Alexander Skarsgård is Thor?

The man most voted Sweden’s sexiest has been rumoured to be taking on the role of Marvel’s Norse God Thor. Alexander Skarsgård was seen doing lunch with Branagh, and now rumours are flying.

/Film shares:

Thor director Kenneth Branagh was spotted having lunch with Skarsgård and a couple unrecognizable gentleman. Could this confirm that the True Blood star is in line for the role?

He certainly has the look of the character. I haven’t been watching True Blood which seems to be his most recent North American role. He has had a long acting and modeling career, and studied theater in New York, so with any luck we might have a winner here.

His name has come up a few times around here when talking about possibles for the role, and granted this rumour is based entirely on the guy having lunch with the director, which could mean precisely what they are speculating, or it could mean that they just were hungry.

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