Tom Cruise says Mission Impossible 4 is in the Works

Tom Cruise is well on his way to healing the reputation his crazy couch dancing lunacy earned him. And following suit with other celebrities bouncing back from obscurity, Tom suggests that he will be returning to a franchise that worked extremely well in the past. Mission Impossible.

ScreenRant shares:

Tom Cruise’s appearance on a popular Japanese television where he was asked about the Mission Impossible franchise. Cruise’s response was that he has started work on the fourth installment and they are planning the story for it.

He also mentioned that he was thinking about planning a big action sequence in Tokyo for the next film – What a coincidence because he was in Japan when he said it! I wonder if he made that up on the spot.

I have enjoyed the Mission Impossible movies, and they have a wealth of possibilities. Any superspy movie plot can be translated to a Mission Impossible storyline. They could scrounge through literally thousands of plots looking for a good one then just apply it to the franchise.

But as long as they have well thought out action sequences (no more motorcycle fights and instant romances) with some clever tech and disguises, it could be a fun film.

We will have to see if “planning a story for it” ever translates into a film.

42 thoughts on “Tom Cruise says Mission Impossible 4 is in the Works

  1. I like the 1st one and love the 3rd one. The 2nd one directed by John Woo blew big whale dick. It seemed he wanted to make it like a gay-ass James Bond movie with over-the-top campy action, with Cruise acting lone wolf in his missions. That’s not what Mission: Impossible’s about.

  2. I must be in the minority, I only liked MI: 2 out of the 3 of them.

    I wouldn’t really care about a 4th though I’d most likely end up seeing it on DVD. Third one was pretty “blah” to me. Can’t remember much about the 1st one, so I may have re-watch it.

  3. I agree about his ability to act he is too good in acting because he tries to live the moment when he act
    But talking about his personal life , people thinks he is crazy why?
    Because he love his wife, his chilled and he enjoys every moment in his life traveling playing every thing
    I think if people think he is crazy because of that
    than you who is the crazy

    1. When I was married everyone said they never saw a happier looking man. I was beaming with joy the whole day.

      Funny that I didn’t have to jump up and down on a couch or grab someone’s hands and invade their personal space the whole time acting like a loon. Cruise has proven more than once to be over the top uncomfortably inappropriate in public, and in public service messages about his beliefs.

      Google Cruise, Scientology, and “doesn’t want you to see” and you will get a good idea on just how crazy the guy is.

      But he is a wonderful actor. I love him on screen, just not a big fan of him OFF screen. Though he is bridging that gap.

  4. A fourth would be interesting, the others weren’t a big deal but they were watchable. Tom isn’t getting any younger so what if one day when he’s like 90 he looks back and says “damn, I should’ve done a 4th when I had the strengh in me, now Katie’s the one who has to wipe my own ass…”.

    Rod, I think AndyS took my position.

  5. Mission Impossible 1 – great action movie that caught me by suprise.

    Mission Impossible2 – incredibly shitty movie that had every John Woo movie cliche….and made me hate them from henceforth.

    Mission Impossible 3 – good return to form. They pretty much ignored everything in the second movie and just moved on. I respect that. Just hope that JJ Abrams has something to do with the 4th. If he does then I’m sold.

  6. While I’m not the biggest M:i film series fan, as long as Mr. Cruise makes even halfway decent pictures, he can jump up and down on any couch he wants.

    Here’s the bigger hurdle, one nobody has brought up yet: for M:i:IV (sorry, Rod. I don’t think it’ll look like M:i:IIII) is Cruise still on good terms with Paramount?

    The previous film’s ending suggested that he was “wrapping up” the Spygame, due to the trouble -and danger- it put his new wife in- unless, of course, the story revolves around the mysterious Maguffin called The Rabbit’s Foot. Maybe it should, maybe it shouldn’t. Who knows. All I know is…so much for wedded bliss.

    Also, are they going to keep with a different director for each film (hence, a different style)?

    Is Cruise only producing, and his acting role is merely a cameo?

    Is Ving Rhames coming back?

    and more questions!

  7. I agree with Rodney and Hazmat. Cruise is a fantastic actor and I honestly thought mission impossible 3 was great. Its 2 that I really didn’t like and had a problem with. Other than that, I have no problems with seeing a 4th if they follow the formula of the 1st one or the 3rd one. Can’t wait to see what they come up with for the 4th installment.

  8. Wow, some really strange opinions from a couple of the people on this board. You only have to see Born On The Forth Of July to see that he is a very good actor. People who say he is a bad actor probably haven’t actually bothered to watch his films… Shame. I loved MI:3 and can’t wait for the next one. As long as it is more like 1 and 3 and nothing like 2 i will be happy!

  9. I liked MI:2. It was exactly what I expected a John Woo directed MI movie would be. Dancing dual wielded gun toting shoot outs and doves flying around. Classic John Woo. Could have done without the weird motorcycle martial arts thing near the end, that was a bit off. Even liked the part where Cruise tells the girl he will find her then jumps out of the building, though it was better in Last of the Mohicans. I really liked the story line.

    That said, did not really care for the third one. I thought the pacing was just off in that movie, maybe I should watch it again though. Haven’t seen it since the theater, and on occasion my opinions change when I sit through a movie a second time.

    Will be interesting to see how a fourth one is done, as there was a different approach to the franchise taken with each of the other three.

