First Iron Man 2 Image looks like First Iron Man Movie

The first image from Iron Man 2 is online and this staggering image breakthrough gives us our first peek at what is to come from Iron Man.

A scene that could have been from the first Iron Man.

Now granted in the background there are MORE suits, but Tony had 3 suits in the first movie and its no secret that Ironman has more suits than underwear, so that much is new. But for a “FIRST LOOK” it just seems like the first image they put out, and nothing spectacular.

Even still, the very knowledge that somewhere on this mass of rock hurtling through space, Robert Downey Jr is on set and making Iron Man 2. It wasn’t a dream. Its really happening. Giddy!

22 thoughts on “First Iron Man 2 Image looks like First Iron Man Movie

  1. My first thought when I saw the pic was …wow, it looks like a still from the first movie..hehe…that is not a bad thing. I’m really looking forward to this movie.

  2. Awesome. I hope he fights another version of himself at the end of this movie too. Then it will actually sort of be like Transformers 3. Basically robots tossing each other around for 25 minutes of my time with no perspective or stakes. Another original premise from Hollywood unlike anything we’ve seen before… oh wait, forgot about the title of this post. Nevermind; as you were.

  3. The fact this looks like the first film is a great sign. I HATE sequels where the look of everything is changed for no good reason, with no explanation. I fully expect that Iron Man will have a different look in this film, and for this character that actually makes sense since he regularly changes his look in the comics too. BUT I like the fact that just like the comics, Stark has an ‘armory’ and all his old suits are still acknowledged.
    I can’t wait to start seeing more about this film, and look forward to seeing what his armor will look like, along with pics of the villains.

  4. Bad ass pic. Yes it look similar to scenes from the first movie, but what did you expect as a first pic? There are lots of first pics for highly anticipated movies that are just ok or a good tease, like this one.

    He’s still going to have the same HQ or close to it. And he is Tony Stark, he makes bad ass weapons and is good with computers, your going to see him behind a desk and on a computer now and then.

    What make this pic so great is all the different types of battle suits in the background. If that doesn’t scream some Iron Man comic book nostalgia, I don’t know what does…

    WOOT! >_<

  5. What is worthy of note is that in the bg there are four suits. All working (all “arc reactors” are lit) As mentioned, the Mark I, which was rebuilt. The chrome suit from the first film could be touched up, modified or used for upgrading to War Machine. The third is what we seen for the rest of that picture. So what’s number four? Just another spare suit and/arc reactor?

    How ’bout a prototype AI/remote unmanned “robot”? You know the kind of which I speak.

    Well, it doesn’t hurt to guess.

    BTW, it’s NOT a boring still.
    But looking at it, I started thinking about something.

    Due to the first film’s success last year, it isn’t surprising the sequel is well underway. However, there is no Hulk sequel as of yet. Thor is coming closer to being into production- if they can nail down the cast. The same goes for Cap’n America. So here is the question:

    Is Iron Man 2 the only Marvel film we will get in 2010?

    1. Ya, I think they said Thor was pushed back to 2011 and both the Capt. America and Avengers 2012, or something like that. And who knows about the Hulk sequel, which makes me sad.

  6. I’m sure it’s old news by now but every now and then Jon Favreau tweets out a small nugget of info via twitter. Follow him @Jon_Favreau on twitter and when he says something about who’s on set at that moment, close your eyes and imagine the fact that they’re filming right at that moment. It’s a good feeling.

  7. This is good, I dont want too much spoiler, even though I come to movie websites. At least he isnt holding out his hand with a beam firing out of the end.

    1. yup war machine’s suit is back there so I’m a lil more excited about this first look than any of the other first images from the first. I want WAR MACHINE!

    2. If anything I would say the thinner silver one was War Machine, as the bulkier one surely is the Mark I rebuilt. I dont think any of them are War Machine though, could be wrong.

  8. i know what you mean but come on they are not going to give anything away just ye so dont expect any war machine pics yet

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