The People Vs George Lucas Documentary Trailer Online

With films like Fanboys being fueled entirely by the shared enthusiasm for the Star Wars franchise, the real life fanboys are now rallying around fanboys. It is a beautiful union even if it is a divided one.

So when International Friend Phil3000 tipped me off to this documentary I was more than excited. I love how both sides are presented here and an honest look at the Star Wars fandom is on its way.

The most impacting line I got from this trailer is this: The hatred that people claim they have for the new films proves how profoundly they love them.

But I also had to laugh at the animated bit of Lucas saying, “Star Wars is my story just like my house is my house. So if I want to paint my house even if EVERYONE else thinks it should be red, guess what? I’m gonna paint it Jar Jar.”

I really look forward to seeing this doc… and Fanboys.

For more information you can check out the official site for the documentary at

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21 thoughts on “The People Vs George Lucas Documentary Trailer Online

  1. I’ve lost my interest in Star Wars, but as much as people hate me for it, I loved the prequels, even episode 1 (I know, I know, “The @*^$ is wrong with him!?”. I think people just like to start stuff. It’s just like with the church and Harry Potter.

  2. rodney

    so your saying a movie called “the people vs george lucas” ISN’T in one part about certain fanboys who think something WENT WRONG about the new movies??

    with lines like:
    how can he not feel bad that people who love you and worship you like a god turn against you

    AND:has he fulfilled his destiny or destroyed his legacy

    but you know i “obviously missed the point”, so what do i know

    1. The title is presented like this is a court case.

      And in a court case there are people who will represent BOTH sides to present their case. Some people in the trailer support the fandom while others dont.

      Its an honest look at both sides. So yes… you missed the point. So you don’t know.

  3. CGI only works for backdrops and action sequences. Other than that – go back to the puppets! The technology has greatly improved since the first trilogy. Imagine what they could do with the right combination of CGI and puppet animatronics. Then get out of the CLONE WARS era. Very boring – and no one cares. Still love Stars Wars – always will.

  4. alfie – can you imagine how meaningless the trilogy is to kids who have seen the prequels first? hahaha. that is just sad to think about. As for the argument above with the love them/ hate them stuff, i do get the point that some people may be jumping on the hatred bandwagon, but i do not entirely see the point that people saying that the last three films suck, means you actually in some way liked them. I am not one however to harp on it. I didn’t like them very much, so that’s that. I can’t see watching them again b/c to me they have no replayability. Unlike “the only’s”. I could watch one of those three every day! But this is not to blame on George, he was gonna make those films sooner, he didn’t have the time. He’s said this in many interviews.
    And since technology had advanced to where film making became ‘easier’, and computers had entered film making to ultimately forever change the industry, things are different when it comes to fantasy type movies. Graphics replaced puppets, and for one i think that real looking creatures became fake, unrealistic cartoons instead of something you could picture running into in a weird part of an unknown planet. Say, how Yoda changed from the first films to the last (made).
    Yoda appeared very real to me in Empire, but then was just a 3D boring and uninteresting cartoon in the prequel films.
    Also, many many films of today feel fake and i gloss over today b/c their characters being computer generated mean nothing, the viewer does not care about them if they do not seem real. It’s a plague, it’s not Lucas. How many muppet tv shows and various puppets in various movies did we all gravitate to as kids b/c they looked real? This doesn’t exist anymore, it’s a shame.

  5. It would be incredible to see the rights to star wars auctioned off to someone or some great film production company so that one day another truly great and revolutionary film director could breath new life into the awesome universe of star wars.

    1. Auctioned off? You would like to have your properties just tossed to the wind on the off chance someone MIGHT do something with it?

      Maybe it does get auctioned off and someone shifts the focus to make everything about Jar Jar??

      Its better off in Lucas hands for better or worse. You can’t please everyone. But it can be worse.

  6. .

    i am not denying loving star wars. i will always love star wars. but when i talks star wars there are only three films for me.

    “the only’s” as i like to call them

    but the way that guy phrases the sentence makes it sound as if he thinks people say they love they hate the prequels but actually love them and that annoys me.

    plus my kids are not going to get to watch the prequels. not on my watch anyway. if they see the prequels first then one of the greatest moments in cinema history is completely ruined.

    If you watch them in numerical order for the first time vaders revelation to luke at the end of empire is ruined.

  7. “The hatred that people claim they have for the new films proves how profoundly they love them.”

    “The statement simply says that if they didn’t already love it so much, it wouldnt matter to them that there are parts they don’t like. Only those you love have the ability to cut so deeply.”

    People love the Star Wars universe that was created with the original trilogy. The letdown and disappointment is derived from this love, not a love of the most recent trilogy.

    If a friend does something unexpected that hurts me its because of the relationship we had before that I am harmed. I’m letdown, my expectations are not met. Its not that I love their recent behavior.

    Nor is it the case that the new movies were mostly good with a few flaws that fans are obsessing over. If it only one could reasonably be so optimistic. Sadly this is not the case.

  8. miss the meaning?? yeah i mean its so deep and profound no wonder i got confused. give me a break.

    he says the hatred people claim they have for the NEW films (the key word here is “NEW”) proves how profoundly they love them.

    1. And hatred only stems from hurt. Something that means nothing to you can’t hurt you.

      If you hate a film, you tend to say it and let it go. Move on.

      So why are SO many Star Wars fans still clinging on just to say they hate it??

  9. “the hatred people claim to have for the new films proves how much they profoundly love them??”

    what a load of apologist nonsense.

    so i guess that means it must work on the reverse side right?

    that must mean that the love some people claim to have them proves that they profoundly hate them??

    “the hatred people claim to have for the new films proves how much they profoundly love them” is one of the worst lines i have ever heard. is that how you win an argument? by just telling someone that what they think only proves they think the opposite??

    please can someone explain to me how someone saying they hate something is proof that they not only actually love it but profoundly love it.

    1. Nice hyperbole Alfie.

      When you over analyze something so carelessly it is no wonder you miss the meaning.

      The statement simply says that if they didn’t already love it so much, it wouldnt matter to them that there are parts they don’t like.

      Only those you love have the ability to cut so deeply.

  10. I know plenty of people who like the new movies, even people who like Jar Jar Binks. Like the lady says, his films are supposed to appeal to the inner child. Sadly, it seems like a lot of other people refuse to listen to their inner child anymore.

    I don’t remember any eight year-olds walking out of TPM and complaining about George Lucas raping their childhoods. Probably because they’re having their childhoods right now and that movie became a fond part of it. In fact, if anything, it’s the fanboys raping their childhoods.

  11. wow…people need to chill the %$#@ out, it’s just movies and other properties

    as a life long Star Wars fan, it’s sad (and funny) that the prequel hatred has manifested into a film about “what went wrong”. it’s his movies,you dont have to watch em anymore, if you hate it SO much, just stop watching star wars. it sucks for GL cause star wars has really been a blessing and a curse

    still am going to watch this film though.

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