Mickey Rourke Offered $250k For Iron Man 2

A couple of weeks ago we heard the word that Marvel had approached Mickey Rourke about playing a villain in the upcoming Iron Man 2. We all, collectively, LOVED the idea especially after seeing him return in The Wrestler.

The word on the street right now is that Marvel has offered Rourke $250k to play the part. Remember… that’s an amount of money it would take most of us 5-7 years to make kind of coin. And Rourke will probably have to work, at most, about 15-20 days for it.

Also keep in mind that 18 months ago Rourke was basically an outcast from Hollywood.

Now here’s the thing. Rourke has not come out and started bitching about the amount he’s been offered (to the best of my knowledge) and I hope it stays that way. I hope Rourke continues to show some humility and remembers what the last 10 years have been like and just appreciated the opportunity to be back in the spotlight again. I’ve been cheering for Mickey to make a comeback the last few years and I would hate it if he suddenly developed some sort of sense of entitlement again. That would turn me off.

Some people are talking about how Marvel is being cheap. Me, I kind of appreciate a new studio trying to make the money that flies at actors a little less insane and be a little more financially responsible in theese crazy economic times where people are losing their jobs and homes.

But like I said… keep it in perspective before we jump on the “the studio is being cheap” bandwagon. They offered Mickey Rourke, in my estimation, $12,500 A DAY to get to star in one of the most anticipated movies coming in the next couple of years. You won’t see me shedding any tears for him… and thankfully so far, I don’t see Rourke shedding any either.

Stay real Mickey!

62 thoughts on “Mickey Rourke Offered $250k For Iron Man 2

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  2. nah mickey’s pr lady said he wont be in it….my theory is that he has been reading this blog and seen that he has real fans that think his features make him a good talent in certain areas in hollywood. All praise that is themovieblog….it appeals to the in crowd cause they like what we say =)…ok maybe thats not true but it helps me sleep well at night =P

  3. I just watched Chris Jericho try to intimidate Mickey on Larry Kingn and throw some major fighting words because Mickey said Chris better get in shape for when he comes to WWE.

    Looks like Chris seemed a little insecure about Mickey’s brief taunt and decided to try and back his manhood up.


  4. ya i here ya john and ill say u swayed my thought on this subject…maybe im just a sucker for rourke in a good role and think he should get paid more….i think the reason the wrestler didnt make as much money as it should have cause torrents (im just as guily as the rest ) but your right about him taking this role…..he will win a huge audience if its good. which means more roles in the future….i just hope he can doa good rusky impersionation =) ask ivan drago 4lessons lol
    ” I WILL BREAK YOU” lol

  5. It’s difficult to defend him since I don’t know the script or how much of a role he has. If he is a main villain and has a huge important part, I think 250k is just too little.

    Studios spend millions of dollars on things like catering, perks for stars, and all sorta silly things. I don’t think giving the main villain a respectable pay check is asking too much.

  6. Now I’m not going to lie, I would wipe people’s asses for a living just to rub my tender hands across a bag filled with $250,000. But I’m not Mickey Rourke, who just came on off the success with The Wrestler, who wants to enter the Iron Man franchise that made $581,931,630, becoming the 5Th highest grossing movie of 2008, but I have no real problem with this deal right now because I have no idea how big the role is, but I do have a problem with Marvel risking so much with the film by to cutting costs. This is why Howard was replaced and don’t forget the possibility of Sam Jackson being replaced also. Even the director himself, John Favreau was being considered to be replaced because Marvel felt they could get another director for much less.

    Marvel are doing this due to the economy right now, but I call bullshit with that excuse for Iron Man. We all know Iron Man 2, if done right, will make a HUGE profit, just like the first installment. You got to spend money to make money and it looks as if Marvel is not willing to spend the money.

    Like I said, I have no problem with Rouke’s pay, just with Marvel doing too much cut backs.

    1. Hey Wolf,

      Howard got bumped because Favreau didn’t like working with him.

      They budgeted $250k for the part and offered it to Rourke. Rourke can take it or leave it. It’s going to do well with or without him. Period.

      Just because he’s getting awards (well deserved) doesn’t mean he’ll help the movie box office wise. No one saw The Wrestler.

