Reasons Why Hellboy 2 Will Be Better Than Iron Man


I loved Iron Man and thought it set the bar for other blockbusters to beat this summer season. When banging around contenders in my head, I came to the conclusion that Hellboy 2 will not only surprise everyone with its awesomeness, but will be the best film of the summer. I have come to this conclusion through the following lines of thought:

Hellboy has already had the stage set and is now free to launch headlong into action. X-Men 2 and Spiderman 2 are considered by many to be better than the films that launched the franchise, and I am convinced that much of this has to do with the laborious task of introducing the characters and setting the foundation for the films that will follow. In this regard, Hellboy and Batman are on equal footing – but my money is on Red. (Sorry Wesley)

This film is employing the work of master monster maker Mike Elizalde. He is dedicated to making the best monsters possible, and wherever possible – he is going to use a man in suit. I (along with others) have been pleased as punch at this return to classic monster effects. CGI is fine and good – but nothing beats a man in a crafted silicone suit. By using real actors in your monsters, you are able to get more life like performances and much is added to the atmosphere of the scene. Mike even created a working retractable fist cannon that will be outfitted on Hellboy’s troll nemesis!

I have spoken to many that haven’ t enjoyed the first Hellboy film, and still they seem VERY optimistic about this upcoming incarnation. The trailer on the big screen has a huge wow factor. Seeing the trailer on You Tube doesn’t do it justice – this is one that you need to see big (and you will be glad that you did). I believe that this wow factor will be carried through to the film when the world comes together for people and the otherworldly action is brought to the city streets. When you combine outstanding eye candy and jaw dropping violence – people tend to be pleased.

Lastly, I have high hopes for this film because Guillermo seems to kick more ass with each crack up to bat. He is growing in skill at a seemingly exponential rate and I consider him to be among my favorite sci/fi fantasy directors. He is a man of incredible vision and I have no doubt that history will remember him as a master smith.

So there you have it folks – do you think Hellboy is going to beat the Batman, Iron Man, Hulk and all the other heavyweights this summer? Am I high on glue, or a prophet that speaks the truth? Feel free to debate this point of discussion!

  • No Body knew who hellboy was until the first one came out. TDK is ovbiously gonna kick its ass. Batman is the best cause hes the most realistic and so is the joker, a metalcase who kills people for fun. Who wouldnt want to see it. And people are gonna see it cause its Heath Legers last movie, But thats beside the point. Deffitinly gonna kill all other movies.

  • Deb Hearon

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    Sorry but Batman will beat them all this summer. I saw Ironman and it was a great movie too. I will see Hellboy II too because I loved the first but Batman will still beat out all of them. I cannot wait for both movies over the summer.

  • Meli

    I don’t think that HB II will break any box office records and it might eventually make $100mil after a few weeks. Will it be a better movie than Iron Man? I think it’s hard to say and it’ll come down to the individual. They seem too different in content to compare, but we will be able to compare them on a comic movie basis.

    The new trailer I saw for HB II in front of Indy 4 was awesome! My kid and I were estatic, but it also showed WAY too much….I feel like I just watched the entire outline of the movie. I hate when they do that, but perhaps since HB has a small audience following they are trying to draw in a larger crowd.

    I can’t wait for July!!

  • Charles

    Wow- I know you’re trying to be controversial and all- but ARE YOU HIGH?

  • Some rather brave predictions there, Doug. I was a big fan of the first Hellboy, watched it a good 5 or 6 times now, at least, and I’m practically a del Toro fanboy, so I’m seriously looking forward to this… But Christopher Nolan is a director of no small significance, and will surely pull off a top class film with The Dark Knight.

    Honestly though, I think this post is a very “my dad could beat up your dad” kind of thing. Now I don’t mean to be insulting, but I find it fairly pointless, both films look terrific and I’m sure they’re both going to be great. Can we, as movie fans, not be happy with 2 spectacularly good movies? Do we have to pit them against each other, or can we embrace them both?

    I know what I’m doing.

  • Doug Nagy

    Stop being a shill Mike.

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