Obi-Wan Kenobi is a Clone

I have mentioned in the last couple of days that I have made some predictions that have come true in movies. But I also have had a LOT of predictions that though I thought would have been awesome, turned out to not happen at all.

I thought today I would like to share one of my more interesting theories that I mentioned in passing in yesterday’s article.

Obi Wan Kenobi would die in the prequels and the Ben Kenobi of the classic trilogy would be revealed to be a clone.

This theory was born in my simple mind from one brief moment in the Episode 2 theatrical trailer where we see Anakin lashing out in anger beheading a shadowed figure. I speculated that this would be Obi-Wan.

Stay with me here a moment. Imagine this is how it plays out, and tell me this wouldn’t have made the prequels more interesting.

In a conflict between the ever more frustrated Anakin Skywalker and his master ObiWan Kenobi, he lashes out and assassinates him. This begins the more rapid spiral of Anakin’s consumption of the Dark Side.

Now, imagine the chaos this breeds in the fanbase. Kenobi can’t die… he was in the following movies!! This creates a buzz and momentum that makes the third (sixth) chapter even that much more impressive.

This also lends to my hopes that we would actually see a Darth Vader in action in the third movie.

So here is the resolution.

In the Third Movie, the Jedi are nearly wiped out by Vader and his new clone army, and some of the remaining Jedi masters in hiding devise a plan to clone some of the Jedi to bolster their numbers. Among them, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Anakin is surprised by the presence of his fallen master and in an epic battle with the Masters and their clone allies take on Vader. Vader limps away, only Yoda and ObiWan’s clone remain.

Now flash forward 18 years to Luke (cleverly hiding in plain sight) Skywalker is whining on his moisture farm. ObiWan’s clone has been living as a hermit watching Anakin’s offspring grow. Struggling with his own identity and faced with a lot of time to think, he assumes the name of Ben Kenobi.

Here’s the clencher.

When Luke meets him, he says “The droid says he belongs to an Obi-Wan Kenobi, do you know him?” and Ben gets a little lost in thought. Imagine the process tumbling through his mind.

No one alive knows I am a clone
I may or may not have these implanted memories from the original Obi-Wan and I dont recall owning a droid.
I know the whole story of what happened with Vader and the truth about Luke’s lineage.

“Obi-Wan Kenobi. That’s a name I have not heard in a long time”

And the deciding moment.

“He’s Me!”

And the rest is history. It fits, and I think it would have been an awesome twist for both the plot of the movie and the outlying benefits it would give the movie as a franchise. Considering everyone knew how the prequel was going to play out in the long run and the backstory was already put in place, no impending worry or suspense was ever felt in a situation where Obi-Wan or Yoda were in danger. This would have rocked.

But it didn’t happen.

Would you have liked this better?

  • William Glazier

    Honestly, I think this would have been better. The idea looks better on paper too. Sure, Jango-Fett would be a great person to clone if you wanted soldiers, but why only make 10 million of them on a battlefield? A Jedi Clone would easily equal a 100, if not a 1000 clone trooper in combat.
    On the dark side (heh), if this went through, the old Clone Wars cartoon would have never happened. And that was my childhood.

  • MattPeddle

    But in short that would have been insane. What a twist!

  • MattPeddle

    Well it could have happened because they did clone one Jedi Master C’Boath (sorry if the spelling is wrong). He in turn went a little crazy but that was because they haven’t perfected the cloning process like the Kaminoians did. and correct me if i’m wrong according to Star Wars Battlefront 2, The Empire goes back to destroy what they have so they don’t make another clone army. Luke Skywalker was also cloned from his hand that got cut off in Empire. Mara Jade Skywalker later killed him has was her predicted destiny by Sidious. I believe he was also cloned at one point or another.

  • 420BAND

    Now you guys are messin’ with my memories man

    “to many strands in the duders head”

    F’n Clone?

  • Luke

    You kind of missed out something with this. This is a theory from the OT time. In ANH Luke is suprised that the old man talked of being in ‘the Clone Wars’. The droids are people with names: C3PO and R2D2. The old man has two names. Ben Kenobi, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. OB-1!!!!!!!!! Is it a number/code name, almost like a droid, like he was MADE???
    The theory is that Ben Kenobi was the original, and OB1 a clone. So that was scuppered in the trailer to the Phantom Dissappointment when Liam Neeson tells TurboBoy to meet ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ — so younger Ewan McGregor has that name, so…it seems ‘Ben’ was adopted by the old man, and was not the original name which the clone took on.

    In ANH Leia, etc, know ‘Obi-Wan’ but he calls himself Ben — the original name. There is even a theory that Uncle Owen is also a clone. O-N!!!!
    The people there to care/watch over Luke are all clones. It’s a good theory I think, and could be true–in the Original Trilogy.

    Personally I don’t consider the Prequel Trilogy canon. ‘Cos it’s shit.

    • Whether you like it or not doesn’t matter.

      Its canon. Get over it.

      • Luke

        Thanks Rodney. I make a serious contribution to the debate on your theory, and the best you can do is tell me to get over the PT. The Chritmas Special must be canon too then, You get over that. Did you like my clones info?

      • The Holiday Special is Canon, and I dont have to get over it.

        There is nothing in the holiday special that “ruins” Star Wars, just like the prequels don’t ruin the original trilogy.

        Yes, the holiday special sucks ass, but just because it was poorly delivered, plotted and terribly acted.

        You canceled out your own “contribution” when the OB-1 theory was disproven long before the prequels. Luke is the only one to call him Ben. Yoda calls him ObiWan in Jedi.

      • Luke

        Rodney, this is actually Luke again, THAT Luke. I come back every three years too, and this time dressed in black like ROTJ.

        I know Joda calls him Obi-Wan, because he knows he’s a clone. If he is a clone, all the people from the old clone wars time who knew him would know he’s a clone, but if he uses the name Ben… then that is the name he uses with Luke.

        I said this in my original post. If you can’t follow an argument–what can I do? (Explain it again I guess–!)

        You were quick to contradict and dimiss, unfortunately slow to understand. And quick to get 100% incorrect. You don’t work for the treassury department, do you????!!!!!

        This aside–I hope you’re well and happy, three years on!!!

  • Mares, if you were reading above you would have noticed that there is a long history in the authorized canon expanded universe of Clones with force powers.

    The main dark Jedi in Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy of books was a clone with his powers intact, and there is even a later storyline of the Emperor himself returning in a younger cloned body – with force powers.

    Just sayin.

  • Mares

    I don’t think he could be cloned. I mean, even i the memories were copied, his ability with the force wouldn’t have. Now, i he was cloned to develope faster (like the clones from Jango Fett) still, he wouldn’t be so old.

    Great imagination, though.
    By the way, I totally agree with the first post. It would have been really cool to watch Anakin on his trials, and the multiple times that he saves Obi-Wan (as mentioned on episode 3).

  • George Lucas also had origin stories that had the Wookies as the main threat in the galaxy and there was no luke or leia… Han and Luke were one in the same.

    There were lots of “proposed” ideas Lucas had in his original 28 chapter long story. I am sure some of those could have potentially rolled over into the final 6 chapter product.