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I still have no idea how Fast & Furious (aka The Fast and the Furious 4) made $71 million opening weekend… but it did. Honestly it was a pretty entertaining film too, which is surprising since all the other ones suck. Still… hollywood economics my friends. The film has made over $350 million world wide, and since Vin Diesel and Paul Walker both can’t sell tickets to any other movie they get involved in, you know another Fast and Furious was going to be on the way.

Well… according the the screenwriter Chris Morgan, it’s already getting drawn up. The folks over at MovieWeb give us these details:

“It seems like there will definitely be another one,” Morgan told MTV News in an exclusive interview. “I just got out of a lunch with Universal, just pitching the story around. We were figuring out if we do another one, and what it would be. It has to come from the characters, so where are these characters after this film – what are they doing?”

Oh BULLSHIT! The F&F movies have nothing to do with the characters or story. It’s about fast cars zooming around, and when it’s done right they’re about exciting action. Nothing else. No one cares. “All about the story” my ass.

There will be a F&F 5 even if they get a monkey to scribble out a script, because it just flat out doesn’t matter.

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33 thoughts on “Fast And Furious 5

  1. ok lets see here FF1 all running, FF2 Brians story, FF3 Sean bla bla real story Han and Dom’s cameo at end FF4 Back story two FF3 and now FF5 picking up from FF2 and FF4 ending up back at FF3 witch means there will be a FF6 making this a saga and ending with all lose ends tied up becouse Sean story does not fit in unles they make a six with him in it and have all of them going pro with a clean slate at the kid at the end bringing back some ppl from FF1 who went pro. all while taking down a bad guy. The thing is there all out of order so you got to have a FF6 and tie up those lose ends some how cuz i dont think FF5 is going to do it.

  2. Here is my take for FF5. Dominic is tired of running (his own words) so he goes deep under cover along with Paul. This is the best way DT can honor Letty’s memory (Letty die trying to get a clean sled for DT). The ending scene from FF4 is the set up to make believe that DT and his FF team are as bad as they come. For a change DT has the best of both worlds, putting the pedal to metal without having to look at the feds over his review mirror. . . and they leave happy ever after.

    1. at the end of FF4 they bust him out oftransport and start running againe did you not watch the hole thing. thats why there is a FF5.

  3. It is funny how some that don’t know much about cars, racing ….. Have so much to say
    Its not about the story, its about the cars, the racing. Yes 2 was so BAD. The others go with what is hot in the car world. 1–all about the cars, inside and out. 2- bad, 3–I lived in Japan and it all about driffing there, 4–some from the 1st and all about rally cars, like pikes peak.

  4. With this movie budget these guys have and the toys
    they use in these films. I bet I could make 400 million
    for these guys, you can afford the 20 million dollar actors
    Let me drive some of these toys and I will
    tell you how….lol. CR

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  6. ”I still have no idea how Fast & Furious (aka The Fast and the Furious 4) made $71 million opening weekend”

    2. Even people like you john went to watch it so i f you got a problem with such movies simple dont watch!

  7. Also the fact they pulled a “Halloween 4” and had SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER ALERT *the main bad guy survive the explosion* END SPOILER END SPOILER SPOILER felt very…unreal.

  8. Pathology was actually really good but the end I felt was very anti-climatic (sp?) and kinda…I dunno…weak.

  9. the next one should have the four stars in it:
    vin diesel, paul walker, tyrese gibson, & lucas black.

    also the 5th one better be about racing. i think that what makes the 1st & 3rd so good is that they revolve around racing, where the 2nd & 4th are about driving cars really fast to stop drug kigpins.

  10. I’m a fan and I care a lot about the characters which is why the latest installment caught my interest. Most of the people I know feel the same way. John is obviously falling into the intellectual elitism trap like movie buffs tend to every now and again. I guess you have to meet the filmmakers to give props to stupid films like, oh i dunno… PATHOLOGY and CRANK. Although I actually liked Crank. Pathology sucked ass though. So much sex and violence and yet still boring. But of course John still liked it.

  11. I already know the title.
    “Fast Furuo5” heh heh heh.

    Well, anyway… wasn’t there some thoughts of Tyrese coming back? I’d like Devon Aoki or Eva Mendez myself, but…

    Anyway, John. why are you surprised? They will squeeze and milk those teats until the cow dries up and keels over.

  12. Who gives a shit. Fast and Furious was AWESOME! I’m in for a 5th.

    I actually do happen to enjoy the characters myself. Just throwing that out there.

  13. I liked the first one…didn’t pay too much attention to the second and completely bypassed the third. I’ll watch the new one on DVD but I’m thinking a fifth will really drain the well…

  14. You know, it’s not that I disagree with you, exactly, John, but I do think it says something that this 4th movie was one of the best of the series and it revisits the original characters. I mean, Tokyo Drift arguably had some of the best racing and stunts of any of these movies and yet, it made the least amount of money.

    You’re right about the main reasons for making the film, but it seems wrong to say that no one cares about the character or the story.

    1. Bobby, I think you’re missing the point here. John’s not saying he hated the movie, but the reasoning for making another one has nothing to do with characters so much as it does with the action and cars. Oh, and THE MONEY!

    2. I know, i’m just sick of people bashing blockbusters all the time even though they enjoyed them. Not everything is Citizen Kane or Godfather and frankly, thank god for that otherwise this would be one boring world.

    3. GODFATHER, I disagree with that. There was a reason that the box office for these films continuously dropped until this new entry. It was the characters (specifically Diesel). The second and third films had cool car chases and hot girls but they were not anywhere near as successful.

    4. Chris

      Let me rephrase that. The movies have done respectively well, but considering that very little else has worked for these particular actors outside this franchise, they can’t really be considered “draws”. Yes, they may have now revitalized this particular movie/franchise (so far, the highest domestic grosser of all the FF films according to Box Office Mojo), but that’s not to say that the next one won’t bomb. Most people wanted to see the second film with both these guys (and prob the girls, but any hotties would probably have sufficed) in it, and now that they have, the ONLY way we can measure if it’s the cache of VD, err… Vin Diesel, and PW, uhm Paul Walker, is to wait for the next movie and see if it’s a success as well. But I think the only reason this movie was even made is because the two middle ones DID make the studio money. Can’t deny that.

      I understand and can agree with the frustration you present, but in the same token, John didn’t “bash” the movie. He did say it was pretty entertaining. He said the other ones sucked. LOL.

      1. the last two FF movie have been mor like back stories and the new one as well so they got to make a FF6 and tie up the lose ends

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