New Action Packed Star Trek TV Spot Online

A new TV Spot for J.J. Abrams reboot/sequel of Star Trek hit the net today that focuses more on the action in the movie. Check it out:

I like that they focus on the action, as there always was some action to Trek movies, but the only part about this I didn’t like was the bold “Forget everything you know” part.

Yes, we are aware that this “sequel” will effectively reboot the series rewriting history and starting off the story in a new direction. This is a sore spot for die hard Trek fans that deep down know this needed to happen but are still bitter that it is.

Trek has been off the radar long enough, and the fans who will be getting on board again already know its a reboot. It just feels like a twisting of the knife that they have to announce in a TV Trailer that this is not going to be the same Trek.

I would have thought all the visuals that are clearly not Trek, yet still are very Trek would be suggestive enough, but this is also a market that requires you to have a warning on coffee cups that the steaming liquid inside could possibly be hot.


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