Wachowski Brothers NOT being Considered for Superman

There was a rumour going around last week that the Wachowski Brothers were being approached by WB to handle the Reboot of the Superman franchise. I didn’t run it, but not because I didn’t believe it, I just didn’t WANT to believe it. Well a great sigh of relief hit me when I discovered today its not happening. It was just rumour, and the Wachowskis have not even been considered.

FirstShowing says:

Remember that rumor we ran the other day about the Wachowski Brothers directing a Superman trilogy for Warner Brothers? It was both completely ridiculous and incredibly exciting at the same time, right? Well, sadly, it has been debunked. According to SlashFilm, it was all just a big hoax to begin with. “The Wachowski Brothers have definitely never had any talks with DC or Warner Bros to helm a Superman film. This is confirmed.

Wachowskis are very hit and miss with me, and a lot more miss than hit.

I loved the Matrix, and it seems for the most part they have been coasting on that rep for far too long. Granted I don’t hate them, but I just didn’t think they were a fit for Superman.

I liked Speed Racer a lot more than I really should have. Wachowskis are all about over stylizing things. In some franchises this works great. The Matrix style was awesome, and Speed Racer was the closest thing to a cartoon that live action should take and it paid off. But over stylizing is going to appeal to a very limited crowd. Much like Speed Racer or the Matrix sequels, people either loved them to death or hated them.

Superman is a classic American tale of Truth, Justice and the American way. I don’t want to see this over stylized, and I worried that the action we crave from a Superman film would turn into an over the top 45 minute combat sequence that carries on so long you stop caring who wins.

Maybe they would have blown my socks off. I am just not one of those people who think the Wachowskis can do no wrong (But I am looking forward to Ninja Assassin).

So if not the Wachowskis who would you think could take Superman to the same level of popularity as Batman has become in the last while??

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