New Red Sonja Poster

We have a new poster for one of my most anticipated films of 2010, Red Sonja. We get the following image thanks to our friends at moviesonline:

Poster Redsonja

Sword, bracers, chain-mail bra. This is the sort of outfit that you want to see on Red Sonja and I’m glad Rodriguez agrees. After seeing Mr Rodriguez and Ms. McGowan talk about their plans for the film at Comic Con my hopes were raised quite high. I expect lots of titillating sword slinging violence in this one and look forward to seeing it at the theatre. We will be sure to keep you posted of the developments as they are made available.

  • Doug Nagy

    The sword appears to be a dagger of sacrifice

  • 1138

    that poster looks so bad!!!! That is cheesier than cheesier!! I love Rose she is hot but that poster looks really funny and how tiny is that sword! LOL!!!

    If this is a real poster Rodriguez is a worse filmmaker than I thought!

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    why can’t you buy it? it is fantasy. not reality. the laws of physics might be completely different in her realm.

  • yup….. she looks hot on a poster.

    Shame the sword she will use might weigh half as much as she does. I just cant buy Rose as a warrior woman.

  • bigsampson

    ah man this shit is gonna be hot….i love those breezy!

  • this is non post related Doug, but just in case ya can cath the new Pixar “UP” trailer ;)

  • ADOX

    mine’s perked

  • Kevin

    wow, hot indeed, my interest is peeked!

  • OMGuy

    Wow, nice posters. Red Sonja sure looks hot. Looks like the style’s gonna be similar to 300.