Stallone At 62

I’m suddenly depressed. I’ll never look this good in my life… and Stallone is 62. Look at him. Behold him. Worship him. Dude is getting in prime shape for his upcoming film “The Expendables”. Fuck. That’s all I have to say. Fuck. Excuse me… I’m off to eat some damn salad and then go to the gym. Thanks to Joel for the pic.


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48 thoughts on “Stallone At 62

  1. The Curious Case of No Belly Button

    He was caught in Australia with a heap of HGH when he came over for the premiere Rocky Balboa.

  2. its funny people on this post keep stating that steroids shrink ur package but they dont realize its only temporary not permanent

  3. you have to remember that Sly takes a lot of HGH (human growth hormone) to stay in shape and look young.

    Yes I’m jealous too. Even at 28 I can’t get myself to look that good.

  4. idk.
    62 yr old grampas flexing their steroid pex is all kindsa eww.
    -this is yer brain on steroids.

    and lol @ ahhnoolds 80 yr old body workin the spandex.
    ok im off to barf.

  5. when i say that arnold will kill stallone im considering arnold has a fucking shotgun btw…arnold doesnt do streetfighting..he goes to fucking kill

    hes more badass
    and arnold is ALSO trained in hand to hand combat so even if they do fight arnold will wipe the floor with him

    its a shame we neevr saw a movie were they fought face to face

    hey thats a good idea..stallone vs schwarzenegger, themovie!

    1. A final movie would be the only way to answer this I guess. They only tease each other with name teasing in their films.

      But for now, all we have are those two still pictures, heh.

  6. I’m 29 and workout, but this guy puts me to shame, 62 yrs old. He’s on steroids, which is old news. Still, even with steroids you need to hit the gym hard and I give him credit for the dedication.

    I’ll keep him in mind the next time I’m pumpin da iron! This one is for you Stone Stallone!!

  7. Stallone is a trained fighter Arnold isn’t. Stallone would whoop that ass. Plus Arnold is hella out of shape these days from sitting on his ass all day long.

  8. @nick

    this does NOT mean he can beat arnold!
    arnold will PWN stallone!!
    it might come close but…arnolds arnold

  9. Hey guys, give yourselves a break. He makes his money by having that body. If you had to earn a living off your body you would make different choices. The good thing is that you can get there if you want, but you have to decide what you will give up to get there.

    1. I know the one on his right shoulder is. its of his wife and a tiger and such. Not sure about the other side. I think the tats were a bad move. that will be a lot of work for the makeup dept for Rocky 7 and Rambo 5.

  10. Damn, he’s 30 again.

    The last Batman movie should be with him as Bruce and Tim Burton directing it. They should also put the joker in it and digitally superimpose Heath’s face onto a stunt double just like they did in The Crow so the joker doesn’t loose his essence. Now that would be the ultimate Batman movie.

    1. And testicles…and john isnt in danger of breaking out and developping pimples all over his back and face

      and also john wont be lashing out phisically and killing his mother thanks to steroids

      “johny can you pass me the prune juice?”
      “FUCK YOU!! wwaaaaarrgh!!!!”
      rips fire extinguisher from wall


  11. Yeah. HGH. Steroids. Except…

    …except neither get you into this shape. You STILL have to do the work. Many don’t want to ‘look like that’, but he surely shows us what’s possible if we get off our collective asses.

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