Devastator Concept Art Hits the Net!

Earlier today I posted a concept art image of The Fallen, and now from another source we get what could be the final look of DEVASTATOR!!

If the real thing looks half as good as this art, I will pee myself in the theater.

Transformers Movie Chronicles says:

From the text that surrounds the image we can see what makes up the constituent parts of this beast, and it’s face is incredibly beast-like:

Right Leg: Dump Truck
Left Arm: Crane
Left Leg: Bulldozer
Torso: Excavator (this is the Terex Rh400 we’ve seen in the trailer)

There’s also a ‘Mixer’ in there somewhere and another vehicle forming the rear, with possibly another vehicle on the sheet that has been obscured by the character.

Note the RH400 on Devastator’s shoulder?

So awesome.

Just to be safe, I will be wearing Depends at the premier!

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