Thor may have found his Loki – Josh Hartnett

So today we already got wind that Kenneth Branagh’s leading pick for Thor appears to be Alexander Skarsgard, and now we catch wind of who might be playing off against Thor as his brother Loki, The God of Mischief. Josh Hartnett!

Who does Brannagh want to bring this evil character to life? Try Josh Hartnett. IESB sources say Hartnett has met with Brannagh as well and he is currently on a very short list to play the villain in the film.

Word is Josh and his camp are really interested because he has never played a villain before and after Heath Ledger’s Oscar win for the latest comic book villain, Hartnett is intrigued by the character.

I really hope he isn’t gunning for the role just because he hopes that a villain role in a hero flick is his best shot at an Oscar. That might be stretching it. Ledger didn’t get the gig by playing a villain in a superhero movie. He got the Oscar for just doing his damned job right!

But honestly I have no issues with Hartnett taking on the role. I think Loki is a great character, and I really hope to hell they dont make him all green spandex and horns. The best thing they can do with Loki is just making him charming with an evil smile. The guy can wear a suit and tie for all its worth.

I think Hartnett has the chops to pull it off.

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  1. The other characters in this movie such as “The Warriors Three” can easily be cast as follows: Fandral(Kenneth Branaugh),Volstagg(Brendan Gleeson),& Hoggun(Josh Brolin). A sub-story with the Warriors Three should definately be present and the main anatagonist or villain for them should be “Malekith” The Dark Elf.Baldur should be played by Vladimir Kulich(kind of an older Thor) who would be a legendary and valiant warrior but somewhat burnt out who can still kick serious ass if he has too. Loki should also brutally betray Malekith if they should happen to join forces in the movie.There are a few actors that can pull off Odin but I think that Anthony Hopkins would do the best job.Lets face it there will have to be plenty of CGI in this movie including “300”esque tweeking for most actors’ physiques & a reverse “LOTR”esque tweeking for height and stature.All Asgardians are a least 6 Feet tall or taller including the females.Thor stands a towering 6foot 6inches and somewhat taller and bigger than most Asgardians though.You can not have a 5″4′ 114 lbs woman to play opposite Thor(Skarsgard) as lady Sif unless her stature is tweaked otherwise it would look ridiculous!!!!Lady Sif is an Asgardian Warrior not a dwarf or halfling.I would prefer an unknown actress that looks similar to Kate Bekingsale but has closer to Sif’s stature to play the role.Adrian Brody is an Academy Award winning actor(Josh Hartnett isn’t)& Branaugh needs to lean towards him for the role of Loki.Adrian Brody has never played a serious villain to my knowledge & I’m sure his performance would be epic.Brody just looks eerily similar to Loki facially & physique wise.To watch Brody’s innocent look take the face of pure evil would be the right thing for this movie.

  2. The only villain that Josh Hatnett should be allowed to play is a rather unknown villain named “Malekith” The Dark Elf.Hartnett could bring that character to life also the fact that all elven species are generally handsome beings which Josh Hartnett has great features for that character not for Loki. Loki must have an innocent and friendly look from first glance with an sinister and evil heart under that innocent smile that slowly turns to an eerie & evil smile. Adrian Brody is the only actor that comes to mind who is a spitting im age of Loki and could pull of such sneakiness to fool even Odin to take him in

    1. Thor is “unknown” enough without having to drag even MORE obscure enemies out for him.

      You know they are going to go with Loki. Anyone who only knows a tiny bit about Thor knows he fights Loki.

    2. It is obvious that Loki will be the villian or at least should be obvious he will be the MAIN villain.Keep in mind though that there are other other villains(ej.The Enchantress) & other species in the nine worlds such as dwarves,elves,ogres,giants,& demons.There is no way they can not tell how mjolnir was constructed without talking about the dwarves,no way they introduce Loki without frost giants,no way they can talk about Ragnarok without demons,and to have “The Warriors Three” around just for camp & comedy relief only, would hurt this movie greatly.They should be kicking some ass too aside from being funny.

  3. Ohh crap… Ledger was a real super wicked kick-ass super-vilain in Batman and I thought so at the very beginning…

    ..but Hartnett as Loki is like Rainbow Brite as Terminator..

    think again..

  4. Hmmm…my first reaction is NO! Then I let myself think about it and I’m still not keen on the idea, but it could be worse! We could get wind that Paul Walker is up for the role, doh! I’m not a fan of Josh Harnett the only movie I thought he carried well was Lucky Number Slevin. I would rather see a stronger actor, perhaps lesser known, get the role.

    1. I also thought he did well in Luck Number Slevin. Whether I think he’ll do well as Loki…I’m undecided. Though, in regards to him never playing a villain, didn’t he play one in the horrible update of Othello (I think it was titled O) ?

  5. Ahem.

    Thor is my guy. Always was, as a teenager. ‘Back in the day’. LOL

    Loki cannot be done with an American accent.

    In fact NONE of the Thor characters that are from Asgard can be done by anyone using anything but a standard ‘Received Pronunciation’ British stage accent.

    Snob? Yup. You don’t have a Brit play Jesse James with anything but a contemporary American ‘western’ accent…you don’t have Yanks playing elves in LOTR…and you don’t have one playing what is maybe the ultimate scene-chewing role of Loki.

    Now; where’s my Mjolnir…?

    1. Damn straight, that’s like making a movie about nazi’s and not having them speak german—wait a minute….

    2. So TRUE! Because there has NEVER been an actor who can use an accent that isn’t his native tongue??

      Unfortunately none of the gods of asgard were available at the time of casting call so they will just have to do.

