The Real Reason Bill Murray Didn’t Do Charlie’s Angels 2

Murray-LuiI still feel stupid about it, but the first Charlie’s Angels movie actually caught me by surprise. I enjoyed it, I thought it was fun, lighthearted and Crispin Glover rocked in it. Now, everyone knows that the sequel completely sucked, so it’s for the best that Bill Murray wasn’t there to reprise his role as Bosley. I’ve heard several explanations gives for why he wasn’t there… but while surfing around the web this evening I came across this:

Bill Murray and Lucy Liu didn’t get along on the set of the first Charlie’s Angels. Bill was always uncomfortable around her and nobody knew why until one day a huge fight erupted between the two while they were filming a scene. People Magazine reported the Bill ‘loudly complained about her technique.’ People was being gentle.

What actually transpired was much more intense. Bill Murray stopped a scene in progress and pointed to Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu saying in order, “I get why you’re here, and you’ve got talent….but what in the hell are you doing here. You can’t act!” At that, Liu blew her lid and attacked Murray, wildly throwing punches. The actors had to be separated to opposite corners of the room while they lobbed verbal hand grenades at each other.

With a Columbia Pictures gun to their heads, both actors would publicly downplay in incident but insiders know better. Bill Murray would not do any sequel with Liu attached and was subsequently replaced by Bernie Mac.

HAHA! Ok, I love Bill Murray to the point of man crush… but that really was a son-of-a-bitch thing to say to a person you’re there working with. And you gotta admire the balls Lucy Lui has to not take shit from anyone… including the immortal Bill Murray… and will take swings at any mother fucker bitching her in front of her co-workers.

Still… Murray is hilarious. (source: Derober)

  • Some people just cant handle the heat. Bill murray for the epic win, end of story

  • Jonathan

    I’m probably posting this for void space and no one will ever read this post, but I’ll fill better. There comes a point in ones life that they have to be told where they stand with their career. Just so happen an actor that has some chops told an actress she sucks. Anyone think the reason she attack Bill was because he hit close to home. And good for him. If I was a doctor and someone walked up to me and told me I totally tanked at a lifesaver, just look at your numbers, some people just need that wake up call.

  • SP

    ZIOMEK, you’ve missed RUSHMORE, the movie that actually reinvented Bill Murray. I dont know about his arrogance, but for a guy who has worked in 4 out of 5 movies of Wes Anderson, I must say I have a lot of respect for him. Besides, he’s been doing comedy since the time Cameron, Lucy and Drew were little kids. Maybe he was just trying to guide them…

  • Ziomek

    Er… A lad who said Bill didn’t have a hit since early 90’s must have a black hole in his head.

    Try Broken Flowers and Lost in Translation, dumbo. For all of you who think he can’t play great.

    And yeah, Lucy didn’t deserve to be treated this way, but you gotta admit she’s the most wooden of Angels.

  • Gutpunch

    Well what do you expect from a drug using alcoholic wife beater?

  • leeloo

    lol @ bill murray expecting quality acting in a charleys angel movie.

  • Shane

    I think we’re not in a true position to judge here, since we don’t know the full background here. What if Liu had been badmouthing Murray to every person on set behind his back for weeks? Would it still make Murray the bad guy here? What if she really had been the only one on set holding things up, making mistakes and wasting everyone’s time, and Murray was just the guy who said what everyone was thinking?

    Depending on the background, Murray could either be justified or just a dick. Hard to say really, because that one comment really depends on the context.

    Mind you, I think regardless of context Liu was totally out of line to take a verbal argument into a physical attack. There’s plenty of other things she could have said or done without coming to blows with him.

    Liu isn’t 5 years old, she should be able to take some criticism, however harsh and cruel it may be. Had the roles been reversed, nobody would justify Murray deciding to just belt Liu in the mouth if she said something mean to him.

  • Dink

    But even if she isn’t that good, he is one of the last people whoshould have the right to say it. Every movie he is in , he is just stale, dosn;t say much of anything. Just walks around with a sad confused , dopey look on his face while other people handle the actual dialouge, and acting. He never stretches his abilities. I have never seen him do a role that was hard or demanding. Anyone do do the roles he has done. Translation, to broken flowers, he is the same guy in every movie. In my opinion his oscar nod was a fluke, and thank god he didn;t win. BTW, what the hell is he doing with his carrer today.?

  • Zeus

    He is right, Lucy Lui is a pretty horrible actress

  • Cole

    Why is the assumption made that the comment in seriousness? This isn’t Tom Cruise we’re talking about. This is Bill Murray! It’s really odd how he is praised for how he delivers every line in a snide and hilariously condescending manner, but when he says it in print then people assume he’s being malicious.

    BTW. If people really want to dissect his words then he also called Cameron Diaz a dumb blond and Drew Barrymore an ugly talent. I really think this has less to do with Murray being an ass and is more about Lucy Liu having absolutely no sense of humor.