Thor may have found his Loki – Josh Hartnett

So today we already got wind that Kenneth Branagh’s leading pick for Thor appears to be Alexander Skarsgard, and now we catch wind of who might be playing off against Thor as his brother Loki, The God of Mischief. Josh Hartnett!

Who does Brannagh want to bring this evil character to life? Try Josh Hartnett. IESB sources say Hartnett has met with Brannagh as well and he is currently on a very short list to play the villain in the film.

Word is Josh and his camp are really interested because he has never played a villain before and after Heath Ledger’s Oscar win for the latest comic book villain, Hartnett is intrigued by the character.

I really hope he isn’t gunning for the role just because he hopes that a villain role in a hero flick is his best shot at an Oscar. That might be stretching it. Ledger didn’t get the gig by playing a villain in a superhero movie. He got the Oscar for just doing his damned job right!

But honestly I have no issues with Hartnett taking on the role. I think Loki is a great character, and I really hope to hell they dont make him all green spandex and horns. The best thing they can do with Loki is just making him charming with an evil smile. The guy can wear a suit and tie for all its worth.

I think Hartnett has the chops to pull it off.