Charisma Carpenter is Expendable!

The Expendables is shaping up to be the royal rumble of kickass action flicks staring some of the most impressive action stars of the last two decades. But aside from some grueling violence and massive biceps, we will be treated to a little bit of eyecandy in the form of Charisma Carpenter.

TV Guide offers:

Mickey Rourke, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and … Buffy’s Cordelia?! Get the scoop on Charisma Carpenter’s latest role (and her hunky on-screen boyfriend!).

I met Charisma a couple years ago, and no matter how staggeringly beautiful she is on screen it just doesn’t compare to seeing her in person. She is infectiously charming and instantly likable.

So in Expendables, she will be playing the girlfriend of badass Jason Statham. At least now we know that this action flick will not be short of its token hotties and vague love interests.

Statham gets all the babes.

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11 thoughts on “Charisma Carpenter is Expendable!

  1. I have been waiting for so long to see CC on the big screen..and now not only is that coming true but she’ll be joined by the greatest action heroes ever..I think it was well worth the wait. :)

  2. Here via a Google Alert.

    This is such fantastic news. I’ve been waiting to see CC on the big screen since her first episode of Buffy. I can’t wait for this movie!

  3. Yep, Charisma is still one of my all time favorite hot tv babes, and she is still smokin today. I am sure in person she would be quite magnificent, the kind of girl guys just get silly around as she is just that hot.

  4. I hope all of this talent is put to good use. I remember the movie Executive Decision that was billed as a Steven Seagal pic. Sure, Steven was in it, but as I recall Steven “bit it” 15 minutes into the film trying to sneak aboard a plane in mid-flight. It might be a challenge to spread the action around in a way that keeps the story moving forward. This movie may star a lot of 80s/90s action stars, but that doesn’t mean we have to return to or expect a cheesy 80s/90s storyline. I want my steak AND potatoes, recession or not, dangit!

  5. YES!!! Charisma Carpenter is so god damn HOT! Or atleas she was in Buffy and Angel. I have not seen her since.

  6. OMG!!! This is sooooo awesome, I LOVE her! Can’t wait to see her on-screen with the likes of Stallone, Statham and Arnie…

  7. Probably the hottest chick ever to grace any of Joss Whedon’s shows outside of Dushku. Damn Statham that lucky bastard. Betcha he’s gonna have an oops! moment when the cocksock “accidentaly” falls off during the obligatory action movie sex scene. Damn him.

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