Bruno Gets Up Close and Personal with Eminem

I didn’t catch the MTV Movie Awards, as they tend to just be one long commercial for upcoming movies and a popularity party for the ones that came out last year. No real merit, just a lot of back patting.

But one event that I caught a poor third party cam-at-the-tv youtube clip was a publicity stunt for the upcoming Bruno.

Apparently it was completely planned to have Bruno accidentally find himself in an awkward position with the very vocal homophobic Marshall Mathers, known to his peeps as Eminem. The Slim Shady was clearly not party to the prank and Cohen got exactly what he wanted out of him.

It seems that mere minutes after this video went Viral online at YouTube, it was yanked by Viacom. For those who didn’t see it, Cohen is in full character dressed as Bruno and playing the part. He is being flown in on wires across the roof of the venue wearing white wings and leather gladiator kilt when he “accidentally” hits an air duct and finds himself inverted and tangled in his harness. He is then lowered into the “unsuspecting” crowd and conveniently lands on Eminem, who looks none too happy to have Cohen head first in his crotch and straddling his shoulders. Em’s posse doesn’t react right away and he seems to be angry but playing along until they get up and “rough up” Cohen who doesn’t break character for one moment.

It was clearly staged by Cohen to promote the Bruno character and film, what isn’t clear is if Eminem and his entourage were in on the prank as well. If they were in on it, they do a fine job looking sufficiently offended.

While it lasts there is a new link

A pretty funny staged prank, and it did exactly what Cohen wanted. It showed just the type of outwardly flamboyant homosexual behaviour we can expect from the upcoming film Bruno, and a prime example of the target subject the film hopes to exploit for laughs.

Eminem’s posse managed to keep themselves from making themselves look bad, but a very deliberate exodus from their assigned seats followed immediately afterward. I wonder if there will be some legal reprocussions, however Cohen is far from shy in the face of legal action.

I don’t blame them. It still made me laugh.

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