WB puts all DC Projects on Hold

We have speculated on it, but it seems now its all official.

WB is taking a step back from any plans to adapt their franchises to the big screen in order to re-organize. Everything you knew is now forgotten, and new plans are being made.

ScreenRant says:

When probed about Supermax and Justice League, Goyer had this to say.

“A lot of the DC movies at Warner Brothers are all on hold while they figure out, they’re going to come up with some new plan, methodology, things like that so everything has just been pressed pause at the moment.”

Including the two movies mentioned, Superman and Green Lantern would also be on hold. With an across the board freeze, Warner Bros. may be looking to create a cohesive DC Universe.

Way back when they were thinking up that ludicrous Justice League idea (younger versions of the characters separate from their existing franchises), we said they should do individual films and THEN do a Justice League film. You know, like Marvel was planning with its Avengers franchise. Then as if by magic, Justice League gets indefinitely shelved.

Then there was Supermax, which was intended to be a Green Arrow movie – which we also commented was a dumb idea. Not a bad premise for an action film (hero gets locked up in jail with the guys he put there – tries to escape) but had little or nothing to do with Green Arrow. And wouldn’t involve much of his iconic Arrows. Then as if by magic, Supermax gets indefinately shelved.

Now everything is being put on pause while they re-organize.

Instead of pointing fingers about how they might have been incorrect, I applaud them for their efforts to admit they were headed in the wrong direction, get their bearing and head off for brighter horizons.

I look forward to the journey.

24 thoughts on “WB puts all DC Projects on Hold

  1. Well I hope this is WB/DC’s way of regrouping and creating a cohesive universe as said in the article, it is working for Marvel and hopefully they can follow that formula and make a series of connected movies, maybe culminating in a JL movie. I know WB has been putting off a lot of DC projects for a long time, probably because they all would have sucked. So let’s hope some quality comes out of this production freeze.

  2. Anyone have a link to the Supermax script? As a massive Green Arrow fan, I’ve been quite worried about a film adap, especially if they do just lock up Ollie and take away his bow!

    More related to the article, I support this move, but hope this doesn’t mean a unified delay for the entire DCU. Hopefully it’s just a ‘pause’, as they say, adn we’ll get some fresh announcements within a few months.

  3. @Alfie

    IESB.net has the whole interview up, and they were the ones conducting it. They too have the article listed as ALL DC properites are on hold.

    Doesn’t mean they are canning them all, just on hold while they consider plans for existing properties and how they might impact other properties (if at all)

    Hope that helps.

  4. can someone tell me how the following quote from goyer

    “A lot of the DC movies at Warner Brothers are all on hold while they figure out, they’re going to come up with some new plan, methodology, things like that so everything has just been pressed pause at the moment.”

    become a headline that reads WB put all DC projects on hold??

    read the first part of goyers answer again ” a lot of dc movies…”

    plus goyer is just a writer director…this is hardly the head of warners putting out an official press release. one film maker has said a lot of projects are on hold and all of a sudden every DC project has been stopped. ridiculous.

  5. @Brandon “I was really looking forward to “Supermax” sounded like an original idea if done right”

    Actually, a kind of fun movie that follows the same premise is Tango and Cash. Stallone and Kurt Russell are rival “top cops” and organized crime sets them both up in a murder rap and they get sent to jail. They have to escape and clear their names.

    Its more of a action comedy, so you can’t take it too seriously. But its fun.

  6. While Batman 3 isn’t in the pipeline yet, I would think that would be a slight exception- but only if Nolan were involved to some extent. I am also not worried about Batman.

    No lost sleep over Supey Reboot. I actually didn’t want to see a reboot.

    But if this means ‘all DC projects”—does that include Jonah Hex as well? That would be a shame.

    I’m also speculating on these things:

    *Could this have anything to do with the current problems regarding Watchmen? Does WB have to make sure every T is crossed?

    *The Vertigo graphic novel adaps go well; but when it comes to DC heroes, other the big two…everything else spins wheels.

    *I still have to wait for an Enemy Ace film. Sad.

  7. I was really looking forward to “Supermax” sounded like an original idea if done right…bummer…Would love to see a decent Green Lantren movie…I hore this reorginazation dosen’t take long but it’sprobaly a good movein the long run.

