Will Cloverfield Be The Next Snakes On A Plane?

Ok, so tonight I’m finally getting to see Cloverfield at a special screening at Paramount. I’m hoping it’ll be solid… as a matter of fact I’m expecting it to be solid. Anytime you tell me “there’s a movie about a giant monster wrecking a city”, you’ll get my attention, because like the 6 year old child that I am, those movies appeal to me.

However… what I’m not so sure of… is how well this film will do at the box office. Let’s face it, as I mentioned before, the marketing campaign for this film was lackluster at best and did nothing for me in terms of building my excitement for the film. Some will say to me: “BUT JOHN, EVERYONE IS BUZZING ABOUT THIS MOVIE. IT’LL MAKE TONS OF MONEY”. To which I must reply: “No they’re not. The INTERNET movie community is buzzing, but I haven’t heard anyone else yacking about it at all”.

It leaves me wondering if we’re going to see another “Snakes on a Plane” or “Grindhouse” situation, where EVERYONE in the online movie community talks and buzzes about it, but it failed to appeal to the broader audience. And while it’s great to get the online community in the theaters… it’s not enough on its own. You have to also have broader appeal, and I’m not convinced Cloverfield accomplished that at all.

Cloverfield will make money. After all, it’s reported that they only spent about $30 million to make it, so I can’t imagine it won’t at least turn a profit (even Snakes eventually turned up a bit of profit because it was so cheap to make), but will this film be a legitimate $100 million dollar hit? I honestly don’t know due to the fact that it feels so much like the “Snakes” and “Grindhouse” situations.

As for the movie itself, watch for my review later tonight/early tomorrow.

  • Shaun

    I actually found it quite enjoyable. Although there is some tweeks that could be adjusted, the ending for example I found could have been extended a little more.

    It was like an EFNY type of ruins. For those who are fan’s of John Carpenter’s Escape from NY.

    I like those sort of movies. If you’re into Monsters attacking the city, and documentary type movies, then I reccomend seeing it.

    Just a thought.

  • well.. in next part maybe there will be snakes

  • i saw cloverfield last night.

    it was horrible.
    yes im only 16 yrs old but i love sci-fi movies like this.

    trust me, waste of money

    i went with 6 people
    and 5 out of 6 of these people
    including me, got sick because of motion sickness

    the way it was filmed, like the guy holding the camera and the camera moving everywhere got everyone sick

    supposingly around 30 people at the showing we went to got a refund and left

    including us.

    it was upsetting. and not enjoyable.
    i really recommend not seeing it.
    waste of time, money and food just eaten.

  • Rachael

    i’ve been following the hype around this movie and found a site called modern tonic that has clips and even clues…if u are interested

  • alfie

    LOST certainly found itself again (pun totally intended) in season 3 which in my opinion was the best season yet…..it is definitely the best drama on t.v.

    I cannot believe it gets compared to heroes….heroes isn;t fit to be mentioned in the same breathe as lost. lost is so superior on every single there is just no comparison to be made….lost has much better acting, more compelling characters, a much more interesting idea shaping and better storytelling. lost just lays waste to everything around it….go and watch the last 5 episodes of season 3……and then compare that to anything on heroes oir any show on t.v. there is no comparison.

    in short…its fucking amazing.

  • Nec

    I just wanted to say to whoever who is dissing Lost; Lost rules. It is the best drama on tv right now and possibly the best sci-fi show since twin peaks. I had posted a huge comment about this but I just realized that somehow it has magically disappeared from these comments.