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  1. I’m really torn on this one, I don’t like how much you see of him without his mask on. That’s what made Myers scary to begin with, you never saw under the mask…. but in general, I do like the look of it.

  2. Good trailer. I just hope this one is worth it as a sequel. And I like how they say in it that this is the end to his “master piece”. Makes it seem even more bad ass, who knows if it actually will be, but here’s to hopping. And that this one will actually have a true ending.

    I’d like to think that it saying that too means there really wont be more then this 1 sequel and this one will be just freakin’ awesome. But this is Hollywood we’re talking about and there’s pretty much no chance of them leaving it at 2 movies, whether this one turns out great or not. Leaving them to ruin what Zombie is already going to end with part 2.

    One more thing, I find it so funny that sooo many movies come out every year now that they can’t even release the Halloween movies around the Halloween time of year for fear of running into competition from all sorts of other types movies being released around that time of year instead.
    Horror movies are no longer at home around October…

  3. Meh. It looks like an exact remake of Halloween 2. Interesting idea to reach into Michael’s mind. Either way, this is generally a technique to humanize, and I don’t know if I like that. Or perhaps he was cursed before he was born?

  4. At first this trailer just gave me a bad feeling. Like a cheap 90’s horror movie, like Tobe Hooper’s Night Terror or something.
    Then I thought, wouldn’t it be damn cool if – for example – that white lady, was a part of Michael’s imagination? This way the audience could go deeper into what/who he really is, as the trailer suggests.
    Haven’t seen Zombie’s first re-make of this franchise – should I?

    1. jaffahut.

      The “white lady” is Sheri Moon Zombie and played Michael’s mother in the First Halloween Re-Make that Zombie made.

      During that movie she commits suicide and she was the only person in the movie that showed little Michael Myers any love in his young life. So she is indeed his demented delusions in H2. This will help see into the Psyche of the character.

      It’s because of this very story line that many of the “true lovers” of the Original Classic Halloween film didn’t like the first re-make. They felt that Mike should just be a force of evil pure born and bread with no outside influence to his evil nature. No “Bad Nuture” aspects.

      I suggest that if you haven’t seen the first one, skip H2. But if you do want to see the first one and love Zomie’s style then you should see it. I love both versions and see them as very seperate but equal artistic visions of the character.

  5. I’m split on this…

    One the one hand it looks good and more intense than Zombie’s previous film. It also suggests an indirect remake of Halloween II.

    On the other side of the coin?
    Myers is replaced by Leatherface and/or a dude dressed too warm. Yeech. And what’s with the ghosts and pentagrams?

    “The secret will be revealed”
    What secret?

    1. im w/ you on that one.

      ps: rodney your post you just made on the twilight coverage isnt working(i accidentally clicked on it) it says “sorry, not posts match your criteria”

    2. yeah what sectret? the secret to what made MM kill was already revealed. Halloween 6. The whole cult who had taken his mother and then made MM-the infant part of the cult and ordered to kill all relatives, etc, blah blah. Maybe it’s a secret that was from Rob’s first movie, who knows. The scene’s we are all shown in trailers usually are interest-peaking, but they never allow a film to live up to them, and usually show way too much of the movie, or show the good-parts. haha. I doubt i’ll be watching this, i’ve seen the first of Rob’s, it was ok, not anything living up to a true horror movie, or the original Halloween at all!

    3. oh, and Rob should’ve just stuck with 1000 Corpses. That was a twisted mess of a horror film. He got too big a head on his shoulders it appears…

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