  8. I agree with Mcg and fries, why do they always have to come up with contrived action movie plots instead of using all the quality storylines that have been tried and tested over the years?

  9. @Rodney
    My main gripe is that the WB has been repeatedly changing their minds about the future of the DC franchise outside of Batman for two years. I’m in no rush to see these movies, but I also don’t see the point of being reminded that they can’t make up their minds yet. But I guess that’s just part of working for a big studio.

    I liked the news about Mark Millar’s take on Superman, but even that one seems to be on hold again.


    I couldn’t agree more – how can they not come up with decent ideas for movies when they have endless comics and stories to lift from? It baffles me completely.

    Kudos to WB for doing this, things dont need to be TDK-ified to make them better. Just be respectful to what the fans like. Think about why they like them and the movie should practically make itself.

    Why do I love these movies so much?

  11. The success of TDK pointed to this move. They don’t want mediocre crap going out with their name on it. Its a pragmatic move, but hopefully theyu will abandon the “everything has to be ‘dark’ like TDK.

  12. i get Mr Chris’ point
    and i agree 100%
    marvel has the avengers ironman 2 captain america and thor all lined up and ready to go. and thats a guarantee too.
    not to mention the 2 x men spinoffs (deadpool, magneeto) and the next 3 spiderman movies….

    even dark horse….theyre makign hellboy 3 and sin city 2

    but DC has been putting shit on hold for years….do you know how many times watchmen has been put on hold??
    how many times have they done that with JLA? and wasnt FLASH supposed to happen??
    im still waiting for that aquaman movie…although im not holding my breath

  13. @Grave, The next Batman hasn’t even started yet. so there is nothing to put on hold.

    Once they decide if Nolan is involved and get a contract then they can worry about the rest. Right now they are putting everything that was currently being developed and putting it on hold.

  14. @BigSamspon. As you so eloquently put it DC has missed the mark a couple times and every project they were working on was looking like a bad idea.

    This is why they are regrouping.

  15. @Slushie, the project was described as Green Arrow getting thrown in the same supermax prison designed to hold many of the super criminals that he brought to justice. The movie would revolve around his incarceration and his efforts to escape.

    I am pretty sure in prison they take away your weapons.

    Sorry if we don’t all have access to copies of the script.

  16. i hope….all the shit that they come out with are failures…..oh gratz on batman,,,,,nut everything else was shit….gratz on liking superman….but that movie was shit. i mean wtf why would u add supermans kid….and ya spacey was good in the movie but for the love of god stop putting luthor in the movie…he is not a formidable foe for the fucking man of steel…make him fly around really fast n shoot lazers out his eyes…punching baddies 10 blocks away….not hey look a airplane isnt flying ..better save it…hey look a island of shit that hurts me…..and supermax …wtf if your such a badass with a bow n arrow why the fuck would u be in prison….seriously whoever the guys are who write this shit should be fired….i will never forgive them for some of the crap that comic book fans have had to take….i mean comic books are set up so that making a fucking movie about them should be cake…all the conceptions are there in art for heavens sake…..i personnaly think marvel finally got it right yet im sure there bound to fuck up…lets be honest…most of are hopes for cool movies about shit we liked as a kid will turn up like crap…with few exceptions.

  17. How many announcements has it been in the last two years?

    “The project’s canceled.” “The project’s still alive.” “It’s in talks.” “It’s definitely on hold.” “We have a lead.” “We may or may not have a lead.” “Everyone has dropped out of the project.” “One actor still thinks the project’s alive.” “We’re getting a new scriptwriter.” “We’re switching directors.” “We want to try a darker approach.” “Let’s just scrap everything.”

  18. “had little or nothing to do with Green Arrow. And wouldn’t involve much of his iconic Arrows.”

    You obviously know nothing about the project then. I’ve read the script and there was plenty of his iconic arrows and centered around GA about as much as Dark Knight centered around Batman.

  19. So does this mean the next Batman film is also on hold? Granted there is little to nothing but would this freeze means that even if Nolan had the idea and writing a draft that the studio would tell him to hold off?

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