  7. Rourke should do this for free or 250k. The exposure he’ll get is worth more to his career than any paycheck he’s going to get for the film. Before Ironman, I don’t think Robert Downey Jr was considered any type of box office draw.

    1. I’m beginning to wonder if anybody on this site has ever negotiated their salary. Does everyone here make min. wage or what? Exposure for what? This isn’t some 20 year old fresh out of college that’s trying to look for an internship for experience.LOL

    2. I’m was just saying that doing the film will be better for him than not doing it. The wrestler is a great film but he’s not going to get paid based on that films Box Office.

  8. i personally think he is a draw…they didint offer him this role till after he got his name big again….sin city the wrestler alone IMO put him in the $1 mill range….sure he can walk but i think that would be a huge mistake…..but i hear your side john, but tell me this, if he does get a oscar for best actor do u think rourke should accept the money or ask for more?

    1. Hey Big Sampson,

      No one saw The Wrestler. I think after getting some Oscar buzz putting himself in Iron Man 2 is a BRILLAINT move to get him exposure to a much bigger and wider audience. If he succeeds at that, THEN he can start asking for the bigger bucks.

      Personally, I think he’s be a fool for turning this down.

      In Sin City they didn’t even put him on the poster. No one saw the Wrestler… now he has a chance to be in a huge blockbuster and really increase his value. He totally should do this… even just for $250k

  9. Hey John, say Mickey turns down the role because he wanted more money and the studio tells him to fuck off, can you think of another quality actor who will be more than willing to take the 250 to play the role? I can’t think of anybody that would knowing that the movie is going to make bank at the box office. And humility? Are you fucking serious? Is Hollywood! Fuck that shit. I mean a couple of mil is more than reasonable and Marvel can damn sure afford to pay him that.

    1. Hey Frank,

      You said:

      “can you think of another quality actor who will be more than willing to take the 250 to play the role?”

      Dude, there are HUNDREDS of excellent actors in Hollywood that simply haven’t got a break yet. Famous doesn’t mean quality, and quality doesn’t require famous.

      This movie doesn’t need Rourke, and Marvel knows that. If you can add him for the right price, then awesome… if not, no worries. This film is going to make $200 million with or without Rourke.

      If all Marvel wants to spend on that role is $250k, and Rourke doesn’t want to do it for that much, then cool. He can walk and Marvel can put someone else in the role looking for their break.

    1. Anybody who is trying to make a living in this world should be trying to get the highest reasonable salary they can get based on market value and their talent. 250k is a lowball offer. I’m not saying Rourke should be asking for 20 mil but 1-2 million is a reasonable amount.

      Someone mentioned Sean Astin making 250k for LOTR. What has he done since then? 50 First Dates? Yeah, that really launched his career. I hope he fired his agent after taking that deal.

      I can’t wait to see IM2 starring Ryan Phillippe & Robert Pattinson!!!

      Geez, you guys would make horrible negotiators. Now I can see why this site got screwed over on that deal.

      Still love this site though :)

  10. Wow, with John’s logic, it’s perfectly fine to pay 12 year old kids 12 cents a day to make Nike shoes. It’s going to make $200 million dollars anyways. Why give these kids more money?

    1. Wow Jake,

      So according to your logic… paying someone $12,500 a day is the same as paying a kid 12 cents a day.

      So I guess to you there’s no difference between paying someone a fair LIVABLE wage… and paying someone enough to buy 3 porche’s instead of 4.

      I can’t believe you just compared paying someone over $12k a day with paying a kid 12 cents a day. Wow.

    2. Remind me again who is the one buying the shoes? Why do you think there no such thing as Made in the USA anymore?

      And at least those kids aren’t playing the Xbox360 all day, either! Those sweat shop kids are growing up right, with a work ethic and values. (Tongue-in-cheek)

      Finally, even though Iron Man 2 may GROSS 200M, it doesn’t mean it will NET hundreds of millions either.

  11. They should give him more. This is bullshit! Seriously, this is ludicrous. 250 K is a lot of money, but c’mon, give the guy a little incentive to do his job. They can afford to give him at least a million. Either way, Mickey Rourke is back in the discussion, and that’s what counts.

  12. I don’t get why anyone would think he is making a comeback. Which movie in his past where he delivered a performance as great as his character in The Wrestler?

