Knight Rider’s KITT Stolen in Toronto

You know what feature the new version of the Knight Industries Two Thousand could use? Theft protection.

Apparently on a publicity event almost a week ago in Toronto Canada, someone managed to steal the actual Modified Mustang that is used in the new NBC series Knight Rider. RGBFilter says

The car was making a stop in Toronto for a publicity stunt in front of Union Station on Front Street.

The car was being unloaded from its transport trailer for a crowd of onlookers. When its handler turned her back for a moment, a man darts from the median, jumps into the still-running ride, and peels off heading East on Front Street.

In the video, you see the security team member wheel the new KITT off the flatbed truck and then exit the car (still running) to return to the truck. With the door still open, some impulsive car thief ran out and hopped in the car and took off.

According to those in attendance, this was a legitimate theft, and not a publicity stunt. If it was then they hired nothing but actors for the security team and PR people because moments after the video, the shit hits the fan and everyone is clearly upset.

Its been almost a week and no one has exposed it as publicity, and its not said if it was recovered.

  • tim

    i call stunt no way would the lady leave the car that far away from the trailer leave it running and the car dor open. and beside the rober wouldnt be dressed in all black hed want to blend in with the crowd make it look like nothing was suspicious

  • guys it is all a stunt to stall for time for a new idea for the show

  • T

    does anyone know what happened with the “spot Kitt contest”?
    Just wondering as this car was parked 3 down from my vehicle this last sunday …. mall parking lot , Kelowna B.C.

  • nauman

    well i think its a publicity stunt

  • tony

    This looks fake to me. But for the real stuff… Any one else think it’s time we put this crime genie back in the bottle? We have neglected this work for too long.

    Balls? Any fool can steal. Takes balls to make an invention, develop real skills and meet the conditions of the love even bad boys can’t deny we all long for. Like on eBay, only 15% of people are scammers. We all pay for them. Time we cut them loose from the pack and “encourage” them to stop wasting our time.

  • Toronto Guy

    It was an E! network publicity stunt – revealed earlier this week. And a great one at that!

  • Fried_Dingo

    Bullshit !! what happened to the tracking system in the car. These guys think everyone is fuckin stupid that they’ll believe this. If it really was stolen the cops would have been after the guy as soon as the chick screamed. I aint buyin it .. :S

  • Maximo

    Yeah Rodney, I’m afraid it’s impossible to believe.

    For one thing, the press release pretty much tells us what happened.

    But if that’s not enough, we can use a bit of logic to understand that these promotions require the permission, and actually the sponsorship, of the tv show/movie/whatever. So if the robbery was real, Knight Rider wouldn’t allow E! to do the promotion, nor would they sponsor it.

    Nor would E! go ahead and set up a promotion without Knight Rider’s blessing, one that explicitly makes fun of the carjacking, because E! relies on the cooperation of various studios, tv networks, etc.

    So if you want to believe E! is willing to piss off the entities that provide E! with its access and content, then I would like to restate…”wow”