Alexander Skarsgård is Thor?

The man most voted Sweden’s sexiest has been rumoured to be taking on the role of Marvel’s Norse God Thor. Alexander Skarsgård was seen doing lunch with Branagh, and now rumours are flying.

/Film shares:

Thor director Kenneth Branagh was spotted having lunch with Skarsgård and a couple unrecognizable gentleman. Could this confirm that the True Blood star is in line for the role?

He certainly has the look of the character. I haven’t been watching True Blood which seems to be his most recent North American role. He has had a long acting and modeling career, and studied theater in New York, so with any luck we might have a winner here.

His name has come up a few times around here when talking about possibles for the role, and granted this rumour is based entirely on the guy having lunch with the director, which could mean precisely what they are speculating, or it could mean that they just were hungry.

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28 thoughts on “Alexander Skarsgård is Thor?

  1. I didn’t say that the norse mythology only exists in sweden but it still is our mythology, as is it denmarks and norways.

    It would be wierd if iceland and the faroe islands had another mythology since the icelandics came from norway and the faroe islands belong to denmark.

    In old swedish paintings thor is blond.

    It’s a comic based on norse mythology, If it was norse mythology it would be hard filming it.

    Marvels thor is the norse mythology thor, just their version of him.

    You can cast however the f*ck you want, It was a suggestion.
    I hardly think it will be the case.

  2. You have to use a swedish actor to play Thor, its our mythology!

    and get Alexander Skarsgårds brother Gustav to play Loki and his father Stellan to play Odin, they are from the north and they are family, just like Odin, Thor and Loki!

    1. Thor is not Swedish, he is “North Germanic” which includes Icelandic, Faroese, Norn, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Elfdalian Cultures.

      Also according to “your” mythology he has a flowing red beard. This is MARVEL COMICS – not Norse mythology.

      The Marvel comics Character came from their version of Asgard, is a beefy blond haired God of Thunder. Not your Germanic Norse God.

      And since when do you have to cast family to make them family in a movie?

    1. Scott Speedman is under 6ft, is not muscular at all, and looks nothing like Thor.

      Seriously, if you are going to suggest someone, at least have someone who looks like he MIGHT work out or at very least look even somewhat Norse.

  3. I dont think that you really have to bulk up that much to look big on screen, really you put on 10lbs of muscle and then get lean and ripped like they did in 300 Sparta and you would be really surprised what he looks like on camera.

    I have never seen Generation Kill or Trueblood, but the dude looks tailor made for the Thor part. Really hard to argue with this choice, at least that is my thought.

    1. that skinny guy rodney!!??


      okay maybe if he bulks up but not THAT kid

      although he was my favorite character from generation kill…he was the only marine who WASNT a fucking retard…but hes a little skinny!

    2. Well considering he is 6’4″ I don’t think he looks “skinny” at all in any of the pictures I have seen of him.

      And if he does get the role, a few months of working out could add a LOT of meat to the boy.

    3. there was a scene in generation kill where he takes his shirt off and puts his arms out and runs around like hes flying and hes SKINNY…but that show was like a year ago maybe the guy got bigger i dont know…

      but that doesnt really matter, you said it yourself, if he gets the role im sure hell work out and get bigger

      steroids do a lot
      not a joke or sarcasm…im sure actors take steroids all the time for movies (im 100% against it but i think its true)
      i mean stallone is obviously on steroids…
      maybe theyll ask this guy to get on steroids…or maybe they dont maybe thats just stallones trainer…or maybe it was the crew from rambo that told stallone that

  4. eh. Nothing about the guy screamed Thor when I saw him on True Blood. There was nothing really intimidating about the guy. Karl Urban would still be my first choice.

  5. I still think the main viking dude from “The 13th Warrior”, who was actually Beowulf in the movie, would make a great older Thor.
    Vladimir Kulich. Google him.

  6. He’s not too bad. He isn’t a huge name in NA where it could be a distraction; he’s something of a name on a int’l level. But right now I would be funked out if Odin was played by his character actor father Stellan.

  7. He has a wonderful screen presence and I’d love to see him as Thor. I watch True Blood and Alexander plays Eric, who is hands down my favorite character/vampire.

  8. This is strange. My client recently gave me the Sookie Stackhouse novels (True Blood). I have been reading them, but my client loves this guy. He plays one of the head vampires. I think he could work well as Thor. He needs to buff up a bit, but I don’t mind that. Hell I’d pay to be the water boy. LOL!

  9. Bout time we had some Thor news. I was in the camp that wanted to see Kevin Mckidd play Thor but this guy was my 2nd choice and he certainly looks the part just needs to beef up for the role, if he gets it that is.

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