Neil Patrick Harris is The Flash?

Now that DC is back on track with the plan to release their major titles as feature films, the off and on Flash movie is taking a rapid step forward.

Casting rumours are wild, and the leading talk includes Neil Patrick Harris!

ScreenRant spills:

Now comes possible “insider” news that Neil Patrick Harris and possibly Scott Porter (according to are being looked at to play the Scarlet Speedster. Scott played the young Rex Racer in Speed Racer and has a recurring role on Friday Night Lights.

I worry that this would be a bit of a stunt casting feeding off the insane popularity of NPH right now.

I would LOVE to see him own the role and bring some sassy sarcasm and wit to the role, but I think in the end they will lead to a casting like Scott Porter. He may not be a draw by name, but he will allow them to focus more on the character of the Flash instead of having a Neil Patrick Harris movie.

I love me some NPH. Don’t get me wrong, but when a celebrity has a personality far bigger than the role they are taking on, it consumes the role. I think back to VanDamme in that horrible Streetfighter movie. They cast him as a second rate character in the franchise and suddenly it wasn’t Streetfighter. It was a VanDamme movie.

I think NPH is awesome, but this runs the risk of becoming an NPH movie with the Flash instead of The Flash, staring NPH.

I could be wrong.

35 thoughts on “Neil Patrick Harris is The Flash?

  1. Neil as The Flash would be the greatest thing in the world! If it’s true I’ll see the movie a dozen times.

    Anyone who thinks he’s weak or doesn’t have the right build has clearly never seen his almost naked pictures. Or his spandax dancing on SNL.

  2. I had no idea he was gay…dosen’t matter he could carry a strong script but if they try to make it campy, and knowing DC they probaly will, it won’t work IMO.

    1. ya i found out he was gay a few years back…and ya im kinda a homophobe ( stupid i know but w/e my own issue lol) and i have to say NPH seems like a cool guy….deffinatly makes me tell my self that my brain thinks wrong at moments….way to go NPH for uniting people!

  3. I honestly dont know what to think about this, I dont know whether I should be for it or against it! I am gonna have to think this over and in turn say this. He sure would bring a lot of quirky fun to the character.

  4. now…since weve been hearing green lantern and flash news…does this mean that DCs doing thing properly now and learned to do things a la MARVEL?

    are they going to release individual movies with actors willing to be in the JLA movie BEFORE they make a JLA movie without introducing said characters?

    IF so,
    what about batman and superman, who are the main men in the JL, because bale and routh im sure wont be in JLA.i would like this:

    -neil patrick harris plays the flash in his movie

    -will smith (for example) plays the green lantern in that movie

    – aquaman gets a movie (lets use brad pitt for the fuck of it)

    if they have those 3 actors in the JLA movie playing their characters, i think that the crowd will forgive them if they get a new batman/superman. because at least will smith, neil patrick harris and brad pitt are playing their roles…so its kind of in the ball park

    thats something DC could do and theyre capable of doing that, theres nothing stopping them from doing that, making 3 movies and having those actors play in JLA…and getting a new supes and batman

    and dont tell me aquaman or wonderwoman cant have their own movie because..THEY CAN
    they have TONS of story and MULTIPLE villains…if it ends up sucking it would be because the writers fucked it up

    1. ya sounds good to me…if smith can kinda act like ALI and a cop mixed in one he would be the 2nd best pick for GL other then denzel…..i like denzel and i hate will smiths act he always does “oh hell know”
      but he can fit GL awesomely if he doesnt do that crap…that isnt GL at all.

      haha like the brad pitt nod to…i mean if he can bang out troy he can bang out aqua…ps aqua man sux balls lol

    2. yeah rodneys right…i was using brad pitt and will as a quick example to prove my main point

      brad would never stick around for JLA and will smith wouldnt either…thats just my dream cast talking

      now that were on that subject though…i am disappointed he isnt black. i just liked the black one better…he looked tougher. (no stereotyping…he just DOES)

