The Duchess Poster

We have a new poster to show you for upcoming Keira Knightley film The Duchess. Thanks to comingsoon for the image hookup! For those of you that would like to see the full size image, follow this link!


This is the sort of film that will usually bore the hell out of me. From time to time however, I will be surprised by a period piece. The Other Boleyn Girl wasn’t a favorite of mine, but it held my interest and I wasn’t disappointed for seeing it; I consider this a victory for a “gown movie”.

Kristina brought to our attention how many dresses Keira Knightley seems to wear in her films, and I have been laughing at this observation ever since.

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  • Naught

    “Somebody did a ritual chant with a Ouija board, cut off a lock of hair, and chanted Anne Boleyn’s name three times in a mirror. When they turned around, Keira Knightley was standing there. I’m CONVINCED of this.”


    I didn’t like The Other Boleyn Girl. Didn’t like how they pictured Henry in it. Elizabeth: The Golden Age, on the other hand, is just awesome.

    I don’t mind Keira in dresses, or her being typecast. If that’s the kind of role she likes to play (or BE), go ahead. Every actor has their own fave type of role.

    As for the poster… BAAAAAD. She looks dead. Just. Dead. that’s the kind of expression you wear while queuing in a post office. Or trying to look mildly interested to what Uncle Bill has to say about his farm. Or something.

  • Mozzerino

    Ikea Knightley playing the lead? In a period drama?
    Uhhhmmm… thanks, I think I rather cut my toe nails instead.

  • Yamil or Yamo

    when i look at Keira Knightley i just want to her a ham sandwitch

  • Mock Tudor

    And “Kristina” should look up “victorian” in a dictionary before using the term again. Keira has played exactly one character who belongs to that category.