    I think everybody stating that Tom Cruise is a bad actor is just a poor choice in words. You may not like him, you may not like his acting, but neither of those reasons is representative to him being a good actor. I am not fond of Maryl Streep or her acting, but plenty of people will argue that she is an amazing actor. I know enough to not say she is a horrible actor, I just don’t care for her.

    Anyway, hope Cruise is able to make something good of a new MI movie.

    (A couple other movies I liked of his that I did not see mentioned: Top Gun (he fit the part perfectly) and Minority Report.)

    1. Thats really good

      I love religion, its great. If there wasnt such a thing as religion then people wouldnt be afraid of anything and the rate of criminals/murderers would tripple

      But I personally do not believe in God and thats a personal choice. Ive found a logic answer to EVERYTHING with reason and science.

      But ive studied Egyptian and Muslim and Jewish religions and i love them..theyre great. Most of them are really misunderstood though. But I love reading about religion, its great and FOR ME religion is something to show me right and wrong, not something that i would worship, just something to guide me

      Fuck im getting too deep into this my bad…

    2. @andy

      only god has the right to judge who goes to hell not your granny peppa, and besides god loves everyone and everyone is equal in god’s eyes…even athiest.

    3. Hazmat…after reading and learning about science and you fail to believe in God…then you still have a lot of learning to go. Just ask yourself why does the universe exist and why does it has so many rules (for instance why is the speed of light equal 299,792,458 metres per second). Could it be that everything just randomly exist? If it is random, then why are there so many rules?

    4. MMH, that is the WORST argument for faith I have every heard. You made a better argument for atheists just for saying that.

      There are no rules that man did not apply.

  10. Personal life aside he is a good actor if you’ve seen his range of work. MI movies are a guilty pleasure of mine. They’re stupid, no doubt, but fun.

  11. Are people saying Tom Cruise cant act just to join the bandwagon?
    Hes a freaking great actor…I dont get why people have to be stupid about the Oprah show crap on the couch
    “Oh hes crazy…his religion…couch…i have no life…”

    The MI movies were all good (this is my opinion)

    I knew they were making a 4th one as soon as the 3rd one ended. Well they hint it…and everytime movies do that…it usually leads me to say “Theyre making another one”
    And in MI:3 they made it pretty clear

    1. I agree that the hate for Tom Cruise’s acting stems from his personal life. What he does off camera has nothing to do with his acting abilities. In my opinion, he’s a great actor.

      This franchise also has a lot of possibilities to explore, I’m not surprised that it’s still going.

    2. Um since you seem to believe Tom Cruise is a “freaking great actor” could you give me several examples? It is possible to think he is a bad actor regardless of his religion and mental instability.

    3. Cruise is a great actor. Nearly everything he has been in he has been great in. He has been in a lot of bad movies, but he wasn’t bad in them.

      Lots of movies he was good in aside from Mission Impossible? And all very diverse roles?

      Collateral, The Last Samurai, Vanilla Sky, Magnolia, Eyes Wide Shut, Jerry Maguire, Interview with the Vampire, A Few Good Men, Far and Away, Born on the Fourth of July, Rain Man, Cocktail, The Color of Money, Top Gun, Legend, Risky Business

      But I guess that isn’t enough, should I list more because those are just off the top of my head. I could find you more.

    4. DAMN!

      i was going to make a huge list just like rodneys but he beat me to it

      needless to say i 100% agree with rodneys list

      but i would have included tropic thunder

      I can agree if people say keanu reeves is a bad actor..because hes a still picture with no emotions…(which is why he played klatu and neo) but anyone can tell tom cruise is a good actor when you see him in a movie

      and who cares if hes scientologipharian (or whatever) im atheist..and theres nearly nothing psychologically wrong with me

    5. I beg to differ while a majority of those movies were good imo I’ve never found him to be a good actor. Hell I think his best acting was in Tropic Thunder.

    6. Well he was nominated for the oscars 3 times and hes won a shitload of awards (a LOT of sure hes won more then 20)

      There have only been a few people in history to do what hes done. Getting nominated for an oscar 3 times is a big deal…and 96% of all the movies hes done were with him as a leading actor

      Hes known worldwide and hes extremely successful…he cant NOT be a good actor..hes obviously a beast at what he does…i dont know how people can be silly enough to say hes a bad actor (i know i know…keanu reeves is also successful…but his roles were meant to be played by a guy with no emotions…like neo)

    7. I dont hate on Cruise for his on TV hijinx. I liked him in MI, Last Samurai (I think was his best film), Cocktail, Risky Business,and Interview with a Vampire. He is a good actor. However, the last hand full of films he did were un impressive. I want to see him act as diffrent characters not a Celeberity personality.

  12. 1 was the best out of the 3. 2 was pretty bad. 3 got back to a team-like atmosphere shown in 1, I think it got a lot of bad flak due to Cruise’s whole Scientology thing that was happening at the time. So a 4th one? Hmmmm…. I though his character retired. Plus I remember reading that they were going to have Brad Pitt taking over the helm as the new lead character if they ever made anymore.

  13. Oh man not another one! Man that franchise isn’t even like the old…I mean I don’t need a rehash of the old series, but show some inventiveness and act like a espionage movie instead of the same old action we’ve seen before. MI was creative so be creative Cruise!

  14. I agree, that the films after the first just seem to be terrible and is more about action then about espionge. If Cruise wants a new lease in Hollywood then he needs to bring himself down a few pegs and do smaller roles.

  15. This movie will suck just like the last one. Tom Cruise is not a good actor and this series has gone downhill since the 1st one.

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