    He has been doing movies lately. Was his roles in Sin City, Man on Fire and Once Upon a Time in Mexico totally forgotten? To say that an offered role in Iron Man 2 is something he deserves to make his comeback official is hilarious.

  13. wow funny that u say show some humility…the guys isnt some bum actor…he has had some good parts the last few years and he still has one of the hottest sex scenes ever…..not to slam u but it seems kinda hack n easy for u too say show some humility when this guy has a good chance of getting a oscar……be honest no job in hollywood in that perdicament should get paid so cheap….$1 mill or no dice atleast…..wow funny that u say that when a certain other jobs around the shoot will get paid as much and there just lackeys….this movie is gauranteed to make like $200 mill

    1. Hey Big Sampson,

      You say the movie is guaranteed to make $200 million. I agree… so the question is… if the movie is guaranteed to make $200 million, why should the studio give Rourke any more money?

      It’s going to make $200 million with or without Rourke. So why not just put some guy in there that’ll do it for $50k?

      Rourke is not a draw. I love him… he SHOULD be a draw. But he’s not. So why give him more money?

  14. This movie will make at least $200 million. He should fire his agent if he took that offer. He should be asking, at the least, $1mil. Yes, 250k is more than we make but that’s apples and oranges. You have to compare what the market is willing to pay. Yes, of course we’d take that offer in a millisecond but would you if your peers were making 4 times as much?

  15. Sean Astin got 250K for the entire LOTR trilogy which when all said and done was an 18 month commitment. So by that measure the same amount for a few weeks of work is a great offer. On the other hand LOTR was a big risk for the studio and not a guaranteed hit, so all the actors got relatively low salaries with most of the budget going towards the production itself, while Iron Man 2 is going to make a mint no matter what and the other actors will be making salaries in the millions. Rourke is an Oscar-nominated actor now and he should get paid as much as the other supporting actors in the movie. Forget that this is a movie, if you were offered a job you’d want to be on the same pay scale as everyone else at the company doing the same job. To offer someone with unique talent a job for lower pay than their peers just because they’re lucky to get hired is insulting. If Rourke is the best actor for the part then they should be lucky to have him.

  16. I hope he takes it, I think Marvel is being fiscally responsible and still trying to make a good film.

    As for SLJ as Fury he is the one actor I wouldn’t mindseeing replaced I love him but just not as Fury…

  17. First of all, is anyone here a member of SAG? Because please correct me if I’m wrong, but if his role is meaty enough (depending on the budget), he will get more than that anyway no?

    Yes 250k is a lot in today’s economy, but it is true that after taxes and agent’s blah blah…it’s still 6 figures for 2 weeks.

    If I were Mickey I’d take it and then use the role to climb another rung up from the gutter where Rodriguez and Tarantino found him in 05.

  18. Dax,

    Most that stuff is percentage based though. Like John said above, he will only be on set for like a month max, it’s not like taking this role will give him major scheduling conflicts for other movies he would consider acting in.

    I still think being in a major block buster like Iron Man 2 out weighs the so called cheap pay day.

  19. “Cheaper actors = cheaper movies = cheaper movie tickets.”



    Those that make movies are not connected to those who show them. And haven’t been for sixty years. No matter what the films we watch cost, the prices charged by the cinemas aren’t set by anyone making them.

    John, you have a primer about this stuff on the site, don’t you…?

  20. Campea, you have to remember 250K is nearly nothing in Hollywood. They have to pay their agents, lawyers, taxes, and many others. By the time it’s through, they only get a fraction of that.

  21. Yo, if I was Mickey, I would take the $250,000. That’s like a nice new coat for his little Dog.

    Besides, it’s not just about money for THIS film…staring in a film like Iron Man 2 would boost his public recognition greatly…earning him higher earning potential with future films.

    Just look at any upcoming actor. For instance Steve Carell, he was nothing…then he got on Bruce Almighty, and slowy he became a huge star who is worth much more today then when he started out. It’s all about recognition and being able to sell yourself to the public. You can’t do that if you got one little indie movie which doesn’t even have a wide release.

    His time is an investment, not just with the movie he is in…but also to boost him to a higher pay bracket for future movies.

