Will Cloverfield Be The Next Snakes On A Plane?

Ok, so tonight I’m finally getting to see Cloverfield at a special screening at Paramount. I’m hoping it’ll be solid… as a matter of fact I’m expecting it to be solid. Anytime you tell me “there’s a movie about a giant monster wrecking a city”, you’ll get my attention, because like the 6 year old child that I am, those movies appeal to me.

However… what I’m not so sure of… is how well this film will do at the box office. Let’s face it, as I mentioned before, the marketing campaign for this film was lackluster at best and did nothing for me in terms of building my excitement for the film. Some will say to me: “BUT JOHN, EVERYONE IS BUZZING ABOUT THIS MOVIE. IT’LL MAKE TONS OF MONEY”. To which I must reply: “No they’re not. The INTERNET movie community is buzzing, but I haven’t heard anyone else yacking about it at all”.

It leaves me wondering if we’re going to see another “Snakes on a Plane” or “Grindhouse” situation, where EVERYONE in the online movie community talks and buzzes about it, but it failed to appeal to the broader audience. And while it’s great to get the online community in the theaters… it’s not enough on its own. You have to also have broader appeal, and I’m not convinced Cloverfield accomplished that at all.

Cloverfield will make money. After all, it’s reported that they only spent about $30 million to make it, so I can’t imagine it won’t at least turn a profit (even Snakes eventually turned up a bit of profit because it was so cheap to make), but will this film be a legitimate $100 million dollar hit? I honestly don’t know due to the fact that it feels so much like the “Snakes” and “Grindhouse” situations.

As for the movie itself, watch for my review later tonight/early tomorrow.

  • Oh, one last thing, comparing this to “Snakes on a Plane” is a slap in the face. That show sucked more balls than Liberace on his 40th birthday.

  • BTW, showing the monster in ads or whatnot goes against this film’s core. And I’d bet my left nut some studio marketing dickweed made them put the gay ass portrait of the monster at the end of the movie. The shot where the monster basically looks into the camera and says “cheese.” Because up until that point, all we see is legs and crazy shit, and only hear its roar and see the damage it causes – so you’re left saying, “What in the fucksticks was THAT?” That’s the long way of saying I disagree with Kristina and Joseph.

    Also, by way of puking at the handheld camera action, the studio rep at the theater advised all the press to sit at the very back, because he said if you get motion sick, you won’t like this flick. It was herky jerky, but it was good and I didn’t puke. The crowd loved this movie and the theater was packed tighter than fudge in San Francisco.

  • I just got back from a press screening of Cloverfield in Salt Lake City, Utah and I have to admit, I loved every minute of this movie. I’d say it was fucking fabulous, except the one of the last shots of the monster was GAY.

    I loved how I got to know the characters by a watching them interact, by overhearing gossip, etc. I enjoyed the comic relief. It was short and sweet, tense and fun. It’s a summer popcorn flick in the middle of January.

    When I review movies I ask myself two questions after all is said and done: Would I buy it on DVD and would I see it again in theaters. I say yes to both. I don’t give a shit what the “hype” is or how much it makes over the weekend. It is a quality, creative, fun film.

  • Nec

    Film School Rejects has also given Cloverfield a rave review (and this reviewer had just posted an article a day ago saying Cloverfield was going to be a piece of shit lol)

  • I saw it and just posted up a review:

    Cloverfield Review

    Short version: It was worthy of the hype, big fun to watch and will earn back it’s production costs by the end of the weekend because audiences are going to like this one.


  • Brendan

    I think Alfie’s right John in that you kind of have a habit of playing favorites-

    And I get what you mean John, about how me saying that you should post negative stuff about movies before they’re out isn’t contributing to the discussion at all. Well, John, my point is that you’re doing the exact same thing just on a larger scale. You’re posting about how this film is overhyped and shouldn’t be getting attention, how is that contributing to a real discussion about the film or the industry as a whole?

    It’s not.

  • Mr.T-Man

    The only thing i hope won’t happen is if they barely/don’t show the monster. If they’re like “Ahh it’s after me, run, run..” but they don’t show what’s after them. But so far what they’ve done with the statue of liberty is pretty creepy, and the concept art I’ve seen is pretty good. Now we wait.

  • JJ fanboys are going to hate it and take it out on Lost. I’m still watching it though.

  • AjaxLou

    [url=http://www.hollywoodchicago.com/news/exclusive-star-trek-teaser-description]A description of the upcoming Star Trek XI teaser has been posted.[url]

    Trek Movie has confirmed its accuracy and I expect this Friday when it debuts with Cloverfield that many die hard Trek fans will be firing their “Canon”‘s on JJ ABrams.

  • @Nayana

    Maybe she puked because she’d eaten some raw, nasty food ealier. Or she’s preggers. Or sick. Just sayin’, a monster movie gnarly enough to enduce vomiting? Believe it when I see it.