Jeff Bridges Young and Old in Tron 2

In the Teaser Clip we saw for Tron 2 was an impressive updated lightcycle chase that ended with the victor revealing himself to have the face of a young Jeff Bridges.. Flynn from the original film having not aged a day.

Latino Review says:

But how did they do it? And how will they have a young and old Flynn in the same scene? This isn’t really new technology and I have no idea why I’m posting it, but Tron news has been slow lately, so I’ll take what I can get, even if it’s this mundane.

i09’s tipster explains: A source reveals to io9 that Jeff Bridges has been sent up to Canada to be digitized. A plaster cast has been created of Bridges.

“They will then take the 3D model and make him younger and then slap it on a body double in post.

So Flynn will have a younger self acting as an agent in the system? This makes sense since in the original the programs in the computer looked like their programers (created in his image) so it would make sense that if Flynn is in the game, his avatar in the game would look like him. But maybe that program is designed to make other programs like a virus and those too would look like him.

It’s not the first time someone was digitally youngified. They did a heck of a job on Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan in X-Men3. But interesting to hear how they did it.

I can’t wait to see more about this.

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