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International Friend Yamil sent me the heads up on the Trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, and I have to say I am conflicted. Check it out:

I watched it a second time without the music, and it felt more whimsical and heartfelt. I think the music threw me off. The visuals are dead on with the children’s book, and I have no problem with them expanding the story. The children’s book was all of 30 pages and hardly any text, so I expected nothing less, and it looks like a great story dealing with the emotions of a child instead of just a lesson about how parents still love you even if they send you to bed without your supper.

Still, that music didn’t work for me.

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30 thoughts on “Where the Wild Things Are Trailer Online

  1. Never ever heard of this children’s book until the film was announced so no nostalgia factor for me but that trailer has got me curious, i love films that can take you back to your childhood, a simpler time in life lol this looks like it may actually do that. I felt the music worked really well too imo.

  2. I muted the volume on the trailer, and played “Everlong” while watching it. Much better. Created a different feel

  3. gotta say that this is working for me. not many children movies draw my attention but this one just looks so magical that it takes me back. looking forward to seeing it

  4. I think the music worked perfectly, if you listen to the lyrics they talk about how children growing up but still being a kid at heart. I think it really emphasizes the theme of imagination.

  5. Amazing, this trailer put a huge smile on my face.

    I’ve been waiting for this movie for some time now, wondering if they were ever going to finish it, hopping that I would get to see it some day.

    This book was one of my favorites growing up and I’m so glad to see the movie version will do it justice, at least going by the trailer.

    Can’t wait! >_<

  6. @Wise-man Named Bob:

    I can’t argue against those movies not being great blockbusters, but it doesn’t mean that some of them are bad movies. The Never Ending Story, Coraline and the Chronicles of Narnia are not failures. Just because the masses don’t flock to see those movies, it doesn’t mean they’re not worth making. On the same note, just because a movie makes a lot of money, doesn’t mean it’s a great movie, either. Independence Day comes to mind.
    Another thing to keep in mind is if this movie will tug on the “nostalgia” strings of enough people, it will be a success anyway. I don’t know any fan of the Twilight series of books, young or older, who liked the movie (no offense to people who did like it). However, it made something around $70 million. From the reaction that I’ve been seeing in the forums, people will go see this movie.

  7. I disagree witht he masses. I think this movie looks horrible. The whole “kid finds imaginary world” motif is a bit over done, and it never does well. Coraline, Chronicals of Narnia, Bridge to Teribeithia, Spiderwick Chronicals. None of these were blockbusters. Some did not even make their money back. This movie will not be any different.

    1. Oh another genius who thinks if you narrow down a genre into a one line synopsis means it will fail.

      And all those “people die from murderer” movies?
      And all those “two people from different social circles fall in love” movies?
      And all those “guy can’t get a date comedy” movies?
      And all those “big heist movies” movies?
      And all those “medieval fantasy epic” movies?

      Done to death. No hope there.

    2. Funny, most, if not all, of those movies you listed were pretty damn entertaining. So are you judging a good movie by how much it can make in the box office? Cause I have seen some really shitty movies make a lot of money, and some really great movies make very little.

  8. The only thing that scares me is the movement of the wild things. Since they are all body suit, I’m worried that they will move just like that; people in body suits. Other then that, looks unreal. I have high, high hopes for this movie.

    1. Yeah loved the music too. Apparently Karen O of the yeah yeah yeahs is doing the score so that should be pretty cool.

  9. Ahahaha. I just read that a screen was done for this movie last year, and the cut they screened made some kids cry. So they had to push back the release date to have Spike Jonze re-edit to brighten it up a bit for kids. This trailers is for the re-edit that makes it more kid friendly. Now that leaves me curious of what the original cut was like. Was the original cut along the lines of kid’s movies back in the 80’s which gave us such awesomeness as Goonies and Neverending Story, which then was re-cut for todays kids which gives us Spy Kids and High School Musical? Oh the curiosity abounds.

  10. holy shit that looks good. didn’t think they could make such a short book into a full length movie but damn, nice going spike.

  11. I have to disagree the music complimented the trailer wonderfully. I didn’t know what to expect though I have been excited for the movie for a long time and now that the trailer is out – YES! October feels 10x further away.

  12. big fan of arcade fire, so the music was just icing for me. really like how physical the monsters are – very glad they’re not just CGIing it.

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