10 Chick Flick Cliches NOT in He’s Just Not That Into You

The guys behind He’s Just Not That Into You promise us a romantic comedy chick flick that is different from all the rest. But honestly, don’t you think they all say something like that? But now we get wind of this little clip that illustrates exactly what they mean. They have 10 Chick Flick Cliches that are NOT in their film.

I was waiting to see if they would hit up the “Guy loves Girl but she is already dating a Jerk” thing. Why do they always have to be a jerk? Wouldn’t it be a grander conflict if the guy was in love with a girl but her boyfriend was a great guy too? Do you break them up and be selfish, or are you just happy that she’s happy?

But at least we now know that these guys considered the cliche’s before diving into a romantic comedy chick flick – and they told us so in a funny manner!

I have to give them props for that.


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