Linda Hamilton Confirmed for Terminator Salvation

Rumours of Linda Hamilton making an appearance in Terminator Salvation are now confirmed. She will offer a narration, but not actually appear in the film.

/Film says:

In February, Linda Hamilton revealed that she was in active negotiations to reprise her role as Sarah Connor for a voice over in McG’s Terminator Salvation. CHUD now has confirmation that she not only agreed to do the read, but the voice over is already cut into the beginning of the film.

I think this is fitting to have Hamilton doing the voiceover narration to the film. She was always making recordings and keeping a journal to help guide her son, so it is fitting that in a world long after Sarah Connor is on the Earth, we would see some sort of continued impact on John Connor’s life.

I was hoping for some flashbacks, but I can live with this. It is a suitable tribute.

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11 thoughts on “Linda Hamilton Confirmed for Terminator Salvation

  1. I think you got it wrong Rodney. In the movies Sarah Connor’s role was never to prepare John for the upcoming future and his destiny, she just wanted to stop Judgement day and Skynet as the rest of them and save John. In The Sarah Connor Chronicles her role is dfferent, here she prepares and guides john, but this was never in the movies.

    1. The plotline of the second movie picks up with Sarah Connor in an insane asylum, but we find out she has been spending YEARS preparing to fight the future, and she is preparing John in case she fails to stop the future.

      In the first movie the whole point was simply to save her so that John can be born. No intention of stopping the future ever came up.

      And even in the off canon tv show, she is trying to stop the future from happening while preparing and protecting John

  2. In other news, McG is changing the spelling of his name to Mick Gee… because he doesn’t want to minimize the audience for this film by only appealing to the crowd that watches science fiction.

  3. I’m getting very excited for this movie. Early skepticism is fading away. Things are really starting to sound great. Can’t wait!

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