  5. Since this is an “insider” rumor I’ll be an “insider” and say that Johnny Depp is going to be The Riddler in the next Batman movie :-P

  6. OMG
    i dont care about the actors…this is what i want

    2 villains (zoom and inertia) lead by one big leader villain…doctor polaris!
    how fucking sweet would that be!!

    zoom and inertia vs flash would be SO AWESOME. and then at the and have him fight polaris….omg im drooling…

    1. ya sure…dont really know who the hell they are other then what i seen on justice league….to be honest flash sux ass but he has the dam cool factor and NPH is the coolest guy around imo.

      personally i think DC sux balls and has to learn its place in the movie world ……no crapy movies about super prisons or “hey look i have real issues…my lady is a whore and i have a son i never new about”.

  7. I totally dig NPH as Flash. In the animated movie he played the Barry Allen Flash. I prefer him to be Wally West though as Wally is the one who jokes around a lot. The Flash in the JLU series (voiced by Rosenbaum) is Wally West but the one in the Justice League New Frontier, which NPH voiced for is Barry..

    If hes cast as Barry, I think he can do it really well as he was so amazing in the animated movie. Seriously, I never knew it was NPH until a friend told me. If he’s cast as Wally, it’ll be a nod to his comedy skills so either one will be fine.

    NPH as the Flash, be it Barry or Wally would be totally cool IMO.

  8. NPH would be a great Flash (assuming it is not the humorless Silver Age Flash) but part of me hopes Scott Porter gets it just because I want to see him (and pretty much anyone else from Friday Night Lights) succeed. FNL was a great show with talented actors and since it was filmed entirely in Texas away from the Hollywood culture I fear that the actors I’ve grown attached to will fade into oblivion when they really deserve more.

  9. I think you are over estimating the popularity of NPH to the point that it won’t be a Flash movie but rather a NPH movie. Didn’t seem to hurt Iron Man to have a massive star in it and the same with The Dark Knight. It’s just that NPH hasn’t been offered any roles lately that don’t focus on some level on his knack for making fun of himself. But then again I don’t think The Flash will have the ability to offer a deep dramatic character. This, if it gets made, will mostly be in the vain of Iron Man, candy colored and trying to be witty. What else can you do with this character?
    I think most comic book geeks will have a problem with him being gay more than anything else.

    But I think a Flash movie is a bad idea, the same with Green Lantern and I seriously doubt that they will be made.

    1. But to be fair, Downey isn’t a character personality. He is a celebrity who plays lots of different stuff.

      NPH plays himself too often in cameos and such. He is a character personality celebrity.

      And I love him.

    2. just b/c you have a gay actor doesnt mean the character in the movie will be gay, straight actors portray gay characters all the time sean penn in milk is a good example.

    3. just b/c the actor is gay doesn’t mean the character in the movie will be gay, if a straight actor can portray a gay character (sean penn in milk for example) doesnt mean that a gay actor cant portray a superhero

  10. what about Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, NPH totally became Dr. Horrible, and the short was still amazing, it wasn’t about NPH at all. And if his personality was such a big problem, then why do they continue to cast him on broadway? the boy knows how to act, and he can shut off NPH when he needs to.

  11. He may have voiced the role in the movie i dont recall, but i thought it was cool that Michael Rosenbaum (lex from smallville) voiced the Flash on the JLA tv series. pretty witty.

  12. NPH is a good actor. Just because his recent parts have called for him to sort of just be NPH doesn’t mean he can’t let a role take over if need be. I saw him on stage in the musical Assassins, and I certainly didn’t spend the entire time thinking about who the actor was.

  13. Mmmm…. i never ever gave him a thought…. and im surprisingly ok with the thought…. of course ryan reynolds was the dream casting IMO…. but definitely worth considering

  14. If i’m not mistaken I think NPH voiced Flash in a Justice League cartoon movie released last year. It made me love NPH more. But I have to agree that casting him in a live action Flash movie would be a bit off. I’d always be associating him with comedy.

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