Hunter Prey Teaser Trailer Online

The guy who made the fanfilm Batman Dead End has put together a feature film in the style of 80s action scifi films. Oh how I miss those treats. They need to remake Steel Dawn.

Anyways, Hunter Prey looks like a great little film that captures that fun campy action and creature effects.

FilmJunk says:

Titled Hunter Prey, it clearly draws influence from both Star Wars and Predator, along with Collora’s background in creature effects. A teaser trailer has just hit the web over at io9, and it looks like either a really low budget sci-fi flick or the most expensive fan film ever made, depending on your point of view.

Looks fantastic, and has my nostalgia meter dancing to the far right.

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8 thoughts on “Hunter Prey Teaser Trailer Online

  1. Hey Rodney, I have been visiting TMB for five years or so, my go to movie website. I am really happy you posted this because I worked on the very small crew that shot this in Mexico. I know almost all of the people involved and they are all great people so Thank you for recognizing and supporting this film.

  2. I’ve got to disagree with the masses here. Just because you include some star wars costumes does not make a good movie. The premise has been done a million times before. Crash land on alien world with prisoner that you then have to recapture. The dialogue reminds me of Alien Apocalypse, which at least had the benifit of Bruce Campbell

  3. I thought Batman Dead End was a great short. A true gem of the internet. This flim looks intresting but reminds me alot of star wars episode 4 on tatooie. Needs a better title thou, maybe call it, “Bloody Sand”?

  4. sweet indeed. reminds me a lot of the good old 80’s sci-fi flicks. saw Batman Dead End too and it is GOOD! Sandy Collora (the director) is very gifted.

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