New Snake Eyes Pics From ‘G.I. Joe!’

Now I wasn’t a huge ‘G.I. Joe’ fan was I was little, (I was more of a ‘ Jems and The Holograms’ kind of girl.) but I have to admit the new pictures that Paramount has released of Ray Park in his ‘Snake Eyes’ costume for the upcoming ‘G.I. Joe’ movie has definitely intrigued me. gives us these pics:


So for all those people that think ‘G.I Joe’ is going to be a major disappointment, should at least feel a little optimistic about the upcoming Stephen Sommers film.

So do these pictures do the Snake Eyes justice?

  • The One

    Yeah, um about Ray Park… All he is doing is walking around in the damn thing. The actual stunts and kick ass moves are done by a guy named Don L. Lee. An amazing stunt coordinator. Please pay along the info and spread the word… and its him wearing the suit in these images. DON L. LEE

  • Omar

    These are fucking bad ass.

  • Alex

    Sommers is one of those crappy directors that seems to rely on everything being fixed in post, so I still have my doubts about this flick. These pics do look cool though.

  • Ray Park has played some awesome parts in some awesome movies (Phantom Menace, X-Men)… judging by those pics, he’s got another winner on the way.

  • SolidSnakeEyes


  • SolidSnakeEyes

    (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)the plot of the movie is set. NUFF SAID.!!

  • what?

    Hey, I am all for the Cobras’ They are the reason why GI Joe was a success, because of the Cobras. Now those guys are awesome. There will not be a better scene without my main Snake Eyes. He was most of the reason why I watched the cartoon. But hey, you know what….COOOOOOBRAAAAAA! Yeah!!!

  • Kevin

    Looks good but I like this guy’s version of the outfit more: