New Old Enterprise

Maybe you are not old enough to remember it, but back in the day Coca-Cola decided to update its formula and brought out New Coke. Call it Coke:The Next Generation. Well it failed and they re-released Coca-Cola Classic. Which is now the only Coke on the shelves. So the Old coke came out after new Coke making it the New New Old Coke.

So now with Star Trek coming out and looking like its New Coke will actually be better, we get to see the brand spanking new, old Enterprise!

This image has been floating randomly about the net, so no real source to mention. But I have to say I LOVE the look of the Enterprise. As with everything in this movie, it seems that they are giving an updated version of the old without completely ignoring it.

That is perfect.

I would imagine that if they had the ability to make something that looked this good back in the 60s, they would have.

I have yet to see anything at all about this that bothers me. Breath of Fresh air to a stale and dying franchise. I am actually excited about Star Trek.

And I don’t have to feel dirty for saying it!

I added the Enterprise from the first Star Trek Movie for comparison

  • I didn’t say it didn’t deserve to be given up on, but that the fans were not blindly following it. Or following at all.

  • The Dude

    I know that at the very least this new movie will be entertaining. I’m not expecting it to blow my mind or anything. But some Trek purists won’t like it no matter how good it is. And that’s their perogative.

    But I’m on the side that feels like Trek has been a dying franchise (not dead yet Rodney!) and I have a really good feeling that this movie will be able to revive it.

    And Rodney, you said that the fans abandoned Trek long before Enterprise. That may be true to some extent, but the truth is, Enterprise got so bad that I stopped watching, or rather, I only watched if I had nothing better to do. And that’s the creative team’s fault and has nothing to do with the fans. As much as I love Star Trek, I’m not going to watch if it sucks.

  • And to prove my point Box. All you are doing is shit talking JJ, and in the process trying to shit talk me.

    I’m not “on his dick” and I dont think his vision for the franchise is fucked up at all.

    I also didn’t say this was a guaranteed success, just that everything I have seen so far looks awesome. If it tanks, then it tanks. But so far everything looks great and there has been a LOT of respect for the property to pay tribute to what came before.

    The franchise has not “withstood” 40 years of ups and downs. If it wasnt for this reboot, there would be no franchise. The fans have given up their support, Trek celebrities are not a draw at conventions, and the studios wouldnt take a chance on another movie or TV series until this idea came forward.

    You can shit talk all you want. You wont offend me. Because your assumptions about me are not accurate. See how that works?

  • Box

    I didn’t have time to respond to you yesterday.
    Just because JJ’s shit talking makes people angry does not make said shit talking true nor does it mean that the people who are offended by it are socially inept. Example: If I said you are a fucking turd with a fucked up way of looking at things, does not mean that it’s true? Of course not. JJ coming out an publicly dissing trek fans and dissing the original show does nothing but make him look like an arrogant dick wad with no respect for a property (and the folks who love it) that has withstood 40+ years of ups and downs with out his retarded ass and his fucking REBOOT! You need to get off JJ’s dick and understand that it’s perfectly fine for trek fans to question JJ’s fucked up vision of what he thinks trek should be. I really hope the movie is good or you both can eat shit and rightly so.

  • And now you see what its like when someone tries to make a statement based on their own interpretation of what you said.

    You twist the definition of Science Fiction to disqualify shows that don’t meet your tastes, but if someone does it to your words, its not acceptable.


  • michael

    I never said there’s anything wrong with focusing on a story but if people want to twist my words into “witty” sarcasm for their own amusement, work away

  • Kevin

    This picture is just getting me more excited. Especially, after reading about the 4 scenes released. I think this will be so much more than just another Trek movie, which is important, because Trek movies, in my opinion have a history of being less than spectacular. It would be interesting to see if this does well if they perhaps do another movie in their freshly created universe, or have a spinoff series. I for one loved Enterprise, and if a movie is able to wet the appetites of Sci-Fi lovers out there (however you define it!) than, maybe the show will do better then Enterprise.

  • And that doesnt mean its NOT science fiction just because it actually has a story and the science part is the setting instead of an episode of Mr Wizards World.

  • “Battlestar galactica (2003 version) is my favourite tv-show, I Like it but I don’t really think it’s science fiction. It focuses on story way more than science.”

    god forbid a show focus on such silly things as “story.” geez.

  • Calling a dog a cat doesnt make it true.

    And Asimov doesnt “define” Science Fiction as much as how he PREFERS to play with the genre. Much like any of the others on that list.

    Those are not definitions, those are perceptions. Each and everyone of them does not contradict what qualifies a work as Science Fiction.

    And for the record, I predate the internet as well. I was reading Foundation in grade 8. So please don’t call me “lad”.