  22. Mickey doesn’t have to complain about making $250,000 on Iron Man 2 (especially knowing he’ll likely end up making far more than that if the movie is a hit, which it will be) because Vince McMahon is likely paying him 10x that amount to appear at WrestleMania 25 in April.

    I just hope his agreeing to appear doesn’t taint him in people’s eyes and cost him the Oscar.

  23. I’m with Hazmat.

    This is the very reason I get pissed with America. People who ‘teach children’ or go into ‘burning buildings’ get paid squat. Call me a commie, but ‘Joe/Jane Regular’ should not have to loose their homes and jobs while ‘Joe/Jane Entertainer’ lives some extraordinary life because of a piece of celluloid or its virtual cousin, which will eventually be forgotten like a weathered gravestone from the pagan past.

    I find it incredulous that anyone would scoff at two-hundred-fifty thousand dollars for five or six months of ‘Work’.

    Oh, it’s exhausting–I’m sure.

    1. Hi Ron, just to let you know, NYC Firemen make over 80 thou a year after five years and if they are promoted can hit 100g’s a year. They also work 2 days on, 3 days off, 3 days on, 4 days off. Many have a second business with that time off. They also get 4 weeks paid vaca. It’s a coveted job among high school graduate, low to middle class men. I know a few, great guys, not crazy like Rescue Me…okay, a little crazy cause they run into burning buildings while everyone else runs out!

    2. I agree with you completely! Though six months is a little more time than they actually work…unless you are also factoring in promotion time, such as interviews, but even that doesn’t add up to consistent six months worth of work.
      I don’t think $250 is insulting in the least, especially in these hard economic times. Actors fighting for the huge dollar payment only look more selfish.

  24. I think people don’t realize why actors get what they get. It’s a Catch 22, wouldn’t you agree? Actors are what draw many people to a certain film, not necessarily the story. The public are drawn to beauty and repetition (to a point). Movie studios know this, and that’s why they offer specific actors huge sums of money to be in their “little show”. Why would anyone working as an actor not want to take this to its fullest advantage? (btw, this argument can go for many actors and athletes, but not all).

    Having stated that, I think some actors need to remember what the lean times are like, and like Audiofrog mentions, strike while they can. The delicate balancing act comes in to play, however, with being too greedy or difficult to work with. This is a negotiation, not a “take it or leave it” act. The “take it or leave it” people are the few and far between BIG names of Hollywood. The problem is, many agents think ALL their clients are “take it or leave it” actors.

    I think Mickey will prob negotiate more, plus take a portion/bonus of the back end. If he’s a hot commodity right now, he’d be foolish not to. He stated in his speech how grateful he was to have been given this chance, and he doesn’t strike me as a guy that forgets his lessons.

    BTW, to those arguing we are forgetting his other performances before “The Wrestler”, in those movies, he wasn’t the lead/draw. That was more ensemble, no? We’ll see what kind of numbers “The Wrestler” pulls in before we tag Mickey as a “must-see” actor.

  25. I’m all for Marvel offering lower salaries, especially for a guy like Roarke who only recently has started to regain his status in Hollywood. And it’s only in 1 movie. Still, that’s not enough. Quickly though, please! No Crimson Dynamo! I’ve had enough metal vs metal. Someone else. Whiplash maybe.

    And what’s the deal with Sam Jackson? Why be so cheap Marvel? You’ve got to do what it takes to get him signed on, hell the Ultimate universe version of the character is modeled after him. It’s not like the films won’t make enough money. This is a case where spending on an actor is totally justifiable. He’s already appeared as the character, while Roarke has not, so it’s more important to get Jackson signed.

    Even though I think they need to pay him, I do not think it’s right for all these actors to hold out for more cash. Especially in this economy. It’s bullshit. But there is nothing we can do about it, and things will never change.

  26. I don’t fully agree with this, although I think Marvel studios is in the right in offering a lower amounts I think this is a little too low even for an actor like Rourke. Yes, he may not be a higher end actor like Robert Downey Jr. but he deserves a little more. You seriously think that Downey is going to take a lower payment? Nope, in fact he probably asked for more knowing that Marvel is going to make bank on this sequel with the success of the last one.

