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I got the heads up from Kristina today that Paramount purposefully but an R2D2 cameo/easter egg in the new Star Trek movie. Did you see him in there? I certainly didn’t… but now I’m going to be looking for him the next time I go (probably tomorrow night).

Paramount has even made a contest out of it. Find R2D2 and you could win an official prop from the movie.

MTV gives us these details:

There’s really not much more to tell you. The rules are pretty simple. Locate R2, write down where you saw him in an e-mail, and shoot it off to facebook@paramount.com with “STAR TREK Easter Egg Sweepstakes” in the subject line. I couldn’t care less about winning the prop, but it would warm this “Star Wars” geek’s heart to see the plucky little droid pop up in a “Star Trek” movie. Maybe J.J. will figure out a way to kill off Jar Jar for his second “Trek” go-round.

Know where R2D2 is? Did you see him when you saw Star Trek? Let me know either way.

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    During the Drill Machine sequence as the Enterprise comes out of its barrel role amidst destruction of the other Federation ships above Vulcan, we cut to an interior Enterprise bridge over the shoulder of Kirk that is looking out through the front viewscreen. In space, R2-D2 is floating in the debris from about the top middle of the screen to the bottom right.

  2. Oh, and people will actually go pay more money to see a movie, so they can locate R2? You can’t be serious! *laughs* And some actually consider this entertainment? Man I should join Paramount and start making high CBI movies with lots of parts blowing up. You guys are too easy! No intellect at all. Just all explosions, blasters, and comedy. *laughs* What a joke!

  3. What a frigg’n joke! I can’t believe Trek has evolved into this kind of marketing tact. Hell, why not put scratch-aways on the bottom of Burger King cups, and the winner gets….can’t be his Enterprise because it’s digital. *Laughs*


  4. R2 can only be seen as a partial body as well as the blue and chrome of his dome in the fog as the 2 Spocks are conversing & Spock Sr. begins his farewell. R2 can be seen on the right hand of the screen as the farewell begins.

    As far as the ‘alleged’ rivalry between the unparalled Star Trek and the imitator Star Wars no comparison is necessary. While Star Trek gave some assistance to ILM in the form of a job for the past almost 2 decades, it was not neccesary.

    As Star Wars exists a fragment of the imagination in the collective Star Trek Universe.

    Live long & Prosper

    Peace & Long life.

  5. Alright everybody, here is exactly where R2D2 is. I don’t have any screen shots as I wouldn’t know how to grab ’em.


    R2 appears towards the end of the film when Spock prime and old Spock meet. He appears a couple of minutes into their conversation. The exact point to find R2 is smack dab in old Spock’s following dialog: “As my customary farewell would seem oddly self-serving, I shall simply say, good luck”.

    I’ve only seen one screen shot that came remotely close to finding him. But alas, they had focused on the wrong background item.

    To be more specific, R2D2 is sitting on a platform in the background to the right of the screen. He sits next to a transporter and is actually covered in fog. About half way through old Spock’s above mentioned dialog the fog is lifted and there he is, R2D2.

    I have looked into other peoples’ ideas of where R2 is only to find it was not him. Everywhere from when Kirk and old Spock meet Scotty to the destroyed ship’s debris above Vulcan. He does not appear. I could see how someone could have mistaken these foriegn background items for R2 but I assure you these sightings are wrong.

    If you find yourself back in the theatre, take a look. R2D2 is there. I have observed this sighting over four times. With each viewing he becomes more and more clear. Have a look-see!

  6. I didn’t catch R2 until I was looking at some of the photos online. I’ve seen the movie twice now. R2 is even in some of the publicity shots. The original shot that they released has him in it then they changed the shot so it was tighter on an actor and you can’t make him out as well. The poor little guy must have been cold.

  7. I thought I saw him in the scene when Spock is talking Spock prime, it shows Spock prime and in the background R2 is sitting next to a shuttle.

    1. In the engine room of the Enterprise after Scotty says, “Clear the area, GO!” before he ejects the core you can see R2D2 by a round barrel thing before the blast.
      He may have been blasted out with the core and flying with the core behind the Enterprise.

  8. My little clan is pretty sure we’ve spotted R2, but it’s not where you’d think.

    Some of us are keen on spotting R2 as part of the Narada, but I’m pretty sure R2 is actually hidden quite well in an exterior shot of the Enterprise.

    Though I have yet to see anything on the ‘Net detailing where people think he is, I guess I’ll have to spout it out. SPOILER WARNING!

    R2 is made up of the lights in the Enterprise’s aft shuttle bay. About 45 minutes in, when the Enterprise drops out of warp at Vulcan, Pike orders Sulu to take evasive action to avoide debris. This action boils down to Sulu rotating the Enterprise. There’s a shot of the aft section of the Enterprise close-up while the ship is upside down. You can clearly see the aft shuttle bay lights, and they clearly look like R2D2. Case closed.

    Mystery solved. As for the scene with Scotty on Delta Vega? Nope, just a metal cylinder there, no R2…

  9. It makes sense that “Star Wars” props, toys, or models would show up in the “Star Trek” universe. Remember, in the “Star Trek” universe, “Star Wars” is a classic earth movie from their past (the 20th century). The “Star Wars” franchise exists inside the “Star Trek” universe, not the other way around.

