The Mummy 4, 5 and 6?

Egyptian-MummyIt looks like the Mummy franchise, like the Mummy itself is becoming immortal. We hear the following chatter regarding 3 more sequels thanks to our friends at MTV:

The franchise has been away from the big-screen for seven years. It’s changed directors. It even replaced its leading lady. And, yet, so confident was newcomer Maria Bello that the Mummy series hooked itself up to the rejuvenation machine – she recently promised MTV that there would be at least three more before all was said and done.

“I’ve got to talk to her. We need to compare notes!” star Brendan Fraser joked, playfully refusing to directly address Bello’s assertion. “I have to go read my agreement. Do I get to come back too?” Well, of course you do, sir, so no fair being coy – the Mummy’s already out of the sarcophagus, so to speak. Let’s take it as a given that there will be more sequels. Given the choice, then, how would you like your next ten years Mr. Fraser? Covered in sand or draped in foliage?

This franchise has certainly been good to Brendan Fraser, it has kept him gainfully employed for quite some time; and shall continue to do so.

I do not fancy the Mummy franchise, it’s ok action adventure entertainment; but it isn’t good enough to recommend to a friend in my books, and worth skipping in favor of other films. There is a real possibility that the new films could be better than the previous installments however, and may be worth checking out. At the end of the day mystical creatures are bitchin’, and it could be wise to give them a chance.

International friends – would you like to see the Mummy plod on, or would you prefer to see things wrapped up? (hardy, har, har)

  • Carebare128

    I prefer the old leading lady but I still want to see any sequels and see how they turn out.

    •  @Carebare128 I preferred Rachel Weisz as well. Her absence was noticeable in the 3rd film and if they do continue the franchise with Fraser then I hope to see her return as well.

  • DarkRushBeat

    I liked the Mummy franchise, but i think a fourth installment will be enough..i’ve read some rumors online that the fourth film will be entitled “End Of Time” and its rumoured to be set in South America, a perfect place to end the franchise..Think about it, the final villain is somewhere there in the Mayans or Peruvians,etc..a fifth film wont be necessary at all..if Universal was to create a fifth/sixth installment, imagine where would that take place?

  • Why would Maria Bello want this? She has more to offer than playing second-fiddle to Brendan Fraser for 8 more years. I’m glad Rachel Weisz got out.

  • Steven Carroll

    Continue Plodding good sirs. I enjoy this series for what it is. Good popcorn flick movies.

  • Brendan, Universal aren’t going to make a Mummy six pack just to give you something to do:p

  • nbakid2000

    I really couldn’t care either way. I liked the first one, LOVED LOVED LOVED the second film, and the third one…dunno. Not very interested in it, but it’s not like I’m blowing it off completely.

    The first two were good enough for me, the rest I could take or leave (at this point).

    • ThrowingChicken

      How could anyone love The Mummy Returns? It was the worst movie I have ever seen in theaters.

      • fiebremex

        I don’t know what movie your talking about, because ‘The Mummy Returns,’ was as good, if not better than the first. Get your notes or brain examined.