New Terminator Salvation Trailer Online

The new Terminator Salvation Trailer is online and I have to say I like how this one is laid out MUCH better than the first one.

Fans of the series are already aware that this will be the true rise of the machines. The first trailer showed off the look of the technology in a post apocalyptic world. Lots of splodey stuff, but not much on a storyline outside of what we already expected.

But this shows that the movie will deal with the machine’s strategy and how the human resistance turns it against them. One element of the films after the first was always that glimmer of simulated humanity in the Terminator. Now that the story has come full circle we get a high tech battle for the survival of the human race and a story about a human who finds out he was nothing but a tool of the machines and isn’t human at all.

This Trailer made me want to see this more than the first one.


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26 thoughts on “New Terminator Salvation Trailer Online

  1. The part when Conner undoes the chain holding Marcus’ head up so he can see himself gave me chills. I wish it wosnt in the trailer though because now it blows the movie a little for me. I hate how trailers are more and more spoilerific, but thats what I get for being nosey!

  2. Legendary, awsome, cool, badass, fucked sidways and rocked are all good descriptions, can I be as bold as to add Epic to the list? Considering the NIN and the clips worked so well together. I got chills when the terminator is “I am human” then he has a look at himself and screams noooo.

    Personally I like watching the terminator movies followed by the matrix movies all over 2 or 3 weekends. For me, they kind of work together somehow.

  3. He is a music video Director which means telling a short story and give it special effects to enhance the emotion or sexuality or what ever. So yea his films look grate and as much as I love this trailer there have been many films that sucked with trailers that were just down right bad ass. But with Christian Bale the most over and under rated actor in hollywood and the fact that it seems to have a good story from the best trailer I have ever seen since Dark Knight this will be bad ass I will have to fly thousands of miles to see this with my best friend back home.

  4. I tried to like Charlie’s angels, I really did and I liked parts of both movies, mostly the TNA. But fir me it was an exercise in MCG showing he could make a film look good with current technology, I never felt like I was watching anything but. he threw in all the matrixy stuff and it ruined it for me. I loved the matrix and the matrixy stuff because the story line supported the effects but in Charlie’s angels it was all for look what I can do.

    1. Thats how you sell a film put nine inch nails in your trailer examples- 300, Fight Club, Seven, Wanted, and I am missing a big one but some one else will add to this.

  5. I always had faith in him. I’m one of the few that has been saying to give him a chance ever since the beginning. He’s directed some episodes of Supernatural, which is MUCH closer in tone to the Terminator movies then Charlie’s Angels. And I always say that just because a director has done movies like that in the past, doesn’t mean he’s going to turn this one into a similar-toned/styled movie.

    1. same here i can understand why some dont like him, but i for one actually enjoyed the caharlie’s angels(first not the second)

    2. I understand what you are saying with the give him a chance thing, it’s just for me till this point for me he hasn’t done anything to warrant redemption but this looks bad ass and if pulled off I will definitely see him in another light

  6. This trailer give me chills, it put to rest all my worries about McG directing, if he pulls this off I will no longer think of him as the guy that directed the crappy ass Charlie’s Angels movie. If the movie is as bad ass as this trailer My faith in the terminator series has been restored. Another thing isn’t it kind of late in the game to be talking about the Arnie face replacement stuff. I mean the release is 2 1/2 months away. No offense but Arnie had gotten dry and stale in his older age and I don’t truthfully see what he could possibly add to this movie, anything done this late in the game would mess with the continuity of the movie those scenes would just feel like an afterthought to me…

  7. i agree with your last comment, also the “Terminator” in the water, the hunter killer and the crawling terminator makes me also want to see.

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