Scarlett Johansson is the Black Widow

Right on the heels of announcing Mickey Rourke will be the Russian villain Whiplash (who is now apparently Russian) and not Crimson Dynamo, we get an update about who is apparently cast as Black Widow after Emily Blunt left the role. Scarlett Johannson!

In the article that is mostly about Rourke, we get this tidbit from Latino Review

Now I’m told that Emily Blunt won’t be in the sequel and Black Widow will now be played by Scarlett Johannson. Interesting because Scarlett actually screen-tested for the role and didn’t get it.

I am unsure about Scarlett in the role of Widow. Maybe its because Blunt was just SO perfect for the visual representation of Widow.

Scarlett can be sexy with very little effort and looks great with red hair, but she just doesn’t fall into my imagination as widow.

Rumours also say that she is getting a really piddly paycheque for this and is tied to any sequels or Avengers films, but then as I have speculated before, she might only have one or two scenes to just to give her a presence to pre-introduce her to the Avengers.

At least this casting would be better than that Olga girl everyone keeps trying to name for ANY role with a girl in it.

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  1. wells here it goes AGAIN.i know i’m to be criticized for adding my comments on olga.but guys honestly een u rodney said that presence itslef and a great look is half the talent needed for a role.i personally believe olgas just under radar when it comes to a movie thats actually going to be a blockbuster.shes accepting many roles as the sexy seductress made to seduce the main actors character.but olg kurylenko(future wife)is great when it comes to presence,black widow a spy was known to have a sex appeal when it came to giving commands an holding a gun.Quantum of solace more than showed olga can portray a female vixen or spy.and black widow was russian with a heavy accent.olga ukrainian with a heavy accent,and scarlett has the regular everday chick voice.I must admit i was slightly hoping somehow olga would win the role with all the mention of her name on many sites about black widow.Also i am one of the many who name olga for any role thats fit for a female,mainly because I’m a huge fan(one with a schoolboy crush)and i’m just seeing olga slip into a cliche catagory of sexy female seductress.she like the hot chick we see in horror films that die in scene 2.i’m an upcoming director(hope to be as great as the great rodney someday,and by god if i do i will personally make my top priority to make a true fitting role for olga.*and yes im the fan who stalks celibrities~lol~…..but seriously.

    1. That’s just it. Olga doesn’t have that presence and she’s not all that attractive. She’s very plain.

      I know she has a following and some people really dig her, and that’s your own tastes. That’s fine. But she just isn’t anything like Widow.

      I am hoping Scarlett surprises us and nails this, but I don’t really see it yet despite being a big fan of hers.

  2. I don’t like the idea of Scarlett as BW. I don’t think she can pull of the role. She doesn’t have the look, either. I mean, she’s sexy, no denying it, but can she pull off a good Russian accent?! And she doesn’t nearly have the tough, sexy female look that I think of when I think Black Widow.

  3. Perhaps you’re right. Our world of cinema is dying slowly, now I only watch movies that were released before 1995, that way I won’t feel the pain much longer…

    1. i agree w/ you on bringin back Weaver and Hamilton, but it would fuckin suck if try to make a movie just to make a “comeback” and it end up being shit like those you mentioned and i dont mind films that are made these days, but you know each to their own

  4. Yes I do realize that but who cares, they’re still groovy man, c’mon, if Rambo, John MClane and Rocky came back old as hell then they can come back too.

    1. You just can’t get a clue, can you? I, unlike you, am completely indifferent. I already told you: I don’t even LIKE “ScarJo”, so lay off it! My point earlier had absolutely nothing to do with Johansson’s quality as an actress, but about principles.

      Figures, because as I saw the post title I thought, “SOMEBODY’S not going to be happy.” Just don’t lay it all on me.

  5. scarlett johanson will not look sexy at all…shell in fact look ugly since shell be on the same movie as gwyneth paltrow….


  6. aaghh

    i really want the acts of revenge to be in the avengers…

    so red skull can be introduced in the capt. america movie…magneeto can just sorta walk in…dr doom misteriously survived F4:2 have apocalipse and the kingpin come in and loki who will unfortunately be in the thor movie can also join

    the mandarin is also in it but…lets just have the mandarin NOT ever be on screen and replace him with the crimson dynamo

  7. i love dropping commas and using semi-colons when they are inappropriate.

    SOOOOO hot. I think that she can pull it off. I just hope she doesn’t loose all the curves when she gets in shape for this.

    1. starts as a villian and then jumps over, unless they follow the ultimate line, then shes bad…oh-so-very bad.

    1. I feel the same way about Scarjo, take comfort in knowing she will have limited scenes and her ass and boobs only need to look great in the outfit for her to succeed. I think she can at least handle that part.

  8. Oh man, this is a mistake. She’s not the right body type for the role and she’s not a very good actress to boot. Overrated talent and appeal.

    You know who would’ve been perfect? Olga Kurylenko.

  9. Bleah, not a big fan of her acting. I’ve seen her in tow movies and she really doesn’t impress me.

    Black Widow should be hotter too. Ow well maybe she will surprise me.

    I like Darren’s choice of Milla Jovovich, who at least Physically fits the profile of widow, but her acting chops are questionable. Though she’s never had a role that challenged her…but her screen presence isn’t bad.

    1. lol first of all u cant spell 2 and the other thing is milla jovovich isnt buff or superior athletic….have u sparred with her or took her stats? she is a model that has a weight all of 100 lbs….and plus she has been in only one genre of movies… u are saying scarlet sucked in translation? idk to me this is just a comment saying that some hot ass actress cant play a hot ass comic book hero? wtf seriously put some thought in your comment….ps not every one can be ripley or sarah conner!

    2. Mill happens to be more athletic looking than SJH and happens to have more personality. And yeah she didn’t suck in Translation but was not great either…again she didn’t impress. Bill made that movie for me. I’m not asking for Sarah or ripley just someone who can carry the part. SJH has as much presence as a Jessica Alba and that isn’t saying much.

      And Black widow is never traditional hot? She wears a tight leotard with big boobs and depending on the artist wears boots or high heels…yeah not the traditional comic “Hot”.

      By the way Bigsampson if I can’t spell you can’t write…you might try a English Class.

    3. “an” english class.

      sjh is so hot it doesn’t matter who she plays. she could just sit there on screen for an hour and a half, i’d pay.

    4. @Iknewthiswouldhappen

      “an” Thanks! I should proofread. :)

      I do wish SJH elicited that reaction from me as well, then I would be excited by the casting.

    5. it’s true though. so far, everything that she has been in , except that one movie where she plays the crazy obsessed chick (don’t remember the name–just remember the hotness), she’s pretty much the same character, just different mood. oh and the SAT movie(also don’t remember the name –again, just the hotness). She just needs the right opportunity…like a eight legged freaks 2. ;)

  10. In a way, I’m not surprised…her hubby plays Deadpool in an upcoming film, she had a film with her hubby’s new co star and that fella who played this Bats guy…

    lots of goading, lots of peer pressure…


    BTW, I was never sold on Olga, so Rodney, please don’t say “everyone”. Not “everyone” wanted/wished for the Hitman/QOS gal.

    My personal choices were tied up between Milla Jovovich and Jamie Murray.

  11. That’s the thing with actors and actresses. Those who you may not imagine in these types of roles, and they may or may not impress you with them. It is for that very reason that I stay neutral until I see them in these films. I hope we will all not make the same mistake we did with people like Heath Ledger in Joker.

    1. what mistake is that? lol maybe u where one of the few that didnt think he could do it…personally i think acting insane is easy/////shit i do it every day on purpose to scare or annoy douchebags. hahaha

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