New Trailer for UP! Online

A new Trailer for Disney/Pixar’s Up! is online. This trailer shows us a little more of the exciting adventures that the boy scout and the old man will be facing.

I kinda liked the idea that the majority of the movie would just be the interactions of the old man Carl and Russell the Wilderness Explorer. I was keen to find out how they were going to fill the time just dealing with those two, but now it looks like the movie will be littered with an assortment of antagonists and I don’t know if that will add or take away from the movie. The dog looks like some silly laughs, but he hasn’t won me over just yet.

Pixar has never let me down yet, so I will wait and see.


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11 thoughts on “New Trailer for UP! Online

  1. Really love the trailer! Laughed at the dog…great character!! This looks good as I wasn’t so excited by the first or 2nd trailer. But this looks really good!

    Pixar are the kings of animation! Other than Cars, which was disappointing, Pixar has never disappointed!

  2. The main problem with kids movies is to many pointless antagonist. The short chef in Ratatouile ruined the movie for me.

  3. Oh god! The “there’s a squirrel…” made me so laugh!

    This is the first UP trailer I find very interesting.

    And as Rodney says : “Pixar has never let me down yet…” except for Cars who really sucks. :-)

    1. Funny, I always thought the whole premise of Cars was just plain stupid. Never bothered to see it… then, after going to Disneyland over the new year and seeing that they are going to be opening up an entire land in California Adventures dedicated to it, I figured I should check it out. To my complete surprise… I loved it. The tractor tipping was hilarious, the flash back to the past was amazingly done, and the scenery was so well built. Particularly the scene where the main car and the chick car are racing around and end up in the waterfall area, beautiful. I am very surprised with myself that I liked it as much as I did, but then again I also think the Toy Story movies were Pixar’s worse. Not bad by any means, I just liked all the others more. It is all personal taste, though.

  4. This movie doesn’t interest me. Just seems like another meh Pixar release.
    It will take a lot of them to make another movie ill want to see like Wall-E.

  5. I always look forward to anything Pixar comes out with… This film in particular has already excited me… And, as Rodney pointed out, the trailer gives us a glimpse into the other characters in the film… However, I think that the interaction between the old man and boy is enough to make me smile :) I can’t wait to see this!

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