  27. Mickey’s the best, he’ll be a badass villain in Iron Man 2. I wish I could do coke with him too in the 80’s.

  28. kristina said something about a salary cap once and not only do i agree i will take that FURTHER and say youre not getting paid more then 200 k!!!!! thats all you fucking NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDD

  29. ….i know im going to sound stupid and everyone will disagree with me…so go ahead…

    but i think actors and athletes get paid too fucking much….we work our asses off and get 40 k a year on average…theyre playing a football game everyday with no college ed and theyre getting 50 mil….actors…fake cry and act and get millions too…im not sayign acting isnt work! god no! im saying a role in an ironman movie…i mean…1/4 million dollars for a fucking role as a superhero villain??????? get the fuck out of here. people take shit for granted

    this fuckers going to get 1/4th of a mil for putting on a suit and acting…..idk man…

  30. In my opinion, Mickey Rourke should get as much money as he can. As an actor, he needs to strike while the iron is hot, and it is hot for him RIGHT NOW. Who knows, this might be it for him – its not like we haven’t seen that happen before. For him to accept a lower paycheck without a fight just because he hasn’t been a star in recent years is ridiculous to me. If the studio has the money, the man should get what he can get and not apologize for doing so. If I were him, I’d fire his agent for not demanding more.

    1. Hey AudioFrog,

      But how can he demand more money? You think a studio will give him tons of money? You’re dreaming man. He isn’t a box office draw. Period.

      The general movie going audiences don’t flock out to see Mickey Rourke in movies. So why should a studio pay him tons more?

    2. I’m not saying that he deserves more money or that he should be getting paid many more millions. I just don’t think you should judge him if he does come out and ask for more money. Whether or not the studios give it to him, you’re probably right about that. My comment is directed towards the statement you made,

      “I hope Rourke continues to show some humility and remembers what the last 10 years have been like and just appreciated the opportunity to be back in the spotlight again.”

      I just personally don’t agree with the philosophy that he shouldn’t ask for more money simply because he should be grateful just to be working in the spotlight again. If you’re working as a freelancer (which is what he is), then it is the obligation of the agent to fight for as much as he can, which may result in bitching and whining about Marvel being cheap. Don’t hate on him for trying! Besides, it’s an Ironman movie and they’re asking him to be a lead villain!

      On the other hand, I definitely agree with you that he should be grateful and feel lucky to be back in the spotlight, but I don’t think people should rip on him for asking for a bigger piece of a HUGE PIE.

    1. Be like Mickey? He didn`t accept that pathetic offer…..since he can act circles sround the rest of the cast….he ended up getting 450,000!

      downey got millions!

  31. No me neither. The fact is that while Mickey Rourke being cast in Iron Man 2 would be awesome and i’ll be having wet dreams of him and RDJ fighting in robo suits till the film comes out, the film doesn’t need him.

    Iron Man 1 was a film that needed star power to put it on the radar but now, it’s a franchise with it’s own legs and we’ll be there opening weekend no matter what.

    I hope that we are about to see, after the ridiculous excess and $200-300 million dollar spending per film of the last few years, a new era of responsible spending in all areas of movie production.

    Heck, you can keep the costs down on Iron Man 2 by bringing in the alcoholism and just having a whole half of the film being Tony Stark sitting in a dark room drinking.

  32. Don’t know why everyone is saying The Wrestler is his comeback. He’s been around the past couple of years.The films he’s done with Robert Rodriguez- (Once Upon A Time In Mexico,Sin City) and his role in Man On Fire.

  33. Mickey Rourke is a great personality actor. By that I mean if you put him in a role that fits him then he is great to watch. I find it intresting what is in store for us with him in Iron Man 2. I still loved him in Sin City and Get Carter. I mean sure him playing another weapons antripanure sounds like the first film but I wanna know were there going with Rourke in the cast.

  34. Iron Man was sucha great movie and I know for sure that it’s sequel will do very well at the box office regardless of whether its a good film. that being said we don’t yet know how large of a role mickey will be playing, is he a main villian or what? if hes only got a limited screen time then yea the numbers work out ok. plus this guy has plenty of job opportunities ahead of him now that the wrestler was so critically acclaimed. so far im not jumping on the marvel is being cheap bandwagon.

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