  10. Oh fine. I’ll end the suffering. SPOILERS for those who wanted to look without knowing!

    When we first meet Scotty on Delta Vega and he is sitting at his desk (the first desk, NOT when he gets up and moves to the other one to talk about beaming), watch VERY CAREFULLY when he is talking to the little alien about food. Look in the very back of the shots with Pegg and the little alien during this moment. There’s a brightly lit area in the back of the room, and R2 is sitting right there. He’s damn near in the middle of the shot. He’s out of focus, but there is no doubt that it’s him. Best way to catch him: watch for when Pegg holds up his hand to mimic a bean when he says “You can eat a bean and you’re done”. When he holds up his hand, he blocks R2 from the shot. Look in the space between Scotty and the alien. R2 is sitting right there at the back wall.

  11. ok so we have two different descriptions of where he is. Kristina say he’s not moving and bill says he’s in the debris above Vulcan. can anyone be more specific.

  12. Kristina … you sound confident in your find, but looking at all the scenes that match your description, I see nothing.

    Could you come out with it?

  13. i knew it! lol yea i [think] saw him im pretty effin postive cz i was like omgosh Star Wars n now this contest comes out,.. lol wow hmm now im wondering if i should email it,at least to give it a try.. oh that be soo effin kool =]

  14. Actually MTV was interviewing the writers, and they hinted as to where R2D2 was…

    When the USS Enterprise comes out of WARP on it’s first approach to Vulcan and they are manuevering around the space debris watch the TOP of the WHOLE SCENE…for a few seconds you will see R2D2 flying/floating across the top of the screen from LEFT TO RIGHT…he is moving fast, but you can plainly see him…it actually makes you chuckle to see him fly by.

    I’ve seen the movie multiple times, and he is indeed on a “Fly By Cameo”!!!

    1. Wait, that’s what I heard too but I feel like I checked that scene a million times!

      It is a shot from outside of the enterprise right? Is it when the enterprise is turned sideways on the left of the screen (I thought I saw him flying there)? If he flying completely left to right or sorta middle to the right (if the first I probalby have the wrong spot)?

      There is that one part of that scene where the enterprise is farther away and there’s a ton of debris, everyone seems to think its there?

  15. Well I saw Star Trek. To say it was great is an understatement, and guess what?…I was entertained, unlike some trekkies that didnt like it because it was TO ENTERTAINING. HELLO, isn’t that why you go to the movies?

  16. To those who think JJ needs GL’s ok…umm the entire movie is an homage to Star Wars, and in fact I had a thought midway thorough (when Vulcan was destroyed), that maybe JJ was basically trying to remake that ANH as well…

    1. I didn’t want to spoil the exact location for people who wanted to try and find him, but I will give you enough hints to find him. If you aren’t specifically looking, you’ll miss him completely. He’s in the background, out of focus, during a dialogue scene. He’s onscreen for about twenty seconds, and he isn’t moving. He’s just sitting there against a wall. Once you spot him, you’ll be kicking yourself for not noticing (he’s practically in the middle of the shot and the lighting in the back is brighter than in the foreground, so once you see him, he stands out), but since the conversation in the foreground between two characters is sort of funny, you can be forgiven for missing him in the background.


      Background, against a wall, so he’s not on top of any ship. He’s not moving, and he only appears in this one moment, so don’t look for multiple R2s. Two characters are speaking during the shot where R2 appears.

      I emailed John the location of R2, and when he sees the film again and confirms this, I’m sure he’ll post it. If not, and people REALLY can’t find him, I’ll tell. I’m kind of torn between telling to prove that I’m not lying, and holding it back to see if other folks spot R2. I didn’t want to spoil it, but if people want it spoiled, I’ll be glad to tell you guys.

  17. This is a GREAT way to get people to go back and watch the movie again, specifically to find that little thing that could lead them to a nice piece of the movie. FANTASTIC marketing. Maybe John, you should do something with “The Anniversary” and have the POPGOW dvd as a prize.

  18. Just came back from the movie and i think i spot it but canadian cannot participed to the contest

    sorry for the error, im french and not so good in english

  19. i think i remember seein R2 somewhere, i think its during the part with the young spock, it might not be but thats the closest i remeber

  20. dudes!

    it MUST be in the “cantina” scene where the bar fight takes place, it’s the most starwars bit of the film

    1. I was thinking some time while they are on the ship. He would blend in really well with all the whiteness of the ship.

    1. I’m sure JJ got George Lucas’s okay.

      I won’t spoil it for everyone who wants to look for themselves, but I absolutely saw R2. I thought I was going crazy watching the movie until my friend also nudged me and said, “Is that R2??” He is definitely in the movie, in the background of a key scene.

    2. Technically they don’t need his ok to throw it in there. Copyright laws allow for use of intellectual properties as satire/parody under the Fair Use exceptions to copyright law.

      Having a likeness of R2-D2 in the film in the background for a moment (I am assuming it was brief since NO ONE found it before this) can be considered a parody, especially considering the eternal rivalry between Star Wars and Star Trek for the last 3 decades.

      That all being said, it would be a courtesy to ask and may very well have happened.

    3. Yeah, he’s in the background and he’s not in focus, so unless you’re really looking and not paying attention to what’s happening in the foreground, you’d miss him completely.

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