    3. Why British? That makes ZERO sense.

      They should all be speaking proto-Scandinavian, but barring that, the Asgardians should all sound Norse, seeing as they are the Norse gods and all.

      British accent? Really? Why? At what point would Odin have decreed that the people from that little island would be the Asgardian template for dialect and accent?

      I always believe they were speaking proto-Scandinavian, but through godly magic, were understood by whoever heard them… But they still had a Scandinavian accent (either that, or the listener’s native accent, in which case British makes no sense as a standard unless they’re in the U.K.)

      So explain to me why the NORSE pantheon should be speaking like a British presenter? They should sound more like the Swedish Chef than Ian McKellan.

  6. josh could never play loki..i mean, that’s like saying michael keaton would make a good batman, or hugh jackman can do a descent wolverine- the guy does plays for gods sake or this is a good one, someone told me heath ledger is going to be the joker??!!? yeah right, he could never pull that off—oh wait a mintue.

  7. Josh has always struck me as the actor who plays the guy who doesn’t talk much and doesn’t emote well on screen, his on screen personality boarders Cardboard like presence. We all know Loki is very charismatic. I know I will be panned for this, but I can almost see Jim Carey playing Loki.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Loki needs somebody with a strong personality. Hartnett couldn’t emote his way out of a paper bag. Carrey’s not bad, but how about Adrien Brody? I know his name got thrown around a lot in pre-Heath Joker conversations, but I think he could do Loki pretty well.

    2. yes!
      thats who i said.
      get ADRIEN BRODY. :)

      if daniel day lewis isnt available.

      srsly. loki has to be a heavy.

      i’d rather hartnett play someone like capt america.

  8. i have my reservations, but i had my reservations with ledger too. so i’m optimistic and watching intensely…but im not going to scream oscar nom just yet.

  9. What is all this fascination that people seem to have with all these comic books made into movies? Now one of the greatest actors/producer/writers, Kenneth Branaugh is doing yet another comic book adaptations, someone tell me that I will awaken from this “comic book nightmare”!!! Give me a break!!

    1. You mean the comic book nightmare where Hollywood is making successful and popular fantastic movies about great stories?

      I guess we should stop making movies about books then too. Damn them and their valid source of original ideas.

      But you know better? Perhaps we should elect you queen of hollywood so you can rule over which movies deserve screen time.

      Don’t like them? Vote with your dollar. Don’t go see them. Simple.

    2. Well, it is the rage. If it was a season where deep sea monsters/aliens were in again like the late 80’s, H’wood would crank them out by the dozen. There’s more than enough hero hits, even if they didn’t please everyone, they make the cash flow. The merch connected to these C2F is a no brainer.

      Not to mention if Branaugh actually makes this a good, entertaining film.

      I don’t know if some actors sign on C2F projects because they like the characters or they are just out to take a job. When you hear that the late Heath may inspire his peers to be a party to such pictures, it sweetens the pot.

      Did Anna Paquin say to her True Blood co-star, “I was Rouge; You are Thor!” ? I don’t know. But I wouldn’t rule it out.

    3. @Stacy
      West Texan Frankfurters!!!

      what do you mean “comic book nightmare”??? obviously you dont read comics, so stay off of it and keep your silly opinions to yourself.

      and its not fascination, its appreciation for great stories.

    4. Alfie this isnt an issue of me liking comic book movies. Its an issue of this person thinking their personal preference should be the measuring stick by which all genres should be measured against.

      I am not a big fan of horror, but I don’t insist they stop making them. I don’t like “reality” cock kicking movies like Jackass, or the latest trend of spoof movies and as much as I wish they would stop making them I don’t pray for “the nightmare” to end. They have the right to make any movie they see fit, and people go to the ones they like.

      Its not for anyone else to decide for you or me.

      The “fascination”?

      Maybe its all the truckloads of money they make, maybe its that people like to see them, and maybe, JUST maybe these are stories some director wants to tell.

  10. So all the mid to late 90’s actors are going to try to portray comic villans? What’s next, Freddy Prinze Jr. to play Electro in Spider-Man 4?

  11. WHAT!!!??? LOKI!!!?????????

    first the penguin, then the mandarins rumored for ironman 2, NOW THIS!?

    whats next? mysterio for spiderman 4??

    1. no, this is bullshit

      howcan you make a thor movie without imir and surtur? (maybe even ulik)

      maybe theyre doing this so they can do the act of vengance…which will be badass!! but i doubt thatll happen, its too good to happen

      i just think this guys lame…but if they make the act of revenge to set up the avengers movie then im down

  12. This reminds me of the time when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker. The only problem here is that Hartnett is not that great of an actor.

    1. I don’t find Josh Hartnett to be that great of an actor, his ok but hasn’t done anything to make me go “whoa thats some good acting” and as for Sin City he was in that film for like 5 mins, i do like him in The Faculty though.

    2. wow talk about some non thought of comments… heath ledger wasnt taken serious either when he was in his other craptastic flicks….sounds like u guys are just average people making average comments hahah

    3. Check out Hartnett in Mozart and the Whale. That movie is good (not excellent), but Josh Hartnett gives a standout performance. He’s also one of the only good things about the movie Pearl Harbor. I have a feeling that he’s just never had the right vehicle, propelling him into greatness.
      [BTW … I was initially unimpressed with Heath Ledger (i.e. The Patriot), but actors can grow in their craft … obviously. Josh Hartnett may surprise us.]

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