Neil Patrick Harris is The Flash?

Now that DC is back on track with the plan to release their major titles as feature films, the off and on Flash movie is taking a rapid step forward.

Casting rumours are wild, and the leading talk includes Neil Patrick Harris!

ScreenRant spills:

Now comes possible “insider” news that Neil Patrick Harris and possibly Scott Porter (according to are being looked at to play the Scarlet Speedster. Scott played the young Rex Racer in Speed Racer and has a recurring role on Friday Night Lights.

I worry that this would be a bit of a stunt casting feeding off the insane popularity of NPH right now.

I would LOVE to see him own the role and bring some sassy sarcasm and wit to the role, but I think in the end they will lead to a casting like Scott Porter. He may not be a draw by name, but he will allow them to focus more on the character of the Flash instead of having a Neil Patrick Harris movie.

I love me some NPH. Don’t get me wrong, but when a celebrity has a personality far bigger than the role they are taking on, it consumes the role. I think back to VanDamme in that horrible Streetfighter movie. They cast him as a second rate character in the franchise and suddenly it wasn’t Streetfighter. It was a VanDamme movie.

I think NPH is awesome, but this runs the risk of becoming an NPH movie with the Flash instead of The Flash, staring NPH.

I could be wrong.

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