big hang up of mine. Other people here have other hang ups that don’t even seem to relate to the movie itself. The overuse of cgi just tops the list of negative points in this movie. I just get the feeling that it was really rushed, I wanted to enjoy this movie, went to the first showing a midnight screening, but like you said, alot of small touches here and there would of made an extraordinary difference in the final product of the movie.

    5. i agree with both of you.

      Michael: I love real special effects with a passion and think that it might be lost forever 0_0
      if done right its amazing and real. I hate the misuse of CGI like in Watchmen when they cut off the big guys arms. they used CGI which looked horrible and killed my movie joy.

      Rodney: If used correct yes CGI is more ethical for movies. because it does cost a shit load just to plant little charges in the ground for your actor to run by (and mess up on first try) then it does CGI. Relating to what Michael said about it sucking for this part is because it just didn’t look real and would have been better to just have the charges in the ground. just like the arm cutting scene in Watchmen would have been better if they put prosthetics on the actor.

      … and ya random?!?!?!?!?

  40. Rodney: Cool review. I personally would have liked to hear your opinion a bit more on the story (you seem to focus more on the characters and performances etc).

    Question: How does this measure up to the existing X-men movies? I think the big question is better or worse than X-men3?

    1. I thought the storyline was perfect. They blended enough of his history in the opening sequences to bring us into the now very well.

      Explaining how he goes from mutant with no agenda to willingly getting metal in his bones, and his relationship with Creed and Trask was all laid out perfectly. Its the rest of the bits that get in the way. Lame plot devices, and pointlessly ruining a major character just hurt too bad.

      I put it a step worse that X-3 but then everyone assumes that X-3 was some abomonation. I didn’t hate X-3 like the kiddies seem to think is the trendy way to go.

      It was clearly the weakest of the three films, but I was far from hating it. That being said, Wolverine is parked just below that.

  41. Did anyone else think the cgi claws in the bathroom scene looked TERRIBLE? My friends and I bursted out laughing at how cartoony they looked.

    1. Dear god YES! I saw that and thought to myself, “this is the film they were complaining people had seen without the CGI being finished?! Like this is going to impress people more”

      They looked like something out of Roger Rabit. Only less believable. Stupidest thing is there was NO NEED to have CGI claws in the first place!

      Really, that scene should just have been cut completely if they couldn’t do it right.

  42. I just saw the midnight premiere as well and agree with pretty much everything you posted. However, Ryan Reynolds seemed the weakest character actor of the bunch. For me it seemed he was just Ryan Reynolds with swords, which was great, but nevertheless did his talent little justice.

    A good start to the summer? I’m sitting on the fence too.

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