Nimoy Responds to Michael Bay to Voice The Fallen

The newest trend in Hollywood today is all the rage. Who wants to pick up a phone and call someone, or even have your people talk to my people. That is just so 2008.

Now if you want someone to know what you are thinking or perchance have a request for them, you just drop it in an interview! And the proper ettiquette for replying? Also mention it in an interview!

I’m sure everyone will be asking him this question today, but during the press day for Star Trek, I spoke to Leonard Nimoy (Holy shit.. What a legend) and asked him if Michael Bay had contacted him about voicing a robot in Tranformers 2.

Leonard looked right at the camera and said loudly, “Call me, Michael! Call me!” he said he heard Michael was afraid to get a hold of him for some reason, but he’d gladly be a part of Transformers. Then he again reiterated to the camera, “Call me, Michael!”

I never had any doubt that Nimoy would turn down even a piddly handful of cash to do a voice role like this. It is a cool fanservice for him to have a part of the Transformers feature films after he was a voice in the 1986 animated feature.

Remember, this is the guy who hand delivered a surprise screening of the new Star Trek to fans who gathered to watch Wrath of Khan in a small cinema and lets not forget his tribute to Bilbo Baggins!

But I kind of get that awkward feeling that we are standing close to one of those conversations where people say things to each other with that tone that makes you realize they want you to be listening.

Just do lunch and make it happen already!!