Final X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer Online?

The final X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer is online, and they must be confident with what they have already shown us, because this puppy looks to be made up of 90% clips we have already seen:

EDIT: There might be a new Trailer tomorrow. Some sites are reporting this as the Final Trailer, while others are calling it a teaser for the longer final trailer out tomorrow. We will wait and see.

I am eager to see this. One thing I have always loved about the X-Men franchise was how they dropped easter eggs and tiny cameos of characters from the Marvel Universe that most comic book fanboys would catch up. We all were giddy in the first movie to find out who was in it, but every time someone used a power or said a name you would scrub your memory for the name. Remy LeBeau was among a number of other names on a computer screen in X-Men 1 and now here he is in Wolverine.

For instance in the trailer we are clearly going to be introduced to a young Cyclops, and it should be interesting to see how that is playing out with them being unfamiliar with each other in the first movie. Or were they? And the girl who changes to diamond and deflects the bullets. That looks like a power White Queen has, as well as Paige Guthrie (Husk) who could shed her skin to reveal a different form underneath changing her density. Paige’s name was also on Stryker’s computer screen in X2.

Did you notice anyone else secondary in the trailers?


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30 thoughts on “Final X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer Online?

  1. The trailer looks cool. I’m just worried about how everything is going to be playing out. He works with Weapon X for a while gathering mutants, and then gets the adamantium, loses his memory, and we’re back to X1? I just hope this isn’t another X3, with like 40 mutants who’ve barely had an introduction becoming plot pieces. I hope all those little cameos is just a scene where they’re walking through the specimen tests. And wouldn’t you think Cyclops would remember Wolverine saving his life? This is all becoming a fusion of the Ultiamte X-Men & Wolverine’s Origin. And seriously: I don’t care if y nerd meter maxes out, but if I don’t see Deadpool wear his mask at some point, then Fox goes tot he top of my list if they try to make a movie about him. WE CAN’T SEE HIS FACE! THAT’S HIS [email protected]*%ING ORIGIN!

  2. I think this looks cool. I would like to see it in theaters but I probably won’t, it depends largely on the reviews.

    Also at the end where Sabertooth(?) said “shinny”, man that put me through firefly withdraws. Yeah it is only the word used in a different context but the way it was said. But that is irrelevant.

  3. I think this is gunna be kinda like an X-Men prequels sence the main character is Wolvereen but there’s also gunna be a multitude of other Mutants. Like the X-Men movies.

  4. looks like the best xmen flick action wise…but idk something about this doesnt feel right, its cool to see gambit, the whole thing seems messy

  5. I see alot of good stuff about this movie that makes me wanna see it opening night. But there is alot i seen on this film that looks terrible making me want to wait till DVD.

  6. The deformed Deadpool (according to the toys) shows up at 1:50, as does the Blob (2:08), Wraith, Silver Fox, and Gambit.

    Still trying to figure out who the old man is who “choice was taken” (Stick?), and who the scarred mutant with eyebeams is at 2:06, (not cyclops).

    Looking good so far.

    1. I think that the guy with eyebeams was the toy “Deadpool” which somone said is actually Weapon XI

      This is a quote from the post about the Deadppool toy that was posted
      “Deadpool was transformed by William Stryker to be the ultimate mutant. He is a monster with a single purpose, to serve Stryker’s will. He is an indestructible weapon with (no vulnerability and his first target is) Wolverine.”

      To top this all off, Deadpool will have Lazar eyes…I’m not kidding. Deadpool is becoming the ultimate mutant, by gaining other mutant powers.
      Lazar eyes will be come from kiddie Cyclops.

      If you pause the trailer it is the same mutant. Whether or not it is deadpool will be left to be seen.

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