Sacha Baron Cohen spotted filming Bruno

The new Cohen film Bruno is already rumoured to be under way. A sighting earlier this month was reported by FirstShowing:

Over the last year, reported sightings of Cohen and his suspicious film crew have cropped up many times. Earlier this month, “a film crew claiming to be making a film about culture in America” infiltrated a church and airport in Wichita, Kansas. Sounds like Bruno.

I first have to admit that I found Borat to be so intelligent and utterly hilarious. I say this so that you don’t think I am a Sacha Baron Cohen hater. But for every reason I loved Borat, I fear I will hate Bruno.

The actual title for Bruno is reportedly going to be Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt.

Furthermore, the concept of the film is that this culturally displaced character will be a Television Reporter filming a documentary about US Culture?

This sounds like it is the same movie… Wait. It IS the same movie. Is his career already over if he has to resort to just churning out a remake of his own movie? Despite his diverse character roster, I just can’t see this working the second time.

Its the same movie. You did this already.

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  • Jefferson

    This whole thing saddens me. I get the point that is trying to be made with “Bruno” but I know the majority of Americans won’t and will just go look at the funny “fag.” As a single gay man who has adopted a black child, this weighs heavy on my heart and promotes the discrimination my son and I already go through. It simply isn’t funny.

  • Ben

    He is here in Dallas shooting now. The media reported him shooting a scene in front of an audience talking about how people are born gay. He then brought out a guest to prove his point: someone born gay–a baby! A 2 year old toddler sporting a “I WAS BORN GAY” shirt strolls out!!! I am actually going to be one of th extras in a scene tomorrow.

  • Kansas is also the home of Fred Phelps and his sorry excuse for a “church,” Westboro Baptist. You may have heard of their website before:

    Yeah, makes me REAL proud to call myself a Christian with people like him around.

    Anyway, wonder if deciding to film in Kansas is any coincidence.

  • Ricci

    Bruno is Cohen’s worst charactor and when compared to ali g or borat has had very little screen time on TV.
    Personally I find Bruno very irritating and very very predictable, I doubt the movie will do aswell as borat did, I certainly wont be seeing it at the flicks.

    I can say it wont be a copy of borat though, as even though it may seem like a similar premise, it has a very very different feel when actually watched.

    Heres hoping he scraps the project. After all the crap that happened with borat, what kind of people are going to be signing disclaimers. which will probably result in a tame movie with lots of fake parts.

    Give it up Cohen, get yourself some original roles like talledega nights.