Why Terrance Howard Was Dumped From Iron Man 2 – He Was Bad And Over Paid

There has been a lot of discussion on the surprise news that Terrance Howard was dumped from Iron Man 2 and replaced by (the superior actor) Don Cheadle. Some hate the news, some (like myself) thought it was a shame, but happy to see Cheadle in the role. Well… according to Entertainment Weekly some new information is surfacing regarding WHY Howard was dumped.

Turns out it was for 2 reasons.

#1 – He was the highest paid actor on the movie
Yes, according to Entertainment Weekly, Terrance Howard was signed for MORE than Robert Downey Jr and everyone else on the movie. This isn’t too surprising because the studio wasn’t sure how the public would react to Downy at the time and Howard was, quite frankly, the bigger name. Still… a minor character getting more than the leads?

#2 – Howard was difficult on set and bad in the film
It’s being reported now that the studio, and director Jon Favreau himself did not like the performance Terrance Howard gave nor liked working with him that much. According to the story, Favreau spent a lot of time cutting and re-editing Howard’s scenes to make them work. It was so bad, that even though the original plan was to have a BIGGER role for Howard in the second film, Favreau had been working to make Howard’s role SMALLER. This was the final straw that made the studio pull the trigger and make the change change. If the director isn’t happy with the actor and he’s making him a smaller part but still be the highest paid??? You’d make the change too.

Anyway, my opinion of the situation is still pretty much the same. All other things being equal I would have liked to have seen Howard back as War Machine… but I’m even happier having Don Cheadle in the part now.

  • HAZMAT_loves_gwyn_paltrow

    he said gwyneth doesnt sell tickets!

  • Hazzy, good God man, put it back in you pants!

  • HAZMAT_loves_gwyn_paltrow


    but she happens to be the most beautiful woman on earth

  • Vid

    Why would Marvel pay a supporting actor more than the lead? Wouldn’t the lead always be paid more?

  • Dragonslayer

    Howard looks more like Cuba Gooding Jr. everyday…

  • Kate

    I thought Howard was crap in the film. I’m glad he’s gone. In my opinion he was not suited for that film at all. He kinda brought it down.
    Every time he was on screen i cringed!!!!!
    Bring on the Cheadle

  • David Lopan

    The overpaid thing I can understand, but saying he was bad? I don’t think so. Howard has always managed to do some great performances whether they were lead or supporting. It had to be a conflict of interest with Jon F. and crew. Plus I honestly think it’s unprofessional for the people behind this film to say such bad things about him like that. What if it makes a difference in his ability to land future roles? Lame. Don’t get me wrong, I like Cheadle as well but I think the way they are going about this is pretty lame.

  • IRIS

    SAHIL- a couple of years ago, RDJ, couldn’t get insured for movie roles. he’s probably cheap.

    DARREN J SEELEY-on african american blogs and movie sites there has been talk for about a year or two that TH is difficult on set and has a huge drug addiction. which could be a contributing factor.

    HAZMAT- i agree with a poster above, that gwyneth doesn’t sell tickets. i don’t understand someone paying Nicole Kidman and she doesn’t sell tickets.

  • Gutpunch

    Howard had nothing to do in the film, that’s why he was uninteresting. He’s an amazing actor and I always thought it was weird to see a guy like him in a summer blockbuster, especially when the role was so empty.
    And if you are worried about Howard’s voice being too soft then I think you’d be dismayed with Cheadle’s voice which is smooth as silk.

  • We Are Venom

    I never got the praise some people gave Howard for the role after Iron Man released, he was bland and his voice was far to soft for the type of guy Rhodey is supposed to be. Here’s hoping Cheadle can surprise us.