New Old Enterprise

Maybe you are not old enough to remember it, but back in the day Coca-Cola decided to update its formula and brought out New Coke. Call it Coke:The Next Generation. Well it failed and they re-released Coca-Cola Classic. Which is now the only Coke on the shelves. So the Old coke came out after new Coke making it the New New Old Coke.

So now with Star Trek coming out and looking like its New Coke will actually be better, we get to see the brand spanking new, old Enterprise!

This image has been floating randomly about the net, so no real source to mention. But I have to say I LOVE the look of the Enterprise. As with everything in this movie, it seems that they are giving an updated version of the old without completely ignoring it.

That is perfect.

I would imagine that if they had the ability to make something that looked this good back in the 60s, they would have.

I have yet to see anything at all about this that bothers me. Breath of Fresh air to a stale and dying franchise. I am actually excited about Star Trek.

And I don’t have to feel dirty for saying it!

I added the Enterprise from the first Star Trek Movie for comparison

  • Thanks for the information, I really enjoyed the post.

  • Jay

    Well, all I have to say to the “cannon” fans is that if you reference the old comic books you’ll find that this design IS actually cannon. In addition, the adjustment of the time line POST creation of the Enterprise would no doubt change the overall design of the ship from what we’re all used to. It’s completely valid.

    The problem with everyone talking “cannon” is that the original Enterprise (movie) wasn’t a cannon design. NCC-1701 looked nothing like NCC-1701 from the TV show. The design change shouldn’t have come until the “A” variant, but regardless it happened. Consider that before referencing the issues with the “new” design.

  • The Dude

    Yea, BSG was dead. And now it’s back.

    And you know, it’s by far the best show on TV.

  • Battlestar Galactica was dead. There was NO fanbase there. Hadn’t even been on TV (without cheese factor repeats on late night sci-fi network) for decades.

    Just sayin.

  • The Dude


    I think you need to take into account that what played out on the screen in Transformers had more to do with Michael Bay that it did Orci and Kurtzman. Sure they wrote it but after that they probably had zero control on how it translated to the screen.

    With Trek it will be more of a collaboration between the writers, producers and JJ rather than the ruling iron fist of Michael Bay. I think that Orci and Kurtzman are fine writers and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with Trek.

    I do agree with you that Trek isn’t (or wasn’t) dead. Rodney said that it was before but he’s certainly wrong on that point. If it was dead there would be no bringing it back. Head on over to, read the blog and check out the number of comments on each post. Usually way over 100. No movies and no series does not a dead franchise make.

  • Box

    I don’t think bad of you just because we don’t agree. I would love to have some beers with you and talk trek or movies/pop culture all day long.
    But really, come on now, ever single interview JJ gives he starts off by insulting the fans and talks down about old school trek. If you don’t see that then we must not be reading the same articles. Now think about it, if you were making a movie that was supposed to breath new life into something that hasn’t been a huge money making (key word here) hit in a while, why would you insult the fan base and the previous incarnations of what came before? Seems like a bad idea to me. Not a good way to motivate people to see your film based on something they love.
    The trek franchise may have not had a movie or TV show out in the last few years, but it’s hardly dead. Think about it. I know you know this. There are tons of new toys, comics, books, clothes, and other assorted merchandise coming out all the time that are related to all facets of Trek. Just because there was no new movie coming out or no current TV show does not mean it was dead. Just because the actors aren’t huge on the convention circuit doesn’t mean jack. really. If Shatner or Nimoy showed up at a con, people would flip out
    Star Trek would have lived on forever (and will) in many forms besides new movies and TV shows with out JJ’s new Trek film.
    Now I don’t completely dislike JJ Abrams. I’m a huge Lost fan. I enjoyed Cloverfield. Yes I know he was a producer on that film. I don’t enjoy the other stuff he’s worked on. JJ and others need to stop treating all trek fans like we’re all just like the comic book guy from the Simpsons. It’s a very unfair stereotype that doesn’t really apply to most fans of Sci-fi in this day and age. Sci-fi fans have always been the targets for ridicule just because they are passionate about something they love. Really it’s no different then being a huge sports fan. You know what? Obama is a trek fan and he reads Conan comics. If the president of the USA is a trek fan then maybe it’s time to stop dissing on folks who are passionate about Trek.
    I really didn’t like the writing on the transformers film and I’m worried a lot of the same tone will be thrown in on this film.
    So there you go.